It was late one night as Iris finally tucked her youngest child, David, into bed.



"When will little sister be here?"

Iris gave a small smile as she kissed his head. "And what makes you think it's a little sister? What if it's a little brother?"

"I just do," he said simply, his little eyes closing slowly.

"Well, there's still some time," she smiled. She watches as he drifted to sleep before she quietly walked over to the bunk bed the twins, Nathan and Sasha, shared; tonight Nathan had claimed the top bed. Iris smiled, gently pulling the cover up over both of them before she kissed their heads and walked out into the hall outside.

"Are they asleep finally?" Undertaker asked quietly, loosely wrapping his arms around Iris' stomach. She looked back up at him and nodded, smiling.

"David seems certain he's going to get a little sister," she smiled, resting her hands over Undertaker's. She looked down at her growing stomach, now at eight months into her pregnancy, she still felt smaller than she should.

Undertaker let out a small giggle, bringing her out of her thoughts. "Oh really~ That would even it out~ But if it's a little boy..." He let out a giggle as he stroked her stomach lovingly.

"Oh no you don't," she huffed slightly, swatting his hands away. "Four's my limit, Thomas."

"The you'd better find something to prevent it~" he purred, sliding his arms back around her. "Because I'm not nearly done with you~" Iris squeaked slightly as she felt on of his hands slide down her back as one slid up her front.

"S-stop it, Thomas," she murmured, biting back a moan. "N-not here."

He smirked. "Oh~? Then where~?" he hummed, nuzzling her neck.

"I-if you make me go into labor Thomas, so help me..."

"I doubt that would happen~" he giggled as he let his arms fall from her stomach to take her left hand. "Come along, Mrs. Undertaker~!" he giggled slightly, pulling her towards their room.

"It's Mrs. Daniels," she mumbled, her cheeks growing more red with each step.

Undertaker snickered, pulling her closer as he opened their door and stepped in. "That's what I said~" he sang, pulling her closer, nudging the door closed with his foot.

Iris laid on her back, holding a blanket against her now bare skin as she eyed her strange husband. "I can't believe you talked me into this," she grumbled, her cheeks still flushed.

Undertaker propped his head up on his hand, his other hand lightly tracing the ridges in the fabric around her stomach. "Well now, I don't recall much talking~" he hummed, his eyes intent on what his hand did. "A whispered name, a small request of a gentle touch, yes. But anything above a lovers word? Not a chance~" He snickered as her blush deepened. Iris eyed Undertaker.

"How did I end up in nothing while you still have your pants on and your shirts only unbuttoned?" she huffed.

He gave her a devilish grin. "Oh~? You care to make us even~?" he sang, scooting closer to her. "Will you remove it or shall I~?"

"No!" she yelped, putting a hand out to stop him. He giggled slightly, his smirk turning into a goofy smile as he slid his hand under the blanket towards Iris.

"But that's what you said~" he tittered, his hand sliding up her side as she squirmed under his touch.

"Th-that's n-not what I meant," she gasped slightly, trying to hold back a moan.

"Oh~?" he hummed, playing with her navel, giggling slightly each time she'd moan or squirm. Undertaker snickered as she tried to wriggle away from him but he easily hooked his arm around her and held there.

"Yes! Y-you barely closed the door and you h-had me out of my dress and most of my under things!" she huffed as she watched him warily as he slipped out of his shirt.

"Ahh, I merely love the touch of my beloved's skin against mine," he murmured softly, burying his head in the crook of her neck.

Iris blushed slightly, glancing over at the silver haired man next to her. "Clever words for a mortician," she said softly. He looked up at her, his bangs falling away from his eyes.

"I've had plenty of time to think," he chuckled, kissing her gently, resting his hand on her stomach. Iris smiled slightly as she kissed back.

"I love you," she murmured as they pulled away slightly.

Undertaker smiled at her. "And I you." She smiled as he pulled her closer. "I suppose it's getting late," he snickered.

Iris blushed faintly in the dark room. "Let me at least put my nightgown on." Undertaker looked at her, pulling her closer as his bangs fell back into his face.

"But I like you like this~" he pouted slightly. She eyed him.

"I've noticed," she huffed, trying to pry his arms off her. "As I recall, out brief honeymoon involved me trying to pry you off to just get something to eat."

He sighed happily at the memory, pulling Iris closer. "That's how David got here~" he hummed, placing little kisses ever where he could reach on Iris' skin. "Isn't that how you think of it, lover~?"

"Yes. But I also think of it as the three days of being too sore to do too much," she muttered, trying to ignore the kisses Undertaker sent down her neck. "Now stop," Iris commanded, gently pulling away from him. "Thomas," she warned.

"Alright, alright," Undertaker huffed slightly, letting her go. he watched as she sat up slowly, trying to keep the blanket against her chest. He smirked, leaning behind her to kiss her bare back. "The blanket stays on the bed. It's not like I've never seen you before~" he purred.

"I know," she mumbled, slowly letting go of the blanket as she stood up. "You saw more than you should have before marriage," she added, searching in the armoire for her nightgown.

Undertaker stood up and walked behind her, resting his chin on her head. "Well it kept you here long enough to marry."

"Mm-hmm," Iris pulled her nightgown out, gently elbowing him in the stomach. "Back up some, backwards man." She could hear him snicker as he backed up. As she raised the nightgown over her head, Iris let out a small gasp, her hands falling down to her stomach, her gaze going to the floor. "T-Thomas..."

Undertaker frowned, stepping towards her. "What's wrong?"

"I-I think my water b-broke," she whispered as she began to shake. "I-it's too soon." Undertaker blinked, his eyes wide as he hurried over to her, helping her into her nightgown.

"I'll wake the children," he began as he pulled on his shirt and boots on. "Do you need help downstairs?" She shook her head. "Alright, then head down there." Undertaker kissed her head as he wrapped his coat around her before hurrying into the children's room. He gently shook the twins. "You need to get up now."

"But it's still dark out," Nathan whined between yawns as Sasha swatted Undertaker's hand away, her eyes still shut.

"Yes, but Mummy's going to have the baby soon." Both children immediately perked up.

"Really?!" they squealed, sitting up quickly.

"Yes. Now pull on your coats and wake your brother," Undertaker said, hurrying downstairs glancing at Iris as he did. "Are you alright?"

"Y-yes; but the c-contractions have s-started" she whimpered slightly, leaning against the nearest upright coffin, her hands on her stomach.

He quickly kissed her head. "I'm sorry, love. We're almost ready," Undertaker went outside to hitch the one horse to the wagon. After that, he ran back in. David was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Is little sister coming?" he mumbled sleepily."

"Yes," Undertaker said simply, picking up the small boy. He wrapped an arm around Iris, guiding her to the wagon. "Nathan, Sasha, ride in the back with Mummy."

"Alright," they said in unison, running out and jumping into the back as Undertaker let go of Iris to set David in the front.

"You can ride with me in the front," Undertaker told him, hurrying back to Iris to help her into the back of the wagon. She winced as another contraction hit her as she laid back slowly, the twins huddling around her. Undertaker quickly hopped up into the front, making the horse run as fast as he dared.

Within 15 minutes, Undertaker had reached Madame Red's manor. As soon as he stopped, the twins jumped out of the wagon, ran up to the door and began to pound on it. Undertaker gently set David down on the ground before walking to the back and helping Iris out.

Grell Sutcliff opened the door, glaring down at the twins. "What do you brats need?!"

"Mummy needs help!" they yelled at him as Undertaker gently picked Iris up bridal style and carried her up to the door.

Madame Red walked down behind Grell, looking out. "What on earth's going on?"

"Little sister's coming," David said simply. The twins nodded furiously in agreement.

Iris let out a whimper as another contraction came. "I-it's t-too early."

Madame Red frowned. "Bring her in. Grell, take the children to the library then come up," she instructed quickly backing away from the door to led Undertaker past while Grell ushered the children into the library. "I'll show you to an empty bedroom we can use," she said, hurrying upstairs and down the hall. Undertaker followed her quickly, kissing Iris' head and murmuring softly to her as Madame Red opened a door for him. He quickly walked in, setting Iris gently on the bed as Grell walked in. "Grell, get me a stack of towels and a wash rag." Madame Red ordered. She looked down at Iris. "How close are the contractions?"

"N-not very," Iris whimpered. "B-but they're bad." Madame Red frowned as she walked over to Iris. Undertaker watched as Madame Red gently pressed on Iris' stomach in a few places. Iris whimpered.

"The child's already in position," Madame Red began, "but it's not all the way down. There's still some time until you have to push."

"Wh-what c-could have b-brought this on?" Iris asked.

"Sometimes it's stress or something around you, but usually there's just no real cause," Madame Red sighed. "But it's possible that this child will be weaker than the others; in other words, this one may get sick more often and not be as strong." Undertaker frowned, gently wrapping his arm around Iris.

Grell walked back in with an arm-full of towels and looked around. "Where do I put these?" Madame Red glanced at him.

"On the bedside table should be fine, thank you." Grell nodded, walking over and setting the towels down, glancing at Undertaker and giving him a small, flirty smile. Madame Red glared at him slightly. "There's a time and a place for that." Iris gasped slightly as another contraction ran through her body.

"Th-they're closer t-together," she whimpered, clinging to Undertaker tightly. Madame Red nodded.

"Alright; I'm going to have you start to push soon, alright? Now, bend your legs up, good," the red headed woman said, watching Iris closely. "Ready, and push!" Iris clung tightly to Undertaker's hand as she pushed, a scream ripping through her body. "Push!" She felt as though her whole body was on fire as she pushed again.

This continued for the next two hours with little change. Iris lay there, exhausted, her whole body drenched in sweat. She sobbed, shaking her head.

"I-I can't," she sobbed, her grip on Undertaker's hand weakening. He frowned, holding her hand tightly.

"You can't stop, you're doing fine," Madame Red assured her. "If you need a small break, alright. Just a few moments." Iris nodded slightly, tears running down her face. Undertaker gently wiped the tears away, kissing her head.

"It's alright, love. You're alright," he soothed. He glanced at Madame Red, his face completely serious. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

She studied him for a moment before nodding. "You can sit behind her; hold on her." He nodded, carefully sitting Iris up slightly just enough to slide behind her, his knees resting next to her hips. Gently, he leaned her back against his chest, taking her hands in each of his and holding them tightly. Madame Red smiled slightly before turning her attention back to Iris. "Alright, ready to start up again?"

Iris nodded slightly, a small whimper escaping her. "Y-yes." Madame Red gave her a small smile before Iris began to push again for another hour and a half.

After a full three and a half hours, the cries of a new born finally rang through the room. Iris collapsed back against Undertaker, panting hard. Madame Red smiled, gently bundling the crying infant in a soft towel.

"It's a girl," she cooed, walking up the length of the bed towards Iris and Undertaker. Undertaker smiled broadly, kissing Iris' head gently. She smiled weakly up at him, looking over at Madame Red and the still wailing baby. "Do you want to hold her?"

Iris smiled and nodded, resting her hands on Undertaker's legs and carefully pulling herself into a more comfortable sitting position, wincing slightly. "Y-yes, please." Madame Red smiled, leaning down and handing the younger woman the bundled infant. Undertaker looked over Iris' shoulder, studying the baby girl thoughtfully.

"A little brunette baby," he hummed, lightly resting his chin on his wife's shoulder. "She'll stick out a bit." He could hear Iris huff slightly, neither of their smiles fading even for a moment.

"She's just as beautiful as the other three were," she murmured, watching the infant's tears slowly dry up only to be replaced by sleep. Madame Red watched the three for a moment, her smile warm.

"I need to clean her up some," she said, leaning down to take the sleeping baby from Iris. "Do you want me to bring the other three up? I'm sure they'll be thrilled to see their new little sister."

Undertaker gave a small snicker as Iris smiled and nodded. "Thank you." She watched the red headed woman walked out, holding the bundled infant close. Undertaker looked down at her and chuckled, gently nuzzling her neck.

"Have we thought of names yet?" Iris thought for a moment before shaking her head. "Hmm. Elizabeth?"

She made a face. "Isn't that the name of that overly perky blonde brat?"

He cackled, kissing her neck. "Now now luv~ be nice~" She huffed slightly, snuggling back against his chest. "So not Elizabeth? Lauren maybe?" Iris shook her head. "Bethany? Michelle? Lilly?"

She perked up at the last name. "Lilly Daniels," she murmured. "I love it."

Undertaker smiled, gently wrapping his arms around her. "Good."

She smiled slightly before a small frown creased her lips. "I don't know where we'll put another baby," she sighed. "They can't all sleep in one room."

He kissed her head. "Well, I have been planning on adding a third floor," he said softly. She looked back up at him in surprise.

"Really? B-But what about the price?"

"I have some saved away," he promised, gently nuzzling her. "We'll manage, don't worry, luv."

"I could help pay; you know money's different in the Otherworld. They pay with gems, it wouldn't be hard to change them into pounds or whatever here," she offered.

He shook his head. "No, luv. I want to take care of our family." Undertaker gently kissed her, silencing her protests. "Don't argue, luv. I don't want help supporting us." She frowned, nodding slightly, a small sigh escaping her lips.

"But it's my family as well," she said, her voice low. Iris sighed, resting the back of her head on his chest. They both looked up at the sound of small footsteps outside the door. She smiled when the door burst open and there stood Nathan, Sasha, and David, big smiles on their little faces.

"Where's little sister?!" David demanded, running in and jumping on the bed. Undertaker snickered, holding the small boy down, stopping him from bouncing on the bed.

"Calm down. Madame Red went to clean her up," he told the excited child. Iris smiled at the twins as they walked in, looking from her to Undertaker.

"Mummy? Why is Daddy sitting behind you like that?" Nathan asked, crawling up onto the bed.

"When's Madame Red coming back? I wanna see little sister!" Sasha whined, following her brother up.

Iris' cheeks colored slightly, her eyes drifting back to glance up at her husband. He giggled sheepishly, kissing her head. "Well, Madame Red should be back soon," she said slowly. "And your little sister's name is Lilly."

David smiled widely. "I like it!" Undertaker chuckled, pulling the small boy close to kiss his head.

"But why is Daddy sitting behind you?" Nathan whined. Sasha and David looked up at them curiously.

"Well, you see~" Undertaker began; "I'm just so comfortable to lay on!" All three little mouths opened in unison.

"Ohh," they all said. Iris huffed slightly, shifting against him. A light tapping came at the door followed by Madame Red walking in, a gentle smile on her lips.

"She's all clean and as healthy as can be," she smiled, walking over to Iris and Undertaker. She looked at the three children. "You need to quiet so she can rest, alright?" Three little silver heads nodded in unison, all three trying to see around the blanket their new little sister was wrapped in. Madame Red looked back at Iris. "She'll most likely need to feed soon."

Iris nodded, holding her arms out to take the infant. Madam Red carefully handed the bundled baby over and backed up slightly, smiling as the three other children all huddled around. Undertaker snickered, watching the little silver heads lean over and inspect their little sister.

"Her hair's not silver!" Nathan gasped. Lilly twitched, her small face scrunching up in her sleep.

"Hush, Nathan. Don't wake her," Iris scolded softly. Undertaker snickered, lightly patting the boy's head.

"Mummy's hair isn't silver~" he giggled. Sasha stared at awe at her little sister.

"She's tiny! And wrinkly!" she whispered.

Iris smiled. "You were all tiny and wrinkly when you were born." Madame Red smiled, lightly clearing her throat.

"It's still late. If you would like, you can stay her. I'd like to talk to both of you in the morning," she said. "The children can have the other guest room; the bed is big enough for the three of them. But I don't have anything for little Lilly."

"She can sleep with us," Undertaker said, smiling down at his family. Madame Red smiled.

"Alright you three, time for bed," she said, lightly tapping the three children on the head. They all looked up at her and whined. "She'll be her in the morning. Come on." Nathan and Sasha grudgingly jumped off the bed and shuffled after the red headed woman.

David glanced after his brother and sister before turning back to Lilly. He smiled happily, leaning over and kissing her little forehead. "I love you, Lilly," he whispered, jumping down and padding after his older siblings. Iris blinked, her smile warming. She relaxed back against Undertaker as the door silently clicked closed.

He chuckled, kissing her head. "You should sleep," he murmured. "I'll hold Lilly for a while." She looked up at him and nodded.

"Alright," she sighed. He smiled, carefully sliding out from behind her and taking the small bundle from her. She watched him hold the new born tenderly, his bangs brushing out of his face as he looked down at Lilly.

"She's beautiful like her mother," he smiled, his eyes drifting over to Iris. "I bet her eyes are the same mint green as yours as well." She smiled up at him sleepily.

"You're just a romantic sap," she yawned, laying down and watching him.

He snickered, leaning down and kissing her head. "Only for you, luv. Rest, I'll stay up with Lilly."

"But you need to rest as well," she argued. He smiled down at her, his bangs brushing out of his face.

"I just want to hold her for a little while longer." Iris smiled warmly, her hand reaching up to touch his cheek.

"That's why I love you," she murmured. "You may look psychotic, but you're so sweet and gentle especially with your children."

He chuckled, gently kissing her hand. "That's because they're our special little ones, luv. Now sleep." She nodded slightly, her hand coming down to rest on the pillow next to her head. Her whole body welcomed the rest as her eyes shut and sleep overtook her. Undertaker watched her drift off before looking down at the sleeping infant in his arms. Each time another one of their children was born, its always reminded him...

Just how precious life really is.