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It's the End of the World as We Know It- Chapter Seventeen

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

Chisei (Sierra)

"I think I'm being plotted against." I told Aizen as I stood in the throne room. Well, rather as I dug through the trunk of my car for my stuff. I have GOT to remember to not leave stuff in there.

"What makes you say that?" Aizen asked skeptically, not too impressed with me being there. Ah, screw him. I'll be where I want.

"Well, I sorta heard Gin, Krisstie, Marie, Ylfortz, Yuki and Grimmjow plotting against me. I think that counts as substantial evidence." I remarked. "And I revoke my earlier statement; I don't think that I'm being plotted against; I KNOW."

"And why would this concern me?"

"In their minds, you're kinda on my side, and you're an enemy in their plan. Oh, and they're gonna steal Kyouka Suigetsu."

"Now it concerns me." He changed his mind. Smart idea. "But why tell me?" Not smart idea. I digress.

"Ever heard of common courtesy?"

"Of course! But I know you'd be expecting something in return now."

"Well, I wasn't going to ask for anything...but I like your idea better." Aizen mentally cursed himself. HA! "But in reality, you owed me at first. "First, for saving Gin. Second for not fighting you. Third for the dinner. Fourth for the tipoff. And I charge interest on favors."

"Wonderful..." He rolled his eyes. Talk about digging your own grave; this man's practically kissing immortality's ass goodbye. "Training?"

That would be nice...get trained by the best there is, gain trust, go up in respect, save his ass a few times, all goes well, life is good. Or something like that. "Sure." And before I knew it, he was off the throne and already in action, lunging at my throat. I quickly yanked my sword off my back and blocked. CLANG! "WHAT THE HELL?! I NEVER SAID NOW!"

"Well, you implied that you wanted it now. Besides, I honestly don't think that matters." He smirked.


"It kinda does." CLANG! You coulda killed me for God's sake!"

"If I wanted to kill you," CLANG! "I would've done that yesterday." CLANG! "I don't delay what needs to be done."

"Liar." CLANG! "You would've gotten a better imagination eons ago," CLANG! "When you became Shinji's lieutenant you would've ditched the nerdy glasses for the current look," CLANG! "And you would've killed Gin ages ago," CLANG! "If that were true." CLANG! Before I could strike back, I heard clapping.

"Bravo! Someone's trainin' wi' Aizen!"

"Ichimaru?!" CLANG! "What the hell are ya doing here?! Can't you see I'm busy?"

"He's not alone! We came with encouragement!" Krisstie too? Odd, but predictable. I heard her trademark guitar start ringing.

"Aww, music!" I said. CLANG!

"Show me how to lie; you're getting better all the time," CLANG!

"And turning all against the one is an art that's hard to teach!" CLANG!

"Another clever word sets off an unsuspecting herd," CLANG!

"And as you step back into line, a mob jumps to their feet!" CLANG! Gin too? She must've taught him the song while I was gone.

"Now dance fucker dance man he never had a chance, and no one even knew, it was really only you and now you steal away, take him out today." CLANG!

"Nice work you did, you're gonna go far, kid...with a thousand lies and a good disguise," CLANG!

"Hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes." CLANG!

"When you walk away, nothing more to say, see the lightning in your eyes, see 'em runnin' for their lives!" CLANG!

"Slowly out of line and drifting closer in your sights," CLANG!

"So play it out, I'm wide awake; it's a scene about me." CLANG!

"There's something in your way and now someone is gonna pay," CLANG!

"And if you can't get what you want, well it's all because of me!" CLANG!

"Now dance fucker dance, man I never had a chance, and no one even knew it was really only you and now you lead the way, show the light of day," CLANG!

"Nice work you did, you're gonna go far kid..." CLANG!

"Trust deceived!" CLANG!

"With a thousand lies and a good disguise," CLANG!

"Hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes! When you walk away, nothing more to say, see the lightning in your eyes," CLANG!

"See 'em runnin' for their lives!" I landed a nice big slice in Aizen's chest as Krisstie began playing her solo. This is getting easier! "Now dance fucker dance, he never had a chance," CLANG!

"And no one even knew it was really only you..." CLANG!

"So dance fucker dance, I never had a chance; it was really only you." CLANG!

"With a thousand lies and a good disguise, hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes," CLANG!

"When you walk away, nothing more to say, see the lightning in your eyes, see 'em runnin' for their lives!" CLANG!

"Clever alibis, Lord of the Flies, hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes," CLANG!

"When you walk away, nothing more to say, see the lightning in your eyes, see 'em runnin' for their lives!" CLANG! Part of Aizen's blade sorta fell off. "I think I should stop before I murder Kyouka Suigetsu."

Aizen looked in wide-eyed horror at his zanpakuto, or part of what it once was. Three quarters of the blade had been roughly lopped off, and he himself had a few scratches and one a little more than tiny. But those were still less than minor to him; what concerned him was the condition my own arms were in. At least, I think so. "What's wrong with your arms? There's massive bleeding and multiple lacerations." He pushed up the used-to-be-white-but-were-now-red sleeves of my coat to reveal my many cuts.

"Um, two of those are from healing Ichimaru, six of them are from previous incidents, and the three plus dozen open are from you." I said calmly, not at all panicked by the number of open wounds on such a small area of flesh.

"Talk 'bout no feelin' o' pain..."Ichimaru marveled.

"Over three DOZEN?!" Krisstie nearly threw her guitar into the wall as she ran to my 'aid' (which was merely her getting a better idea of all the injuries I had and standing there like an idiot while they were fixed).

"Yeah, 45 open cuts, plus eight more that aren't open. But those are somewhat old scars, save for the two that I need to freaking heal his subordinate. I don't necessarily think yesterday is old quite yet."

"You should've stopped earlier." Aizen nagged as he used some sort of healing kidou on my arm. "I'm not sure if Szayel has any human blood left. You'll most likely need a transfusion."

"No, but thanks. I can heal myself of blood loss." I flapped a hand at him. Picking up the chopped-off majority of Aizen's zanpakuto, I made the 54th cut to my arm.

Krisstie facepalmed, sighed and pointed to Aizen. "That's your cue to explain. Break a leg. Or your sword. You already broke his. Shouldn't be too hard."

"That would serve her no purpose." Aizen calmly replied.

"You really don't get sarcasm, do you?" She flatly replied.

"I's a one way ticket, he puts out wha' he can' take back." Gin agreed.

"You do realize your arm is still wide open, Sierra?" Aizen said pointedly.

"Good point." I said, pulling out my handy dandy...vial (A/N: HA! You thought I was going to say notebook, weren't you? Come on, don't lie) out of my shikahusho and poured a little in the slash. "That should do something healing kidou can't do! Restore blood loss. And it's universal blood type!"

Aizen now possessed a VERY stupid look on his face.

"Poof." I smirked. And then took a photo of the very stupid face.

"I wan' one!" Gin begged.

"Fine, I'll see if Szayel knows how to print photos."

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