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Author: Alleycat

Story: Roulette

Clare reluctantly agrees to go to Roulette with Alli and her new boyfriend Drew. There she meets the owner's son Eli, who is as mysterious and confusing as he is attractive. EC

Hi! I'm Alleycat and I am super nervous lol.

Before you read there are some things you should keep in mind:

I've never written a Degrassi fic so I'm probably horrible at it

While I love Clare and Eli, I'm not the biggest and most loyal watcher so I'll probably screw up the characterization. Though my Eli is supposed to be a little different…

So why am I doing this at all? Who really knows except that I just saw the recent episode and I am dying because I love Eli and I love Clare and I want them together. And it's like they JUST got back together…leave them alone please. Dallas go the eff away, seriously. Katie does not like you and neither does Clare. Lol I'll stop now.

So please just give it a try…

You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now, here he comes

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus

~ The Killers "When You were Young"

"That is it," Alli screamed and she ripped the blanket off Clare's bed. She neglected to turn on the lights before she stormed in because she wanted to catch her off guard. "It has been a month. Honestly, you are starting to stink."

"Leave me alone," Clare moaned and tried to grab the comforter back in vain. "I'm going back to bed."

"No, we're going out." Alli corrected. "You have a half hour to shower before I bathe you myself."

Clare thought about refusing. She really did. She spent one-third of her time allotment figuring a way out. They had this argument every Friday and Saturday since the incident. This incident involved K.C., her one and only ex-boyfriend, and his betrayal in the form of one very pregnant ex-friend.

Maybe she was tired of moping but Clare finally acquiesced. Their apartment filled with Alli's squeals of triumph which immediately made her review the decision. If she was already this annoying then going out would only make it ten times worse.

"You got your hair cut," Alli noticed after she barged into their shared bathroom.

Clare resisted the urge to lecture her about boundaries once again. Her friend was a genius but sometimes she just didn't get it.

"I needed a change," She told her and ran her hands through her shortened, wet strands. She tried to ask her where they were going but Alli grabbed the blow dryer and went to work.

"It's a club," She answered after an hour of blowing and curling. "This new Clare looks hot."

"B-but we're not 19," Clare stuttered. When she agreed she thought they would go to their old hangouts not an actual club. Plus, she was a horrible dancer.

"Don't worry about that," Alli assured her. "I happen to know the owner's son's best friend's brother. He's gorgeous."

"I should have known," Clare muttered to herself. Of course it was about a boy. Her best friend probably didn't even want to help her get over K.C; she just didn't want to go by herself. "I'm not going."

Alli scoffed. "I did not spend the last hour fixing you up for you to spend the night in your bed. I laid out an outfit on your bed now go get dressed."

"This is a lot of black," Clare complained through her closed-door but dressed anyway. The short sleeve black dress was her usual style but a little tighter and shorter than she preferred. The front had a white bow at her neck and a splicing lace decoration. The black pumps were high but still modest.

"It's the dress code," Her best friend said as she appeared in her doorway. She was wearing a black leather miniskirt and a black button up. "You must wear black."

Clare's nose scrunched up. "This place sounds weird."

"It will be fun," Alli argued and laughed at her expression. "It's not a cult or anything like that. Drew will be with us so we'll be safe regardless."

Clare was not convinced but gave up anyway. She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes when he showed up late in a sports car. She was able to fake a smile when Alli introduced her to the new boy toy. Drew Torres was good-looking, tan, and muscular. He didn't seem to have a lot going on upstairs but to be fair Alli's giggles were not conducive to stimulating conversation.

When they arrived, the club was as creepy as Clare expected. There was a long line around the brick building and the word Roulette in red above the entrance. Alli barely noticed the line as they walked passed but Clare couldn't help but feel subconscious next to the black and bare skin.

She could feel their judgment and so she hid by Alli as they waited to get in.

Drew gestured to the pair and whispered something in the bouncer's ear but Clare couldn't make it out over the music coming from inside the club. She was pleasantly surprised by the decor once they got inside. The furniture was black and modern. She especially liked the red chandeliers which lent an eerie feel to the dark bar.

"Wow," Alli muttered to her.

"I second that," Clare agreed, feeling even more out-of-place.

"The dance floor is on the second floor," Drew explained, acting as an impromptu tour guide. "The restrooms are over there. Would you like to dance or get a drink first?"

"I'll take a water," She shouted ignoring Alli's glare.

Drew looked at her weirdly.

"We'll both have a vodka and cranberry." She told him instead and pinched Clare when she opened her mouth to argue.

"But I don't want to drink, we're underage." Clare explained once he left.

Alli pouted. "One won't kill you."

Clare shook her head. "I'm at least getting myself a water."

After Alli reluctantly agreed, Clare went to the bar on the opposite side of the room. Drew already thought she was weird; she didn't want to seem even stranger by ordering water next to him.

"What can I get you?" A pretty girl with curly brown hair asked as she wiped the bar.

"A water please," Clare half-shouted.

Her eyes narrowed. "You want a water?"

Clare nodded slowly wondering what the big deal was. The girl grinned and came back holding the bottle out. She looked beyond her and stiffened before refusing to take her money.

"It's on the house," She explained. "The name's Bianca by the way."

"Clare," She told her.

"I have a feeling I'll be seeing you around here more often," She told her cryptically before paying attention to a new customer.

"The weirdest thing happened to me," Clare started but didn't have time to finish as Alli dragged her to the dance floor.

She resisted as best she could but still ended up on the dance floor. She felt terribly awkward as the pulse of bodies moved to the beat and Alli danced effortlessly. Clare moved hesitantly but stopped when she saw Alli giggle.

"It's not funny," She protested.

Alli began moving crazy and before she knew it, Clare felt comfortable dancing. It was times like these that she remembered why Alli was her best friend. They danced for a few more songs before returning to Drew.

"Nice moves," He commented and she was immediately embarrassed.

"Adam didn't tell me you would be here," A deep voice said behind them and the three turned around. "With guests too, what a surprise."

Judging by the stranger's facial expression, it was obviously not a pleasant surprise. His face became neutral as he looked at Clare.

"Hey man," Drew said uneasily. "There was a change of plans. This is Alli and her friend Clare."

Clare smiled shyly at the newcomer who had yet to take his eyes off her. She bit her lip in nervousness.

He looked like he was made for a place like this. His dark hair was swept to the side, his eyes intense (the low lights made it hard for her to see the exact color), with a black outfit made him devastatingly handsome. He was Edward Cullen with a bite. He was an effortless Gerard Way. He was beautiful in a way that made her jealous and sexy in a way that scared her.

His lips, however, threw her off; they were plump and moving.

With a jolt, she realized it was because he was talking. It was then she noticed both Alli and Drew were looking at her too. He must have asked her a question and she had to think quickly.

"Huh," She blurted out.

He smirked. "I said I like your dress."

She looked down at the feminine dress and realized he was making fun of her. There was no way he liked it. "I'm sure it comes in your size."

He quirked an eyebrow. "White bows aren't really my thing."

"Too bad," She teased, feeling herself flirt for the first time since K.C. It was new and weird.

"Come with me," He demanded suddenly and took a step closer, completely ignoring the other two.

She glanced at her Alli, helpless. "I can't leave my friend."

"Then you can all come," He sneered before turning around and striding off.

"What was that?" She asked Alli as they followed the mysterious man. Drew immediately followed the man but the girls were hesitant.

"I have no idea but he wants you." She responded with a laugh.

Clare's nerves increased as they walked up a bunch dark stairs with black walls. She slipped a hand into Alli's as they climbed for comfort. It opened to a long hallway with a large man guarding a door. The mysterious man didn't even glance at him as walked through the door. Clare gripped her hand as they followed.

"Clare," said the man. "Sit here."

Before she could respond Alli pushed her and disappeared into the other corner of the black room with Drew. Clare resisted the urge to roll her eyes: typical Alli. She sat down on the red leather couch and watched the man sit next to her. She glanced behind them and saw a glass wall that over looked the dance floor.

"How old are you," He asked drawing her attention away.

She avoided his eyes. "N-nineteen."

He sighed loudly. "Let's try this again Clare Edwards and answer like I am the son of the owner of this club."

She met his eyes and gulped. "I'm not quite nineteen."

"Ah," He nodded and leaned back, laying his arm on the back of the couch. He was the picture of leisure. "Just a year o-"

"Are you going to call the police?" She interrupted, unable to handle his stare or the suspense.

"Normally, I would."

She perked up. "Normally?"

He laughed, a rich and attractive sound. "Yes, normally. Roulette could get in a lot of trouble."

Clare fidgeted when he didn't continue. "And?"

"You don't belong in a place like this." He touched the small bow at her neck as proof. "I wouldn't dare reward your courage with punishment."

She felt embarrassed that once again she stuck out. It wasn't like she wanted to go to the club but telling her she didn't fit in was still hurtful. She tried to hide her reaction.

"You have pretty eyes," He told her, his expression neutral but his eyes saying something she couldn't understand.

Clare blushed, her earlier insecurity forgotten. "Thank you."

He watched her for a minute. "What do not quite 19 year olds do these days?"

"How old are you," She asked instead. The way he talked made him sound older but he looked like he was in his early 20's.


She laughed, unimpressed.

He smirked. "I know it's shocking."

"Mr. Goldsworthy," A woman with a clipboard snapped and the two jumped. "I have looked for you everywhere."

"Obviously not," He muttered and Clare giggled. When the woman glared at her, she shrunk behind him.

She tapped her clipboard with manicured nails. "I need your confirmation on the order. Adam told me he saw you heading up here with people which I obviously knew was untrue as you are unsocial. I stand corrected."

He rolled his eyes. "I prefer the phrase selective interaction Ms. Coyne."

She held her hand up. "I don't have time for your convoluted explanation; we need to get to the office."

He sighed dramatically and glanced at Clare. "I am afraid that duty calls."

"How arduous," Clare mocked and stood when he did.

He smirked at her, an expression fast becoming her favorite. "Goodbye Clare not-quite-19 Edwards."

She watched him walk away feeling helpless. She didn't want him to leave but she didn't know what she could say to stop him. "I'll…uh see you around," She called, immediately feeling like an idiot.

The pair stopped and turned.

He stared at her and her nerves increased.

"Guess you will," He responded after a minute of silence before leaving the room completely.

"What was that?" Alli asked coming up from behind.

Clare shrugged, just as lost.

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