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Summary: Six year old Abbie sees her papa, Draco decorating and decides to help along with her daddy, Harry.

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"We're home papa."

Draco walked out of his study and saw his six year old daughter stood there, her long black hair fell down her back, smiling at him with sparkling grey eyes, his husband next to her looking a little worn. "You take her shopping next time Dray." Harry groaned as he carried the small packages into the kitchen, placing them all on the table before enlarging them to their original size.

"Paint brushes, rollers, pads, paint cans?" Draco said aloud when he saw all the things Harry had brought. "Why have you brought all of this Harry love?"

"Because we was planning on decorating the sitting room and we decided on the colour Emerald so I went and brought everything we needed today and then we can start on it tomorrow."

"Harry we are wizards."

"Are we really?"

"Why have you done it all like this when we can change that room to how we want it with the wave of our wands."

"Oh no Draco, that's that lazy way, we are going to paint the walls muggle style. Paint brushes, rollers and pads."

"But what about Abbie? Who will be watching her whilst we are painting?"

"Dray her playroom is across the hall from the sitting room, we will leave the doors open but block the entrance so far up so she can't get out, that way we will be able to see her at all times. I have brought her a lot of things today that will keep her occupied." Harry explained as he picked their daughter up.

"Daddy brought me finger paints papa."

"That's great darling."

That night Draco climbed into bed and got right up close to Harry, pulling him into his hold, ground his erection against the brunet as he started to place kisses on the back of his neck, letting his hand slide down, cupping his husband's rapidly filling cock. "Draco?" he moaned.

"Yes baby?"

"If this is your way of getting out of decorating tomorrow you can forget it. I have made my mind up."

"Oh come on Harry, you're as hard as me." he answered, squeezing Harry's cock, making him moan, to prove his point.

"Well of course I am hard. I will be when you keep doing things like that to me."

"Are you saying no to sex baby?"

Harry turned in the blonds arms. "No. I am saying yes to sex, just no to doing the decorating with magic." he answered, kissing Draco which quickly turned passionate as Draco rolled them both over, pinning Harry underneath.

It was early next morning when Harry and Draco got up and got the room all ready and set everything up, all ready to start. They woke their daughter and after they all had breakfast and Abbie had dressed and was in the room across from the sitting room playing with all what Harry had brought her the day before, Draco and Harry began.

A couple of hours into the decorating, Abbie came and stood at the door of her play room. "Daddy what you doing?"

"I'm helping your papa paint sweetheart. Tell me when you are hungry and we will stop and have something to eat."

"Okay daddy."

Draco couldn't believe how much he loved painting, not that he would admit it to Harry but he found it most relaxing, roller in hand, covering it in paint before covering the wall. Him doing one wall, Harry doing the other, of course Draco did stop and stare a few times when Harry would reach causing his top to ride up, letting his middle show.

That night both Harry and Draco collapsed in bed after putting Abbie to bed. "I ache all over baby."

"I do as well Dray. But it's worth it, doesn't the sitting room look nice?"

Draco looked at Harry. "It looks fantastic baby. I wasn't going to admit this but I quite enjoyed painting. It's very relaxing and very tempting."

Harry rolled onto his side to face Draco. "Tempting? What do you mean?"

"Whenever you reached up your top went with it."

"I knew it would. Why do you think I put that top on this morning and suggest I do one side of the room and you the other."

"Oh I see. Well then you asked for this."

"For what?"

Draco didn't answer, he just rolled over and pinned Harry underneath him, attacking his neck with his lips.

It was early next morning when Draco and Harry got up, deciding to get an early start on the sitting room, have a break when Abbie gets up and have breakfast with her before continuing.

They got dressed and made their way to the sitting room, Draco reached the doors first and opened them, frozen on the spot making Harry bump into him. "Draco why did you just stop like that?"

When Harry got no answer he followed Draco's eye line and his eyes widened in shock, his jaw dropping, an identical look of shock on his face as Draco's when he saw their six year old daughter in her pajamas with her finger paints, her fingers covered in different colours as she slapped her hands on the wall, painting over what her parents had done the day before.

She turned and gave her parents a beaming smile. "Look papa. I am helping you just like daddy did yesterday."

The end.

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