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The Bird with the Green Eyes

The raven was sitting on a branch just above her, staring down at her with a calm, indifferent gaze. Its eyes had her instantly captivated. How many birds had shining emerald eyes that looked so human and yet so feral at the same time? She was intrigued by this rare occurrence. Considering this wasn't the first day she had caught it looking at her so intensely, she was also a bit bewildered. What could such a beautiful thing want with a simple girl such as herself? She had never been someone who guys would stop and stare at, and she was sure there was nothing extraordinary about her. Layered caramel hair that made it to her shoulders, sky blue eyes, and pale pink lips were really all she had to offer. She was dressed in a baby blue hoodie with a black tank top underneath and distressed jeans. All in all she was very ordinary.

She had always been fascinated with birds. Sleek, colorful feathers and fragile, hollow bones that could take them virtually anywhere. Sometimes she wished she was one, soaring through the skies and not worrying about a drugged up mother and how she would feed her younger brother and sister. She always scolded herself afterword, though. Without her, the young boy and girl would have no one to depend on; it was her duty as an older sibling to care for them when their mother could not.

Without her noticing the bird had swooped to a lower branch, now at eye level with her, and holding her questioning gaze with its uncanny green eyes. Its tiny head was cocked to the side as it looked on in mild interest. The girl wished absently that she had brought her sketch pad, to capture such a moment. The bird ruffled its shiny black feathers and cawed softly, and she remembered herself long enough to snatch her phone up and take a quick picture. She smiled lightly, seeing the emerald irises staring up at her from the screen. It wasn't as mesmerizing, but it would do.

The bird gave another quiet caw before taking flight, towards a section of the park with a thick forest. She watched as it disappeared into the leaves and branches, smiling to herself. She hopped down from her perch on the picnic table's top and headed home, already feeling the pencil In her hand, sketching perfect green eyes on a perfect beaked face.

It was late, and her brother and sister were tucked tightly in their beds. She had to them the story of Goldie Locks and The Three Bears three times before they would finally calm down with their glasses of water and sleep. She had smiled wistfully and kissed them on the foreheads, remembering when her mother and father had done the same for her, before retiring to her studio.

Clad in sweatpants and a too-small tank top, the seventeen-year-old tied her hair into a messy tail and sat down in her studio, planning to add another picture to her walls, which were covered in her sketches of wild life and places she wanted to visit. Colored and regular pencils were strewn about her desk, but she knew where each of them was precisely when she needed them. She propped her phone against the wall that her desk was pushed up against, and stared at it for a bit. She would start with the eyes.

She was absolutely captivated, and she barely knew what she was doing the whole time she drew; always staring at the deep green eyes. She hadn't meant to do it all in one night. She rarely had the time or the energy to draw anything that way. She was such a perfectionist it usually took a week at most to finish one project, and even then she wasn't completely satisfied with it. Before she knew it she was staring at a glowing phone that read 3:04 AM. Sighing, she set the phone down to study her work. What she laid her eyes on made her gasp sharply. It wasn't a bird she had drawn, but a boy. A very attractive boy. His hair was the color of flames, or leaves in autumn. His frame tall and slender, posed in a casual stance; one leg kicked over another with his long, slightly muscled arms folded behind his head. His features were sharp and inhumanly beautiful, his lips twisted upward in an amused grin that seemed almost friendly. His eyes caught her off guard. They were the bird's eyes. The exact same emerald color, the exact same shape. The exact same shimmer of liveliness that she couldn't even begin to comprehend. She stood up from her chair, distancing herself from the picture of the mysterious boy. He was different, she noticed. His ears were slightly pointed, poking out ever so slightly from his bright shaggy hair. Without looking back, the girl made her way out of her studio and headed to bed, wanting to forget the incident, but not knowing why. The whole thing felt kind of foreboding somehow.

Months passed and she did not see the bird again. One day she was walking home from the grocery store, one hand carrying a plastic bag full of fruit from the farmer's market, the other rapidly texting on her phone, telling her mom that she'd be home in a few minutes, when she stopped just across the street from the park.

Once her favorite place to go, the teenager-almost adult-had not been back to the park since that night she had tried to draw her bird. She hadn't picked up a pencil since either. Her converse stalled almost on their own, and she looked up from her phone. It was a school day (she took online classes.), so most everyone that went to that park was at work or school. But still, she had never seen it so completely empty. Before she knew what she was doing, she was at the gates that decorated the entrance. The wind blew insistently, but her ponytail prevented any hair mishaps. She pulled the sleeves of her green hoodie over her palms nervously, holding the grocery bag with the crook of her elbow and hugging her arms to her chest. Her ripped jeans swept the ground behind her heels as she took a cautious step forward.

She felt a pull in her chest, as if some force was calling her to move forward; so she did. Gaining courage she sped up to a hurried walk. Here blue eyes swept over the grass, looking for anything and everything. Until they found it. Fiery hair and a tall, graceful frame posed in a casual stance, one foot tossed haphazardly over the other and arms folded behind his head. He didn't have to turn around for her to know it was him. The boy she drew. Her bird. She could no longer think of one without thinking of the other.

Part of her wanted to turn around, run and pretend she hadn't seen him, hadn't drawn him. This all was just too weird for an ordinary girl like her. But her lips moved before she could, "I'm Ally."

At the sound of her voice, the boy turned. And that's when everything started.

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