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"The closes one are the hippos, if we have enough of the pride there, then we might be able to subdue them. Yuma, Sarafina, Shanti, and Kila come with me, the rest of you stay here and make sure that Kovu or Mashoga are still responding." Simba ordered. The lionesses nodded towards him and the ones that were called followed. They knew that there friends were in trouble and they definitely didn't want to waste any time.

The group made it to the grounds, which were roughly less than a mile away from the cave. That wasn't the problem; the problem was getting the hippos to cooperate. They tried to stay as far away so they won't cause any suspicion. Yuma looked at the hippos and counted how many there were. "There are about ten hippos over there; half of them would be enough to hopefully pull the boulders out." She announced. Even though they need at least five, just getting one would be difficult. Simba looked around, hoping to see if there was something that they can use to take down a hippo. Around the lake the hippos were in, there were trees covered in vines; if they are careful enough they could possibly rip off one the vines, wrap them around the hippos' necks, and guide them to the cave. He went over and whispered the plan to the whole group. Since Yuma is the only leopard the pride thus being the stealthiest, she decided to get the vines. The rest were going to rally up the hippos. Shanti and Sarafina were gonna drive the hippos out of the lake, while Simba and Shanti were going to try and keep them herded together despite the lack of herding skills. Simba concluded, "All right, do we know our tasks?" The lionesses nodded, "Okay! Let's go and hope this works."

They went off in different directions and got into their positions. Simba and Shanti found a large enough boulder to hide behind while they wait; unfortunately it was too close to the lake, but it was worth the risk. The two stalked up to the boulder; while they were stalking, Simba spotted Yuma already cutting down some of the vines. He also saw Sarafina and Kila getting ready to anger the hippos. Even though everything was going according to plan, Simba still couldn't help but feel nervous. Shanti asked, "Are you worried, my King?"

He looked at her with distress in his eyes, but he knew he couldn't show it. In bad times usually people would look to their superiors for reassuring words, unfortunately those words were usually lies. Simba replied truthfully, "Yes I am, but I'm not gonna give up hope and neither should you."

Her eyes soften at his calming words. Yet, she still felt awkward about the situation. She asked, "If you don't mind me asking, but why are you doing this? Normally, you and Kovu act like you're mortal enemies."

"I guess my life would be duller without him. He may be a huge pain in the ass, but he's still my friend and a member of the pride." Shanti was a little shocked by the answer, but she still loved to hear him say that. There was a loud uproar coming from the front. The two looked up and saw the herd coming their way. It seemed like the vines worked, the hippos had vines wrapped around their necks. They saw a few hippos spread out, probably trying to find the one that disrupted them. Simba and Shanti got out from behind and started going towards the hippos. Simba took the ones on the left and Shanti took the ones on the right. One of the hippos started charging at Simba showing his tusks, but he easily dodged them. He went to the vine and started tugging on it. Simba knows he's not strong enough to pull the hippo his way, all he wants to do is to get it to come his way. The hippo started leaning towards the right and went with the herd. He ran underneath hippos and made sure there wasn't any strays. He hoped that in the front of the herd were Sarafina and Kila. Yuma came right up to his side and gave him a smile that said, 'The plan is working'. Simba returned the smile to her; he couldn't believe that his plan is still in effect. He saw that the sun was setting, if the two are still alive they were in for a cold night and wait, but they knew that soon enough they would have Mashoga and Kovu free.

The hippos finally stopped running and decided to cooperate with the whole group. The pride was in awe when the group came back unscathed, but they didn't want to waste a moment. A few of the lioness grabbed a vine and started tying them around protruding boulders. Simba went up to Sarafina and asked, "Have they been responding?"

She really didn't know how to answer, so she said, "We've been getting sounds as a response but that's really it."

Simba thought that maybe Kovu was getting raped, even though he had a strict expression; he was smiling on the inside. The two heard the sound of rocks scraping each other; they both hoped that everything was going fine without a hitch. If they had fingers, they would be crossing them. The hippos started bellowing as the vine pushed against their throats, but they were too determined to stop. After a few tugs of the vines, the boulders started falling apart. The entrance wasn't fully opened, but it made a hole big enough for the two to fit through. The pride wanted to cheer in victory but there was a problem, no one came out. Before entering the cave, they bit off the vines and let the hippos go. Sarafina and Simba were the first to go check in the cave. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they saw that Mashoga and Kovu were right next to each other. The two were dumbfounded. He began, "Uh…Kovu?"

Kovu's eyes fluttered open. He jumped when he saw 'Fina and Simba in the entrance. He pushed Mashoga off of him and swiftly got up. Mashoga woke up right when he got pushed off. Kovu dizzily said, "This isn't what it looks like."

Sarafina replied before Simba, "I don't wanna know."

Sarafina and Simba got down from the entrance and the two get out. The pride cheered when they saw that they were alright. Nala came up and hugged her son-in-law. The pride started walking back to Pride Rock in joyfulness knowing that there friends are unharmed. The one who was way behind the group was Mashoga that made Simba confused. He walked up to Kovu and asked, "Hey, what's wrong with Mashoga?"

Kovu answered, "Oh, uh…He told me that he was raped when he was a cub by a lion named Mauaji."

A wave of sentiment went through the eldest King. He looked back at Mashoga and replied, "I think I'll talk to him once we get there. In the meantime, tell me the whole story or at least as much as he told you."

The pride made it back to Pride Rock, very exhausted. Simba told Mashoga that he wanted to talk to him in private, at first Mashoga hesitated but accepted the order. As soon as everyone left, Simba started speaking, "Mashoga, Kovu told me what happened to you."

"I'm sorry" Mashoga sadly apologized. He bowed his down thinking that he would be punished, instead Simba responded, "It's alright, you just your facts mixed up."

The white furred lion still felt unsettled about the situation. Simba really didn't know what to say at the moment; he never really has dealt with something like this. The two were silent, both deep in thought. "I'm so confused." Mashoga put out. He thought about giving Kovu a sympathetic look, but found himself looking at the ground. Simba sighed, "Well, this is your decision. I'm not going to force you to do something you don't want. If you want to leave, we won't blame you."

Mashoga groaned in confusion. He didn't know what he wanted to do, but he did know what he needed. Right now he needs a loving pride to help him, unfortunately he got Simba's pride, but he's desperate at the moment. He took a deep breath and decided, "Alright, I think I'm gonna stay."

The King understandingly nodded. He kind of figured that Mashoga would stay. A question popped into Simba's mind and it kind of made him smile. "Do you still like Kovu?" Simba asked curiously. The only thing the gay lion did was blush slightly, so the answer was pretty obvious. He continued, "You may want to cool it with him, he's not really used to you yet. You know, with him being a homophobe and all."

Mashoga nodded in agreement. He noted, "Alright, I'll try. Wait! Kovu's a homophobe?"

With all of his might, Simba resisted to face-paw. Instead, he changed the subject, "So, you got your bruise from Mauaji, it looks like it really hurt at the time."

"I didn't get this bruise from Mauaji. I mean, he did hit me hard, but it didn't leave a mark." Mashoga corrected. Now, Simba got extremely confused. He was told that Mauaji hit Mashoga, which is the only way he could've gotten the bruise, right? He continued, "I don't remember the lion's name, but I do remember what he looked like."

Simba asked, "Well, what does he look like?"

"He has golden fur, uh, a blonde mane, and I think greenish blue eyes. The only thing I can remember from his name, that it started with an "M"." He explained. Only one lion flashed through Simba's mind and it made him shudder. Simba whispered, "Moto."


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