A modern retell of Pride and Prejudice

I smiled as I pulled up to the last party of summer vacation. Most people are disappointed that school is starting in 2 days, but I was excited to finally start my senior year with good friends and my twin sister, Brooke. Life in Clarkson, Virginia is good.

I walked up to the door of my friend Shayleigh Lucas's house and, not bothering to knock, walked in.


My good friend Casey North shrieked as she ran up to hug me.

Shay walked up with caked batter all over her face and apron.

"I would hug you too, but…" Shay laughed.

"Brooke couldn't get off work early, so my mom and dad will pick her up and bring her here in about 10 or 15 minutes," I tell them, explaining my sister's absence.

"Great! Oh, also, there are two new families that moved in about 3 weeks ago, and my mom got to know them. So I invited the two guys that were my age over to our little party. They should be here in about 20 minutes, I think," Shay told me as she took the freshly baked cookies out of the oven.

"That sounds great. I'll just text Brooke that there will be some newbies here," I replied, winking.

My twin sister Brooke is a little bit shy when it comes to new faces, but I'm pretty sure she'll be fine.

Almost every year since we were freshman Shay, Casey, Brooke and I planned a Before School Party with some of our best friends. Tonight there should be us four, the two new guys, and my friends who are currently a couple, Spencer and Megan.

I send Brooke a quick text and help Casey put the cookies on the cooling rack.

"So, tell me about these guys coming to our party," I ask, wiping the crumbs off my hands.

"Well… they are both seniors this year and will be going to Clarkson High. I thought it would be good if they got to know some other classmates first so they wouldn't be totally clueless," Shay replied.

"I know, I know but are they hot? Single? Rich?" Casey giggled.

Shay rolled her eyes.

"I haven't even met them. My mom told me everything I know. Their names are Will Cardston and Carter Lawson, Will lives on Pemberley Street and Carter on Netherfield Street," Shay sighed.

"Woah! Netherfield and Pemberley Street? They must be loaded!" Casey exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, but I was impressed. Those streets had the biggest, fanciest, and most expensive houses in Clarkson.

I live on Loungbourn street where Casey and Shay lives just a few houses down from mine.

Brooke walked in and we asked her to help us decorate. As we blew up balloons and put up streamers I remembered how much better Brooke is than me. Most people don't believe Brooke and I are twins because of how much prettier than me she is. Instead of having light brown hair and green eyes like me, she has dark blue eyes and sandy blown hair.

Her rosy cheeks and perfectly shaped nose make her a distinct beauty. The only thing remarkable about me is the dark eyelashes I have that bring out my eyes.

"Lissa, did you remember to bring the chips and salsa with you?" Brooke asks me as she frosts the cookies.

"Oh my gosh! I totally forgot. I need to run home and get it before Will and Carter get here!" I shrieked.

I ran to grab my keys and yanked open the door, almost running right into Will Cardston.