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Far From Man's Best Friend

Ally walked cautiously through the Wyldwood with Puck, watching it get darker and darker as they got deeper into the huge forest. Sometimes a random bush would reach out and try to trip her, but she would frown and stomp on it before it managed to grab her ankle. She let out a screech as one of the leafy vines succeeded in tripping her.

"Dammit," She murmured as she rose painfully from the ground. Puck snickered at her, having turned back to see what was the problem. She glared at him, "Oh like you've never done it."

"Funny story," He replied with a self-righteous smirk, "I haven't."

"Bull," She pushed passed him as he laughed.

He hurried to catch up, "Pretty bold of you to take the lead, seeing as you have no clue where we're going and this forest is full of things that would just love it if human was on the menu."

She stopped for a second, her cheeks flushing as she realized he was right, and crossed her arms. Glaring at him she nodded for him to go forward. He looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh, and a little embarrassed smile found its way onto Ally's mouth. "Shut up and walk." He took the lead once again and she stared between his shoulders, watching as he folded his hands behind his head, elbows sticking out into open space like his overgrown ears. She reached up and touched the point of her ears again, biting her lip. She really didn't know what to think about this. Maybe it would be easier to just stay home and forget about it, she didn't really go out much anyway, so it wouldn't be hard to hide the pointed ears. One thing was for sure, she had some serious thinking to do.

She ran into Puck's back without realizing he had stopped, and her nose throbbed as she pulled away. He gave her a curious look over his shoulder, and she stuck out her tongue, nursing her surely soon-to-be-bruised nose. "Someone's here." He murmured to her cautiously, as if not to disturb the world around him.

Ally straightened and tensed, searching the area around them for anything unusual. Hell, what was she thinking? Everything was unusual about the Nevernever. A loud yawn sounded from somewhere above her followed by a voice, stating in a bored tone, "It seems both Fey and humans alike share the irritating habit of stating the painfully obvious." Ally squealed and turned to hold onto Puck, terrified by the closeness of the voice.

Puck stiffened, obviously shocked by her sudden hold on him. He recovered enough to say in a shaky voice, "No need to have a heart attack, Al, it's just the cat." He turned his red face away as she pulled back, equally embarrassed. What the hell was her problem?

"T-the cat?" She asked trying to act nonchalant and failing terribly.

"Yes. I am a cat. Up here, human." Ally raised her eyes to the trees, and saw that a large dark cat was perched comfortably on a branch that was closer to the ground.

"Well hello, Grim. I was just thinking we needed an infuriating fur ball right about now. Looks like my prayers have been answered." Puck leaned against a tree and stared up at the cat, smirk in place. "Al, this is Grimalkin, the insufferable know-it-all cait sith that inhabits these parts of the Nevernever. And by 'these parts' I mean wherever the hell he wants."

Ally stared wide-eyed at the cat. The only time she'd seen a talking cat was as a child when she watched Alice and Wonderland. "Um, n-nice to…meet you?" She said uncertainly.

"I wish I could say the same, human." He replied in a dull monotone, licking his front paws.

"About as charming as me, isn't he?" Puck chuckled, green eyes finding Ally's. She rolled her eyes and stayed silent, wondering if she should bother to feel offended by this cat. It seemed as if he acted this way all the time. "So what is it you want, cat?"

"I was in Deidre's debt, and she called me to watch over you two. I am supposed to see to it that neither of you gets eaten and/or maimed." He yawned before adding, "With you here, Goodfellow, I see I will not be allotted any time for napping."

Puck grinned deviously, "Of course you will, Grim. Just know that I can't promise you won't wake up shaved." At that Grimalkin pinned his ears back and glared at Puck with big yellow eyes.

"I suggest we get moving, Goodfellow, lest we be so lucky as to draw the attention of something that could shut you up for good." He said before pouncing onto the ground and going on ahead. Puck snickered in Ally's direction and she gave him a slight smile, shaking her head and moving to follow the cat.

They traveled for what seemed like hours, till Ally's legs were pretty much the consistency of Jell-O. Puck was whistling absently, smiling at any bird that hopped out to see what the noise was. When she stumbled for the fifth time over absolutely nothing but air, Puck caught her gently by the arm and turned to Grimalkin's still retreating figure. "Hey, Grim! Let's take a break, yeah?"

The cat turned swiftly and padded back to where they stood, sitting down in front of them and scratching behind one ear, "It matters not to me, but I will not be finding shelter. I will leave that to you, Goodfellow." The ginger rolled his eyes and nodded. The large black cat disappeared into the bushes, probably finding something to eat for himself, and Puck turned to Ally, who was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. He grinned and turned his back, crouching down for her to climb on.

"C'mon then, sleepyhead." He chuckled as Ally situated herself comfortably on his back. He stood and continued on, but Ally didn't last much longer, the rocking of his steps lulling her into a deep, undisturbed sleep.

The crackling of a fire was what brought Ally to, albeit reluctantly. She stretched on the ground before sitting up and stretching one more time. She reached up to fix whatever mess her hair might be in and settled finally for just tying it up. Looking around, she found she was in a cave, and Puck sat with his back to her, cooking something over a fire. She stood and brushed herself off before making her way slowly over to him. He looked up at her as she sat beside him, yawning. She saw it was a rabbit over the fire, and it smelled good.

"Hey, a guy that can cook. Now that's something you don't see every day." She smirked at him.

He grinned at her, "Yeah well in the Nevernever it's kind of a given." He replied nudging her playfully with his shoulder. "Don't make fun of me, you're the one who's a mom at seventeen."

Ally snorted and poked at the fire absently with a stick that was sitting in between them. "Yeah, yeah, get a job."

"I happen to have one, thank you." He said proudly.

"Mhm, one that you rarely do. Does Oberon usually stay mad at you for this long?" She giggled.

Puck scratched the back of his head, "You have no idea." He let out a short breath of a laugh and reclined back onto his hands. They sat that way for a bit, in comfortable silence, before Grim trotted in, a plump rat between his teeth, size greater than that Ally had ever seen or heard of. She shivered, wondering how close he had been when he had caught it. He sat it down a little ways away from the fire and began gnawing on the thing, and Ally turned her head a bit so she wouldn't have to see.

A while later, Puck took the rabbit from the fire and cut it into smaller pieces with one of his daggers, splitting it up for himself and Ally, who thanked him and took small, tentative bites of the dead animal.

She looked out into the night, the Wyldwood was darker than she'd ever been awake to see. "How long was I out?" She asked Puck when she'd finished her meal.

"Just some hours. Not very long, it can get dark pretty quick around here." He replied from a comfortable pose on his back, one arm acting as a pillow under his head. "We're still thinking about turning in for the night, though. The Wyldwood is a hundred times more dangerous at night, and while it usually wouldn't worry me…you're here. It would be considerably more difficult to travel with a half-human who barely knows anything about this place, no offense." Ally shook her head as if to say none taken, and continued to stare out into the night. Every once in a while she'd think she saw something staring back at her, but whatever it was always disappeared before she could figure out if it was her imagination or something more. She shivered, remembering what had happened the last time she'd felt that, and finally she turned her attention back to Puck, who didn't switch his gaze to the flames quite fast enough.

His cheeks were turning red, as if he knew he'd been caught, and Ally smiled a bit. "What is it?" She asked, not about to let him off the hook again.

"Nothing," He murmured, obviously flustered.

"Oh come on, you never tell me anything." She pried, taking his sleeve in both hands and rocking back and forth to annoy him.

"Actually, if you look back, you'll find it is quite the contrary." He replied with a smile, still looking into the fire. "Here's another thing to put on the list of things I've told you: That means if you really think about it, I've told you loads."

Ally grinned and did not cease her rocking. "Come on, Puck. What were you staring for?"

"If you even have to ask then I must say I over-estimated your intelligence, human." A very irritated cait sith said from a back corner of the cave.

Puck let out a cough and sat up, "Come now, let's not disturb the kitty, Al."

Oh no you don't. Ally thought, not quite getting Grim's comment. "That ship has long since sailed, Goodfellow." The cat replied, curling into a tighter ball, as if that would block out their voices.

"Just tell me," Ally murmured, resting her chin on his shoulder so that she was insanely close to his ear. She grinned as she watched the pointed tip of said ear turn a bright red.

He shrugged her off with a chuckle, "Get outta here. You are a regular every-day creep, you know that?"

"Don't change the subject." Ally said.

"Well, I'm going for a midnight stroll. Why don't you take another nap, Al? You look rather tired." Puck stood, stretched, and hurried his ass out of the cave.

Ally was right on his tail, determined as ever. "Tellmetellmetellme!" She rushed after him, hearing a sigh from Grimalkin as she exited the cave's mouth.

"Oh for the love of- go back into the cave!" Puck rolled his eyes and flicked her playfully between hers.

She frowned, "I will if you tell me."

He traveled a little farther into the brush outside, and Ally was a bit tempted to just leave him be, but her stubbornness wouldn't allow it. She followed him, "You had something on your face." He snorted and backed up a bit more. Right into a tree. "Shit." He murmured.

She cornered him a sly smile on her face. She stood on her tiptoes so they were face to face but lost her balance and just barely caught herself on the tree. They were closer than she had ever meant for, noses almost touching and breaths mingling. She froze, he froze, and Ally was left with a what the hell were you thinking? moment. She hardly noticed him leaning his face closer until (A/N: and here you guys go. Finally.) a loud cracking sound in the bushes sounded, breaking them apart with looks like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar. (HA! Just kidding ;D –hides from potential flying objects-) A huge raccoon darted out of the bushes near the two like a bat out of hell, disappearing into different bushes as fast as it appeared.

Puck cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck in a way that would make someone think he needed to get checked for fleas, "We should probably head back." He murmured.

Ally drew in a shaky breath, "Yeah…we should." Slowly and awkwardly, the two headed back in the direction of the cave. It took longer than Ally expected it would to get back, but then she hadn't been paying attention to how far they had been traveling on the way into the trees. She was surprised, with her leading, that they had made it back at all.

Behind her, Puck's footfalls stopped, and he called out a quiet, "Al, wait." She turned slowly, her heart beating a mile a minute, having not really calmed down from that almost-kiss. Well, she couldn't really pretend to herself that she didn't know what was going on between them now, could she? How awkward would this be the rest of the trip? She had no idea what was coming, consumed in her frantic thoughts, until he was right upon her. His lips held no hesitancy, pressing hard against hers. He was…good. Ally's arms found their way around his neck, pulling her up onto her toes, and one hand fisted in fiery hair. Strong, lean arms snaked around Ally's waist and pulled her against him. She moved the hand that wasn't in his hair to his shoulder, squeezing as he bit her lower lip lightly. Well…maybe things wouldn't be so awkward after all.

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