Jimmy's first battle was against the one who calls himself Lickty Split, who sang first.

This guy is a chock artist, ya catch a bad one!

Your better off shooting yourself with Papa Doc's handgun!

Climbing up this mountain, ya weak!

I leave you with a paddle, floating shit's creek!

You ain't Detriot, I'm the D!

You that new kid on the block, about to get smacked to doone docks!

F*** in nazi, this crowd ain't your type!

Take some real advice, and form a group with Vanilla ice!

And what I tell ya, you better us it!

This guy is a hillbilly, this ain't willy nelson music!

Trailer trash!

I chock ya, till your last breath!

And have you looking foolish like Cheddle Bob when he shot himself.

Silly rabbit!

I know why they call you that, because you follow Future, like he's got carrots up his asscrack!

And when you act up, that's when you got jacked up!

And left stupid like Tina Turner when she got smacked up!

I crack your shoulderblade!

Your get slapped so hard, Elvis will start turning in his grave!

I don't know why they left out in the dark!

You need to take your white ass back across 8 mile to the trailer park!

Lickity Split ended his verse, and now it was Jimmy's turn, and after a long parze witch convinced the audiences he was chocking, he began his verse.

This guy raps like his parents jerked him!

He sounds like Eric Germane, the generic virson!

This crowd looks suspicious, it's all dudes in here!

(points to Papa Doc and them) Except for these bitches!

So I'm a German, eh!

That's okay, you look like a F*** in warm with braids!

These leader of the free worwoe rookies!

How can six dicks be pussies!

Speaking of shit creek!

You can paddle threw with a straeady boat, but still will sink!

Ya they call me rabbit, this is a turtle race!

You look like a Lickity-split-from-a-lickity-dick-off-a-lickidy-lip!

I'm a white trash, but I say it proudly!

(pulls down pants) And you can take my white ass back to 8 mile!

Jimmy finished the verse and was allowed to the next round.

His next opponent was Lotto, who took off his sweater showing a tank top underneath.

Lotto quickly began his verse.

I'm like a honk de mon, witch will sue you!

This shit is a horror movie, but the black guy dosen't die in this movie!

F*** with Lotto will you, clearly you don't have a interest in living!

Almost feel bad for you, I like you!

That's why I hope I don't have to be the one you commit sucide to!

I will take pictures of myself, so you wont forget my ass crack!

I feel sorry I have to murder that dude from leave it to Biber, I use to like that show!

But oh well, if you gotta go, then you gotta go!

And I respect you almost!

So I'll end this with F*** you, but have a nice day!

Lotto ended his verse and Jimmy was up.

Word, I think you were a little hard on the Biber!

But so was Walish, Juniifer and miss Clever!

This guy is paranoid, quick someone give his ass anouther steriod!

Glamackta, blo mocka mo am!

I didn't understand a word you said!

Macklato ho bla!

Is that a tank top or a new bra?

Look, snoop doog just got a boob job!

Looking like a cyclone hit you!

Tank top screaming, Lotto I don't fit you!

Didn't you pay attention to the last round, your saying the same shit he said!

So f*** off bitch! Before you HEYAA!

After finishing his verse, it was proven Jimmy was becoming very popular by the crowd, and was allowed in epic third round, against Papa Doc.

Jimmy started his next verse, witch is one of the most famish scenes in the film.

Now everybody in 3-1-3 , put your motherF***in hands up, and follow me! Everybody in the three 3-1-3, put your motherF***in hands up! Up!

Now, while he stands up tough! Notice this man did not have his hands up! This free word has you gassed up! Now whos afried of the big bad wolf! 1 the 2 to the 3! One parc! Two parc! Three parc! Four!

1 parc! 2 two parc! His parc!

Your parc, none!

This guy ain't a threat, I know everything your about to use against me!

I am white! I DO chew gum!

I DO dream about sleeping with your mom... I mean, I do live in a trailer with my mom!

My boy Future is a ugly Tom!

I DO have a dum friend named Cheddle Bob who shot himself with his gun!

I have no enjoyment in M&M candy, but I think I'll change my future name to it!

I DO swear so much, I loss most of its impact!

I WILL have my own cartoon series!

I WILL be in a Brisk commercial!

And I WILL parody this film in one of my songs!

But I know something about you!

You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school!

What's wrong man, your embarressed!

There ain't no thing such as half-way-crook!

He's scared to look in his year book!

F*** Cranbrook!

F*** Papa doc!

F*** everybody!

I'm a piece of white trash I say it proudly! Here, doc, tell them what they don't know about me!

With that Jimmy ended his verse. And when Papa Doc tired, he chocked.

Jimmy had won. And audience excitedly cheered for him.

After the battles Jimmy turned down his friends offers of remaining with them, and started a career as a solo rapper.

End of story... Thanks for reading!

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