Chapter 16

As we finish dinner and head back to the lounge to chit chat some more I see Flynn walking up to me.

"Hi there, Lissa. I felt like we should FINALLY be properly introduced." He smiles at me, holding out his had. "I am Flynn Cardston."

He had kind blue eyes and light blonde hair. He seemed so friendly I knew at once I could relax. It is such a relief that he doesn't appear to stuck up like Will.

I give him a broad smile. "Lissa Dunton. Pleasure to meet you!"

"I have to admit, it was awesome to see you not be afraid of my aunt. It is a little tiring hearing her get away with anything. So, ten points to Gryffindor." He laughs

I have a feeling I am gonna like this guy...

After chatting with Flynn for a bit I decided to take a break and go back to my room. I pull out my iPhone and check my Facebook. To my absolute horror I see that my DEAR mother had been ranting again. I resist the urge to scroll past and force myself to analyze the damage.

CARRIE DUNTON: Is feeling like like life is SO unfair to me. I have been trying my hardest to keep my girls happy and nothing seems to be going like planned. UGH! :( Brooke DEAR was SO close with that nice Carter but OF COURSE it didn't work out. She is such a sweetheart I know she would have got him if she could. Poor baby. And miss Elisabeth has been SO rebellious and ungrateful by being so rude and unlockable. At least Mindy is still being a darling. #Ilisitalwayslikethis #iamgoingcrazy #mypoornerves

God, if you can hear me, please just kill me. PLEASE just strike me down. I face palm and close out Facebook. I don't want to see anything else on there now. I open my Pinterest and relax as I see the cute outfits and puppies. Ahhh. Who needs meditation when you have Pinterest? After calming a bit I decide I better scroll through Facebook again to catch up what I have missed in Clarkson. I see that Casey is decorating for Christmas, and I see cute pictures posted by Brooke and...oh...

Looks like Ryan has a new girlfriend, Melissa King, and they are apparently SO "in love".

Surprisingly, I am not upset or anything. It isn't shocking to me that Ryan has moved on. And, hey, if she is a great girl and makes him happy? Great. But I am betting it is because she was made cheerleading captain and her family is filthy rich. But let's just call it beauty and virtue, shall we?

After sifting through tons of I AM SO BORED statuses from Mindy and other misc. posts I call it quits and make my way back down to the main lobby and take a seat next to Flynn.

I am not surprised to see Me. DeBourge sitting at the head of the room in all her designer blazer and expensive cosmetic glory. Colin is fervently boasting and trying to impress her with all his "accomplishments" and whatnot. I can tell she likes being held as this important. WORSHIPED is a better verb.

She offers her opinions and poor Colin stumbles along trying to heed her every word.

I give a small grin to Flynn and he smiles back and rolls his eyes.

"Are you thoroughly "inspired" by my aunt's every word yet?" He whispers.

"Oh yeah. She'll be the next Oprah," I sarcastically reply.

"So word on the street is that you play piano..." Flynn says, gesturing to the grand piano in the adjacent room.

"Oh, no no. I swear I haven't had a lesson since I was 15. I am not fabulous! Did Mallory tell you? Because she most likely TOTALLY exaggerated." I protest.

"Why don't you play something you know then? It doesn't have to be Mozart, I promise, but a distraction would be very nice." He grins.

"I think you are right. I'll give it my best shot, okay? Don't laugh at me too hard."

I get up and cross over to the piano room and sit down, racking my brain for recital pieces. I remember a sonata I did at a recital a long time ago.

I start out alright but make a mistake or to here and there. Actually not terrible considering it has been two years. I play another song and as I play I remember the notes clearer. It actually feels good playing. I finish my song and shift awkwardly as Flynn claps and says "You were WAY better than implied. Good job!"

I laugh it off and catch Will's eye through the glass separating the room from the lounge. Whatever, he can judge all he likes.

"Elisabeth, you must heed that you will never get far in life if you never practice. You simply need to put in more effort. Perhaps that is why you don't have a job..."

I laugh a little while listening to her tell me off. I find it funny for some reason.

"Will do, Ms. DeBourge." Say, grinning and nodding.

I keep plinking little tunes as I start to drown her out. She isn't really talking directly to me anymore, anyway.

Will promptly stands up and walks out of the room. Ms. DeBourge falters a bit but continues to chastise me with life lessons I SHOULD be learning. Will stops next to the piano bench I am still sitting on. I keep playing and pretend to be occupied with playing. He moves a little further away and watches the gears and strings under the open cover. Finally I ask,

"Have you come to scare me or tell me to practice more, Will?" I smirk.

"No. I know you well enough that you wouldn't be scared at all and you wouldn't listen to me telling you what to do." He replies. Out of the corner of my eye I see a hint of a smile. Is Will really joking around with me?

I give a little chuckle and keep playing.

"Now nobody here is going to believe anything I say!" I smile. "But I know you and your habits too, you know. I can tell people the terrible things you've done in Clarkson!" I joke.

"I'm not too scared." Will replies, laughing lightly.

"Then here we go. Flynn...did you know that Will here...when I first met him was at a party but didn't eat any pizza and didn't even *gasp* pay attention during the movie. And...worst of all...He didn't even SOCIALIZE. Dun dun dun!" I laugh.

Flynn grins socks Will's shoulder. "Why am I not surprised?"

Will gives a half hearted grin and says "I just don't tend to be good at talking to people very well. It's not a talent of mine."

No really? I never would have guessed. I sarcastically reply in my head. Instead I say to him,

"Well...your Aunt is giving lecture on practice. You could try that... " And give a small smirk.

"Ownnneeedddd" Flynn choruses in the background. I meet Will 's eyes for a split second but quickly look away and finish my piano piece.



SOOOOOOO I OWE YOU GUYS BIG TIME. I am so sorry for taking so long to update. It's a little embarrassing how long it took, really. Anyway, I promise to keep up and be consistent again! I love you all tons!

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