Full Summary: if you change one tiny detail about the Hunger Games, would that change the whole book? Yes, I think it would. So the change I have decided to go for is that Katniss from the very start even before the reaping as a wee thing for Peeta. Ever since the cupcake incident (told later on in the story)

Reaping Day (Katniss's Point of View)

Today is the day that every child in District Twelve dread, probably most people in Panem dread as well. I think back to this morning as I was out hunting with Gale, and he asked if I wanted to run away with him. Looking back on it, as I stand here in the queue to enter the Justice building I wish, I had said yes, only there was one thing holding me back: Peeta.

I had a major crush on him since I was eleven when he threw me the bread that saved my family. I had feelings for him then, but they had built throughout the years till I was thirteen that I truly fell head over heels for him.

"Next." I look up to see the grumpy looking woman waiting to prick my finger. I hand her my finger telling her my name. I don't pay much attention to her, as I am on the lookout for Prim and Peeta. I finally see Prim standing beside a few of the girls from her class. It's her first reaping and she has been nervous for the past month about today. Her name is only in once, when I was her age my name had been put in five times. I had told her whatever she did there was no way she was taking tesserae.

I then look over to the male section, looking for Peeta. I finally pick him out. He looks different, his hair is combed back, unlike the messy mob that he normally has. I make my way over to my area, standing in the middle of the other sixteen year olds.

I see Madge Undersee, nodding at her. She had been my only friend in school and even though she was the Mayor's daughter she wasn't as snobby as the other girls from the town. We would sit together at lunch, her with sandwiches and the strawberries Gale and I had sold to her.

As I remember Gale I looked over my shoulder to see him, again I nodded my head as I saw him standing at the back of his group. We both hated th Hunger Games and anything to do with the Capital. We spent most of our time in the woods making fun of their accents, and many awful things about their appearance.

I quickly turn around as I hear Effie coughing into the microphone, before she rambles on and on about the history or Panem and how we all are in great debt to the Capital, and how great the Hunger Games are! We watch the same presentation ever year and then onto the reaping.

I can feel the girl beside shaking as Effie puts her hand into the glass bowl full of paper slips. A paper slip which could led you to your death.

She picks up one of the slips, before walking over to the microphone again to announce the tribute for this year's games. For once a year the whole District holds it breath.

"Primrose Everdeen."

She looks around the rows searching, searching for Prim. I watch as she makes her way out of the row. I watch as the girls beside me let out their breaths relieved it wasn't them, but all I think about is Prim. How innocent she is? Loving everyone and everything even the world's ugliest cat. She didn't deserve this and I was going to stop it.


I watch as peacekeepers try and put me back into line but I fight past them, trying to get closer to Prim.

"I volunteer…I volunteer as tribute."

I stand there and watch as everyone turns to stare at me, even the peacekeepers let go of my arm, to just stand and stare at me. It was a known fact that no one in District Twelve had ever volunteered.

I continue to rush over to Prim who has let the tears flow down her cheeks. She tries to stop me, and pulls at me, not wanting me to leave her. I wanted to stay with her, and hold her close and tell her that everything would be alright, but I knew things were different.

I tried to continue on the walk towards the stage, but I feel Prim holding me back. I push forwards before I feel her presence leave me. I turn around to see Gale holding Prim over his shoulder as he ushers me forward not even saying a word.

I continue on the trek towards the stage, this time making it the stage without any inferences. I still feel everyone's eyes on me, and it doesn't feel natural. I look down now as I stand on the stage at the rest of the District.

I feel Effie usher me towards the microphone asking me my name. I try my hardest to keep a calm but strong voice as I break down inside. I can't let people see that I am weak, I need to be strong for Prim, to survive.

Effie continues asking if Prim was my sister. I can't find the voice to tell her that she was, so I just nod my head.

She soon forgets me and heads over to the male tribute bowl, again swishing her hand around the bowl trying to pick another soul to take. Again she makes the walk over to the microphone, all I can hear is the clicking from her heels on the wooden stage.

"Peeta Mellark."

It couldn't be: I take a gasp loud enough for Effie to turn around and look at me. Even the mention of his name brings tears to my eyes. I watch as Haymitch makes fun of my reaction to Peeta's name being called out before he falls of the stage.

All I can do is watch as Peeta makes his way to the stage. No one even thinking of volunteering to take his place. I knew he had two older brothers, one who would have been too old to be in the reaping, but the other just left him to die.

Effie gestures us to shake hands. Peeta is the first to grab hold of my hand, giving it a firm but gentle shake. I once again feel fresh tears flowing down my face.

Peeta goes to turn away, but I don't let go of his hand. He smiles to me, and just stands there holding my hand.

Effie just stands and stares at us, unsure what to make of our actions, but just continues on as normal, pushing Peeta and I of to her right, as she finishes her speeches.

We are then ushered into one of the rooms in the Justice building. I hold on tightly to Peeta's hand. He looks up at me, before leaning over and whispering in my ear:

"Don't worry, I'll be next door."

I let go of his hand, before bushing as I see how white his knuckles are from my grasp. I mouth back to him sorry, but he just shakes his head, and smiles. How was I going to cope?

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