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"Hermione get up," Ginny yells shaking me. I flip over onto my stomach and throw a pillow at her. "Hermione Jean
Granger, if you don't get up this instant I will personally make sure that you are banned from visiting the library" she yells in a threating voice. I groan loudly and get up, she smiles innocently at me, I scowl. She pushes me into the bathroom to get ready. I take a shower, taking my precious time just to anger Ginny for waking me up early on a Saturday. I walk into my room with my bath robe on, after taking a shower, to find that Ginny already picked out my clothes. Ignoring what she picked out, I pick out a pair of dark skinny jeans, a light pink crop top with a baby blue tank top underneath. I Accio my Uggs, and slip them on, still ignoring Ginny is staring at me. I walk over to my vanity, magic my hair so they fall in gentle curls down my back.

"Okay Ginny lets go." I say grabbing my purse off of my bed.

I stick my hand out, trying to turn my alarm of. I can't find it. Where is my bloody wand and why won't it turn off. I groan, getting up. I find my wand, which is held, above my head by my Italian friend. Blaise laughs at my expression, I glare at him. "It's about time you got up, he says smirking, "thought you'd forgotten about your date with Granger, Weaselette and Potter." He add, his smirk growing bigger at my irritation.

"I'm going to take a shower, if you're here when I'm done, I'll make sure to tell Daphne that you like her… no that you say her name in your sleep." I say smirking at him. I get up and make my way to the bathroom to take a shower, thinking about my date with Hermione, and how Weaselette and Potter were coming along. I walk back to my room, relieved to see that Blaise had left, and over to my closet, and pick out Muggle jeans, and a blue Aeropostale shirt, Hermione's muggle-born so she'll like me wearing Muggle clothes, right? I walk over to the mirror and brush my hair letting it fall slightly into my eyes instead of gelling it back like I usually do. With one last check in the mirror I leave.

"Hey Ginny, Hermione," Harry says giving me a quick hug and Ginny a quick peck on the cheek. Ginny blushes red and smiles.

"Hey Mia," Draco says, when he sees me. I turn out, to say I was surprised when I see him would be an enormous understatement. Is that Draco Malfoy wearing Muggle Jeans, and an Aero shirt, since when does he wear muggle clothes?

"Hey, Draco," I say walking toward him, and hugging him, an action that surprises both him and me. "You do realize you're wearing muggle clothes?" I ask him, letting him go.

"Yeah, I thought you'd like that" he tells me. Harry coughs, I jump, he and Ginny cough back laughs, I turn a shade of pink.

"Come on lets go," I say taking Draco's hand and rush off towards Hogsmeade. Harry and Ginny catch up to us, and we walk to The 3 Broomsticks. We find a booth in the back, and go to sit down. Harry and Draco go to get us Butterbeers.

"So you and Draco Malfoy, I never thought that would happen." Ginny says attempting to start a conversation with me.

"I never thought I'd end up with him either, but now I can't picture myself with anyone else" I say, my lie sounding convincing. Harry and Draco come back quickly to me relief. We start talking about professional Quidditch. I smile watching my best friends getting along really well with my boyfriend.

As we are walking I start thinking about my task that I have to do. Draco what are you going to do about the task The Dark Lord gave you… no the task Voldemort gave you. If you don't complete it, he'll you or make a living joke out of you. Draco you're going to have to let your pride down for once and go for help, you have to ask Potter, or Dumbledore, you're not going to kill someone because, a half-blood tells you to, so that he can rule a group of purebloods. I see The 3 Broomstick, and snap back to reality, we walk in and find a seat in the back corner. The girls sit down, and Potter and I walk over to get then Butterbeers. We wait in line, Draco this is your time, ask Potter for help, it'll hurt your pride, but it's for the best of things.

"Umm…. Potter, can I talk to you later, alone?" I ask, nervously.

"Umm… sure I guess, Hermione and Ginny are going shopping after lunch so, I guess we can talk then" he says adjusting his glasses. We get our Butterbeers and walk back to the table. We start talking about the Quidditch. Wow, I never thought I'd be talking about Quidditch with three Gryffindors, especially now Potter Weaselette and Hermione.

"Harry, I have to go and buy a new quill, come with me" Ginny says suddenly.

"Okay. Hermione, Malfoy we'll meet you in the Hogs Head for lunch" Harry says before walking out with his girlfriend.

Harry walks out leaving Draco and me alone. "So... what do you want to do until lunch?" I ask Draco

"Want to come with me to, Honeydukes; I'm out Sugar Quills" he says, I stare at him, looking for an explanation. "What? I like Sugar Quills they taste good." He says. I start laughing. I look at her confused.

"Draco Malfoy likes Sugar Quills" she says between laughs. Slowly her laughs quite down. "So what's next, first you wear an Aeropostale shirt, with Muggle jeans, then you admit that you like Sugar Quills." I say. I wait a minute before asking, "Where did you even get an Aeropostale shirt anyways?"

"What do you mean" I ask confused.

"Well first of all, Aeropostale is a muggle company, and secondly I there isn't an Aeropostale in all of England." She says.

"What this shirt, I got it when my family went on holiday to America, somewhere named Chicago, I saw a lot of people wearing Aeropostale shirts, saw a store that said Aeropostale, we went there and I bought this shirt. What is Aeropostale anyways?" he asks me.

"Aeropostale is a clothing store, for American Muggles, mostly teens. My cousin used to send me things from there, until she found out she was a witch, now she thinks she's too good for me." I tell him, thinking of the time where I was over at her house.

"Hermione," my aunt calls me, "are you sure you don't want to come?"

"No, I'm in the middle of a book you guys can go." I tell her

"Okay, we'll be back in an hour, if you get hungry there are snacks in the pantry" she tells me before leaving. I wander into my cousin's room, and see something shiny, sticking out from underneath the bed. I look to see what it is, and find a suitcase. I open it, and to say I was shocked was an understatement. Inside were first year books.

"You have a cousin in America that's a witch?" he asks me, I nod.

"She just doesn't know that I know that she's a witch or that I'm a witch" I say, "So are we going to go now, or just talk America" I ask lightly, getting up. Draco gets up and gives me his hand, I take it.

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