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Chapter 1

It was a cold day on that October night, but, Naruto didn't care about that. All the blonde cared about was getting through the scroll and learning a jutsu from it so that he could pass his make up exam. He had already learned one and had decided to learn another for extra credit.

The shadow clone had worked out really well, Naruto had learned the jutsu in less than an hour and could perform it sealless.

Naruto was continuing to flip through the scroll looking for anything that may interest him when he found a jutsu called Blood technique: bloodline giver. The jutsu also had some containment seals around it that would open up if it was given chakra.

Naruto, remembering that bloodlines were praised throughout the hidden leaf and that his dream was to be hokage so everyone in the village would respect him, decided to learn that technique.

Naruto then transferred chakra to the storage seals and found that there were ten of them in total. He found the family names Terumi, Yuki, Hoshigaki, Ura (Rinengan bloodline), Tenshi (konan's bloodline), Senju, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Subaku, and Kaguya.

Once Naruto pulsed chakra through the ten seals, they opened up a bag of blood each. Naruto then remembered the instructions that the jutsu had called for. It called for him to cut himself once near the heart per bloodline, place the blood on each cut, and activate the jutsu. Naruto did as the technique called for, unaware that everyone else who had tried this jutsu had been killed by the foreign blood.

Meanwhile, in a sewer, a single red slitted eye opened up as a deep voice said, "So my jailor has found that jutsu. Kukuku, I never would have thought that I would see it after the last person killed himself trying to get the blood to listen to him. Might as well help the idiot out, since I will die if I don't."

Back on the outside, Naruto was writhing on the ground out of pain caused by the foreign blood mixing with his own. Even though the cuts had healed up, Naruto could still feel the pain of the foreign blood being accepted into his own and giving him the attributes.

When the jutsu had finished, Naruto had white hair, blue skin, and veins showing on the outside of his eyes before vanishing as he ran out of chakra.

A few hours later, Iruka jumped into the clearing and shouted, "Naruto!" which caused the former blonde to wake up and say, "Iruka-sensei, I managed to learn two jutsu from the scroll, does that mean I pass?"

Iruka just looked on in shock before saying, "Naruto, why did you do it?"

Naruto, thinking he was referring to the scroll, said, "Mizuki-sensei told me to come to this location and show you a jutsu so I could pass my make-up test after I failed. I even learned an extra jutsu for extra credit!"

Iruka, finally realizing what Naruto was talking about, got a major feeling of dread inside of him as he thought, Mizuki...

Iruka was cut off from his thoughts when he heard a large shuriken coming at him. "Get out of the way, Naruto!" Iruka called out, but already knowing it was too late for the blonde to move.

Ching! The sound of metal piercing something went through the air as Naruto just stared in shock straight forward.

"Well, well, well, looks like Iruka got in my way again." A voice called out.

Naruto and Iruka, somehow still alive after being pierced through the back by a freaking large shuriken, both looked up to see Mizuki.

"I'm surprised at you, Iruka, I would think that you of all people would be siding with me to kill the demon brat." Mizuki said.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot, Naruto, do you wanna know why you are called a demon by everyone?" Mizuki asked as though it was just an after thought.

"Eh, why?" Naruto asked, suddenly feeling as though he didn't want to know the answer to a question he had wanted to know his whole life.

"On October tenth, twelve years ago, the nine-tailed fox attacked this village. Stories say that the fox was killed, but everyone who was old enough, knows that the fox was unkillable. So, the fourth did the next best thing. He sacrificed himself to turn the Kyuubi into a baby with no memories of what it had done." Mizuki said. "If you haven't figured it out yet, you were that baby. That's right, you are the nine-tailed fox that attacked this village!"

Naruto was shocked by this revelation, and did the thing any kid his age would do, run away.

Thirty minutes later, we see that Iruka had caught up with Naruto and said, "give me the scroll! I need to make sure it gets back to the Hokage!" only to be headbutted into the ground as Naruto fell also.

A poof of smoke went up from around Iruka, and in his place was Mizuki. "How did you know I wasn't Iruka?" He asked.

"Because," Naurto started before a poof of smoke went up around him too, "I'm Iruka." The now revealed Iruka finished.

"Why do you continue to protect that thing!" Mizuki screamed. "You know that the fox will just use the scroll for its own purposes."

"That's right," Iruka agreed, "the fox would. But, Naruto is not the fox, he is one of my best students that I have ever taught, he is the konoha's number one unpredictable ninja: Naruto Uzumaki!"

Mizuki, now angered at Iruka, yelled out in rage, "I was going to save you for later, Iruka, but now you've made me mad!" He then swung his second large shuriken out and threw it at Iruka.

Naruto, the real one this time, saw it coming beforehand with his new sharingan, not that he knew about it or any of the other bloodlines, caught it with his hand. Naruto in his cool guy pose (think what he did in this episode without the orange jacket, said, "Don't you dare lay a finger on Iruka-sensei's head."

Mizuki just laughed and said, "who's going to stop me?"

Naruto just glared at him and said, "I dare you to try, because anything you throw at him, i'll give it back a thousand times harder!"

Mizuki shouted, "Try it demon!" before running at him with a kuani in his hand.

Naruto put his hands together, and shouted out, "Kage Bunshin no jutsu! (Shadow clone technique)

A thousand Naruto's appeared and said in freaky unison, "What was that teme? I thought you said that you would beat me up?"

Mizuki just looked on in fright before screaming as they descended on him and beat him up.

By the end of the brutal beating, Naruto was standing over a barely alive Mizuki. Iruka just looked on in shock as Naruto rubbed the back of his head and said, "Guess I over did it."

Iruka just chuckled at the comment before saying, "Naruto, come over here and close your eyes."

Naruto did as asked before Iruka said, "You can open them now."

Naruto did as Iruka told him to and saw that Iruka was missing his headband. He then felt a weight on his head that wasn't there before and realized what happened. "Iruka-sensei..." Naruto started before hugging Iruka. (Not like that you morons!)

"Great work, Naruto. You graduated. I really want to tell him that it will only get harder from here, but I don't want to drown his hopes." Iruka said then thought.

Elsewhere in the village, the Hokage was looking at the scene through his crystal ball chuckling at Naruto. Naruto, you are really the most surprising ninja, I will have to get him trained in his bloodlines though.

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