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This is the sequel to 'Papa's Little Helper'

Summary: The next room to decorate is Draco's office. Once again, Harry and Draco's daughter Abbie decides to help. Mpreg.

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Seven year old Abbie was bored, her daddy had promised her to go to a big toy shop where she could play if she was good whilst out shopping, wanting to play she was a good girl. She had been out with her daddy for ages and still no toy shop. She walked over to her daddy and pulled on his sleeve. "Daddy why are we in here?"

Harry looked down and smiled at his daughter when he saw her pouting, she reminded him so much of Draco when she did that. "I am just looking for something for your papa sweetheart. We have finished decorating his office and I want to get him something that will help finish it off."

Abbie frowned, not knowing what her daddy meant by helping finish it off. "Then we can go to the toy shop?"

"Yes sweetheart, then we can go to the toy shop."

Abbie beamed and held onto her daddy's hand, hoping they were leaving, she walked around the shop with him and decided to suggest things, hoping they would be leaving quicker. "What about this daddy?"

Harry looked at what his daughter picked up and saw it was a solid silver frame. "I actually like this, we could get it engraved and have a picture taken of us and out it there for papa. What do you say?"

"I like it."

Harry smiled. "Good girl." he said as he kissed his daughters hand and led her over to the till to pay.

Abbie then dragged her daddy to the shop for them to have their picture took, once done Harry showed Abbie the frame and smiled at the picture. "Will papa like it?"

"Papa will love it sweetheart. Come on then. Toy shop as promised."

Harry was in the kitchen, cooking, Abbie watching him every now and then as she would stop drawing and look up, he daddy would be stirring what he was cooking with his left hand whilst his right hand would be stroking the bulge of his belly. "Daddy how long now until I see my new baby brother or sister?"

"Two more months sweetheart."

"When is papa due home."

"Oh round about now." said a voice.

Abbie turned and Harry looked up to see Draco stood in the doorway. "Papa!" Abbie beamed as she jumped off her chair and ran over to Draco who laughed and picked her up, placing a kiss on her cheek before putting her down once more.

"And how is my husband and the baby he is carrying?"

"We are both fine love." Harry smiled as he accepted the kiss from Draco, kissing him once more when the blond stroked his stomach. "Guess what arrived today?"


"Your new desk."

"How is it?"

"Beautiful. Very antique and in perfect condition, I still can't believe how much you paid for it."

"It is a rare piece Harry, only ten were made and I now have one of them."

"Well, me and your daughter went shopping today and we got you something."

Abbie hurried over and passed Draco a bag.

Draco took the bag from his daughter and pulled out what was inside and smiled at the solid silver picture frame, his smile getting bigger when he saw the picture. Harry was standing, his right hand resting on his stomach with his left arm around their daughter, smiling and winking at him whilst Abbie was hugging Harry, letting go of her daddy to wave and beam before going back to hug Harry.

"I love it. Thank you both." Draco said, kissing his daughter on the forehead before giving Harry a longer kiss on the lips. "I thought I would help in decorating your desk, but didn't know what but then our daughter saw this."

Abbie looked up at her parents, daddy wanted the frame to decorate her papa's desk, she got to thinking what she could do to help decorate papa's desk.

Later when Draco was in the shower, Abbie went and sat next to her daddy. "Um... daddy I want to get papa something to help decorate his desk too."

"What do you mean?"

"Well you got that picture frame, I want to get something too."

"Okay sweetheart, any idea what you want to get him?"

"I don't know."

"Well how about you have a think and then tomorrow the three of us can go out and you can pick something."


"Of course sweetheart."

"She really wants to do this?" Draco asked as he slid into bed that night next to Harry."

"She does, she says she wants to get you something from her so when you see it you know it was from her and her only."

"We can make a day of it, we can have some lunch and go to different places."

"And the toy shop."

"The what?"

"There is this big toy shop where they have new toys come in all the time and allow children to play with them. She loves it there."

"Then we will go there, buy her something as well."

When Harry yawned, Draco held him close to him, covering them both up more. "You should get some sleep baby, you have had a big day today and it will be a busy one tomorrow."

Harry snuggled closer to Draco and kissed his bare chest before resting his head on it. "I love you Dray."

"I love you too. Night Harry." he replied, kissing the brunet on top of his head, his arms securely around his husband holding him close.

The following morning Draco went to go to his office whilst Harry made breakfast. Harry was halfway down the stairs when he heard Draco. "Abbie!"

Harry hurried back up the stairs as quick as he could manage and stopped outside Draco's office. "Draco what's wrong?"

Draco looked up from his very expensive antique desk. "Our daughter is what is wrong."

Harry looked to his left and saw his daughter stood there, quill in one hand, ink bottle in the other. "Abbie sweetheart what have you done?"

"I was thinking about what I can get papa for his desk so he will know it is just from me and I thought about one of my drawings and remembered Uncle Fred and George's special ink so I used that."

"Special ink as in?"

"As in it will not come out Harry, no matter what spell you use."

Harry walked around to stand by Draco and on the surface of the desk was a drawing of their house with Abbie and Draco standing outside. Abbie's name was under the drawing of her and the word 'papa' was under the drawing of Draco. "Bless her."

"Bless her? Harry this is an expensive, antique desk."

"Yes it is but nothing compared to the love your daughter feels for you as she thought she was doing something nice." Harry said, giving Draco a pointed look.

Draco sighed and walked over to his daughter and crouched down. "I'm sorry I shouted baby girl. I love the picture of us both, you know how much I love your drawings,but you could have just drew on paper and I could have it on here."

"But then it wouldn't be right."

Harry walked over and with Draco's help knelt down so he too, was face to face with his daughter. "What do you mean sweetheart?"

"Well when you gave papa the frame you said it would decorate his desk and that is what I wanted to do."

"Ah." Harry said as he looked at Draco. Abbie didn't know what she did was wrong, she just thought that her drawing was the same as Harry with the frame.

"Baby girl I'm sorry if I frightened you. I love it." Draco said, understanding what his daughter thought as he drew her into a hug.

"That's okay papa. Love you. You too daddy."

Harry smiled and hugged his husband and daughter. "How about we have some breakfast before heading out for the day."

Abbie pulled back. "Toy shop?"

Harry laughed. "Yes. Toy shop."

The end.

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