"Are you ready?" Brittany asked squeezing Santana's hand.

"I'm not sure we should do this" Santana looked worried

"They'll find out sooner or later, come on" Brittany said pulling Santana's hand dragging her into her living room.

Sat in there was Brittany and Santana's parents, sitting next to their respective partner. As they entered they all stopped talking and looked at their daughters. Brittany and Santana stood in front of them hand in hand.

"Hi, thanks for coming" Brittany said in an official voice, she looked to Santana waiting for her to carry on with what they practiced, when she didn't Brittany squeezed her hand again.

In a small voice Santana continued "we have something we have to tell you…"

"Oh girls, we know" Brittany's dad interrupted smiling

The girls both looked shocked

"We've known for quite a while now" he added looking at the others

"Really?" Brittany asked "but we've only known for a couple of weeks…" Brittany leaned forward and looked at Santana's stomach "and she isn't even showing yet"

"Showing?" Mr Lopez said "You only say 'showing' when someone's…." he covered his eyes and slumped back in his seat "I didn't think we had to worry about ithat/i with them dating?" he said half to himself and half to the other parents

"SANTANA" her mum shouted. Brittany felt Santana's hand grip tighter "who have you been sleeping with?" she asked

"Me" Brittany answered

"Honey, we've talked about this…" Brittany's mum started

"Yeah, yeah, I know, a girl can't get another girl pregnant because the plumbing's the same, that's why we had help"

"Help?" Brittany's mum now looked seriously worried "help in what way?"

"Help getting pregnant….." Brittany started, but Santana interrupted

"Show them" she said nudging Brittany, who turned around and picked up the tea pot, which she had placed on a small table behind them. She held it front of them and rubbed it.

As Mot popped out of his tea pot and greeted them the room stopped and went silent. All of the parents sat staring at the genie hovering in front of them, mouths hanging open in amazement.

They stayed like that for a worrying amount of time and Brittany started to get worried herself. Mot turned to them and shrugged, he sometimes got this reaction. Then out of nowhere Brittany's little sister appeared in the doorway.

"Hey look, a genie!" she said pointing. Mot waved at her and she waved back happily. "cool,…. Hey mum, can I have ice cream for dinner?" she asked.

Their mum never took her eyes off of Mot and answered in the quietest voice they'd heard from her "of course dear"

With that she ran to the kitchen "awesome"

"I think it went pretty well" Brittany said jumping onto her bed happily. They had just entered her room after leaving their parents in a state of shock in the living room. "They weren't screaming and shouting so that was good"

"They weren't shouting or screaming because they were in shock, Britt, I'm thinking they've never seen a genie before" Santana sat down next to Brittany on the bed, she looked worried "Brittany, do you think we're doing the right thing? I mean, we're teenagers, how are we going to bring up a child? What if our parents…"

Brittany put her arm around Santana and rubbed her back soothingly "You shouldn't stress about it all, San, stress isn't good for the baby"

Santana looked at her quizzically, Brittany nodded "yeah…" she confirmed

"How do you know?"

"I read it" Brittany said pointing to a stack of at least 6 pregnancy and parenting books on her desk.

"Geez Brittany, that's a lot of books…" she got up and flicked through the first book "have you read all of these?"

"No, not yet, I'm working my way through them…." Santana laughed a little "hey, it's serious stuff San, we have to do everything properly or the baby could…"

"Turn out like Rachel? Or Puck? Or even Finn?" Santana interrupted trying to lighten the mood a little

"Our baby will never turn out like Finn, San, Baby will have me as a father so will be an awesome dancer" Brittany smiled

"That's true….. Baby gonna have mooooovez" they both laughed

"My parents are still mad" Santana said down the phone "my dad keeps asking me how it all worked, he doesn't seem to like that I don't really know…"

"Did you tell him it was magic?" Brittany asked while laying on her bed. It had been a week since they had told their parents

"Yeah I told him, but he can't accept that. He's mad that I've apparently ruined any chance I had at having a proper career too"

"Why would having a baby stop you?"

"Time off school and college to look after the baby and stuff like that…. You know what my dad's like…."

"My parents haven't said anything like that to me"

"Well, you're parents wouldn't…"

There was silence on the other end of the phone "I just mean that your parents are way more chilled out than mine and you aren't the one who's pregnant"

"That's true… San, you sound sad, do you want to come over? I'll make you happy"

"Oh, is that right?" Santana asked in a knowing voice

A few hours later they ended up in their default position on Brittany's bed, Santana was laying on her back with Brittany leaning into her side.

Brittany had started kissing Santana's neck, slowly working her way down to her collar bone, her hand was working its way down Santana's body and pulling her t-shirt up. She then moved to her stomach kissing softly. She heard Santana's breath catch and smiled. She laid one more kiss on Santana's as of yet non-existent baby bump and said softly "hello baby"

Santana looked down at Brittany; she wasn't dealing with this as well as Brittany was.

"It's weird isn't it? That we're having a baby together?" Santana asked seriously

"It's not weird, it's awesome, can you imagine how beautiful our baby will be?" Brittany said looking up at Santana and resting her head on her tummy

"If they're anything like you, they'll be stunning" Santana smiled "but….. how will we do it? Maybe my dad's right, maybe doing this is going to ruin our futures"

Brittany made her way back up Santana's body so they were face to face "Santana, you really have to stop worrying, it's not good for mehm….." She was quickly cut off by Santana's finger covering her lips. "mit's tmue" Santana moved her hand so that her whole palm was covering Brittany's mouth

"You are going to have to stop saying that" she said in a fed up tone

Brittany giggled under Santana's hand, then stuck her tongue out and licked her palm

"ergh!" Santana complained and moved her hand away. Brittany giggled again

"I'll stop saying it if you stop worrying! Or do you want an anxious baby?" Brittany lifted her eyebrow in question. Santana said nothing.

"You have to remember that we are both having this baby, so I can look after the baby while you study"

"You'll have to study too"

"hhmm, not really, I want to be a dancer, I don't think I really need maths for that… so you can study, I'll look after the baby and get a part time job as a dancer…. Easy" Brittany said happily

"It's not that easy, Brit" Santana said sadly

"Sure it is.."

"Babies are expensive, how are we going to afford it?"

Brittany rolled off of Santana with a huff "why are you always putting things in the way? I thought you wanted this baby too?"

"I DO, I do want the baby, it's just…"

"It's just nothing" Brittany interrupted "you want money? You want qualifications? Fine. Then we use my last wish. We can ask for more money than we could ever use, then nothing else will matter, right?"