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(Completing the Silence - Epilogue: Promise Kept)
rated: PG13 - violence, language, content

Promise Kept
It's been six months. I still have nightmares, but I've learned to
cope with everything that happened to me. I won't lie, Heero and I
have had our moments, but we've managed to come through in the end.

We both made promises, and we're keeping them. I'm seeing a good
therapist once a week, which originally I protested, but I realized
that sometimes everyone needs someone to help them.

Heero and I have discussed trying to return to earth, but I refuse
to take a new identity. I am Duo Maxwell, and I plan on staying Duo

Sometimes late at night, wrapped in Heero's arms, I remember a
different set of arms. The pain of Natasha's death starting to fade,
now that I have Heero again, but I won't let myself forget her.

The chess piece lays beside my cross, dual reminders of two very
different times when a stranger came to my rescue and brought me up
from the ground.

Today, I'm walking down to the post office. Quatre and Trowa are
living together, and Wufei is on a tour of China, but we try and
write each other often. According to official records, Heero Yuy is
visiting distant relatives in L4, the Winner family, and all our
mail gets sent there. One of Quatre's sisters sends it the post
office box we've rented for ourselves.

Clutching the mail, I make my way back to our apartment not far away.
Even though it's annoying and bothering, I miss the weather of Earth.
Especially rain drops.

Heero greets me as I come in and takes the mail from me. He shuffles
through it, tossing the bills and such onto a table. He's holding a
letter from Quatre, and another. The letter is addressed to Heero,
but the other letter...

I take it and stare down at it in surprise. It's addressed to me and
postmarked from Earth. Heero and I exchange equal looks of confusion
and I open it up hesitantly.

Inside there's one sheet of paper. I take it out and unfold it.

The blood drains from my face and I stumble back for a chair,
collapsing onto the coffee table. There's only a single sentence,
written in a disturbingly familiar handwriting.

Heero reads over my shoulder, "I always keep my promises..." Beneath
it is a rubbing created by an etched rose.

"Natasha," I whisper, letting the letter fall to the floor. The chess
piece around my neck suddenly feels very, very heavy.

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