Lookie lookie what I pulled out of a hat! It's a vampire bunny! See its fangs?

Anyways, this is the sequel to the fics in the Uncontrollable 'verse: Uncontrollable and Love in the Shadows. A book in the Sookie Stackhouse series actually inspired this fic.

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If You Only Knew- Chapter One: X Marks the Spot

Palm City's security business ARK was the best out there, according to the citizens. The employees were welcome—especially the head himself, Peter Fleming. Everyone was treated like a great big family there, which was another thing that the citizens loved so much. When a tragedy such as murder struck and it involved one of them, it was never easy for ARK, or its other crew members.


Eleanor Roberts was one of newer members in the family. Despite this, she still fit in rather well. Peter Fleming was rather fond of her fast typing capabilities and her friendly phone voice. The boys did all the heavy lifting, sure, but she had the brain power that made the heavy lifting possible. Needless to say, she was an asset to ARK Corporation and everyone in Palm City knew that.

When the newbie began walking to her car one night, though, she had the oddest sense that someone was either following her at a distance, or was watching her from a distance. It gave her the creeps, to say the least, but she kept walking.

However, as her steps grew quicker and louder, she heard another set of feet following her as quickly and loudly as her own. She barely even got to reach for the pocket knife in her purse before she was snatched from behind and smashed up against the wall, where she was drained completely by at least five different sets of fangs.

No one wanted to believe that vampires existed in Palm City. The truth was, though, they were very real and they wanted to be known for what they can and will do.

*End Flashback*

Vince Faraday, despite living with a vampire, still tried to live a human life. He still held his job with the PCPD. And, really, he did just fine with the whole thing. Sure, there were times that he had to call in sick so he could let his wounds heal, but his girlfriend had no problem with forging a doctor's signature and could easily do so, given her computer skills. He didn't have to take too long out of work, anyway. Since Vince was Jamie's consort, the vampire blood that he had been exposed to did wonders with making the puncture wounds and scratches disappear within a day. Most of the time the wounds that were the most noticeable, were made when he had the time for them to heal.

When he got the call to investigate Roberts' untimely murder, luckily what hadn't healed over from his and his girlfriend's recent... endeavor was easily hidden under his clothes. And while Jamie wasn't very happy to get interrupted by her human's work yet again, she knew that there wasn't much else that she could do.

The vampire whined just a little bit as the cop hung up with his partner at the PCPD. She hated it when he had to be taken away from her, especially when she wanted to cuddle and nibble on his shoulder…

"I'm sorry about this, baby," Vince melded his lips with the brunette's a few more times, which only made it even harder to say goodbye. "But you know how work is. When I gotta go, I gotta go."

"I know," Jamie sighed, despite how useless it was. "Will you be home later?"

"Depending on how much we can do today," the human kissed his girlfriend's temple as he sat up in their bed. "This isn't like CSI where everything is done in the time-slot that the show runs for."

"Will you wake me up if I'm asleep when you get home?" the newborn vampire asked, a pout playing at her lips.

Vince pecked at the pouty lips in front of him, grinning against them rather goofily. "I promise. Unless you look so peaceful that I think that you'll bite me if I try to wake you up…"

"What? I thought you liked it when I bite you?" Jamie teased with a little smirk.

"Oh I do. But you might not let me go if I try to wake you up," the cop chuckled heartily, to which he gave his girlfriend a rather lengthy kiss.

"Then I'll just stay up and wait for you. Sound good?" the brunette smiled back at her human.

"Sounds great. I love you," Vince whispered down at her before reluctantly leaving her side.


Vince arrived at the crime scene about ten minutes later, still wishing that he was back at home, in bed with his lovely girlfriend. He headed over to the other on-call cops as they looked for evidence around the corpse. What they all noticed was how clean the body was—as far as blood left behind goes. The only telltale signs left of a murder was puncture wounds on both sides of her neck; each wound overlapped another one, forming an X on her neck.

"It looks like she was bitten by something. But… whatever did it meant for it to form like that. No animal could make the bite marks that clean," Chief Ross began, shaking his head as he and the other cops studied the scene with a grave expression.

The blue-eyed cop didn't even need to look at the puncture wounds for more than five seconds before he knew what she died from. Those were definitely vampire fang impressions. He knew that his girlfriend couldn't have done it; he was with her during the time that Miss Roberts was murdered. But Vince could have sworn that she was the only vamp in Palm City. Or at least that was what Jamie told him… Had she lied to him about that? He could only hope that she didn't know about the other vampires…

"I think I got an idea of what happened here. But, for this to work, I need a pretty small team. For now, I'm just going to get information. I'll call if I find anything that could put a break in the case," Vince added, taking one quick look back at the body.

The other cops exchanged confused glances, but didn't deny his request. He knew that they would be there when he needed back-up, no matter what.

Though, how they were going to catch a group of vampires was beyond Vince. There were still many mysteries about vampires. Did they even carry fingerprints? And, even if they did, the records would show that they were indeed dead. There was no way possible to pin a murder against a member of the undead, especially one as witty as a vampire. But, of course, no one in Palm City believed that vampires co-existed with them, so they wouldn't believe the PCPD anyway if they claimed that their suspects were vampires.

As the curly blonde cop plopped down in the driver's seat of his car once again, he was clearly stumped on what to do. It would have helped if he had the others, but there was no way in hell that they would believe him.

Vince started his truck up, thinking to himself that the best bet was to go home and talk to Jamie about it. If these were vampires that he was dealing with, who was better to talk to than his own undead girlfriend?


The brunette vampire in question was in the midst of being a human girl for once and painting her nails dark red. She was rather fond of the color, and not just because it reminded her of blood. When her boyfriend came into the room, she didn't even bother looking up. He was a little worried that that meant she was pissed off at him for some reason, but he decided to plop down into bed next to her anyways.

"You're home early," she began with a tiny little smile. Not that she was going to complain about it.

"Yeah," Vince brought her chin into the palm of his hand and pulled her a little closer to kiss her. "Painting your nails, huh?" he asked, chuckling heartily as she wiggled her newly polished fingers at him.

"I was bored waiting for you to come back home. Nothing's worth watching on TV, I finished reading, and I couldn't think of anything to get into on the computer," Jamie slumped her shoulders and sighed uselessly again.

"Well now I'm home," the blue-eyed cop wrapped an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder and gave her another few kisses. "And I've gotta talk to you about something."

The vampire gave her human another one of those looks. "You know, the last time that you said that was when you told me that you loved me for the first time. Now I'm a little worried about what you've gotta say now."

"There's been a murder. One of your father's employees, actually. But… Jamie, the strangest thing was that her neck was covered with vampire bites. And she was passed around too. One set of fangs was overlapping the next in the form of an x," Vince stroked a thumb across the brunette's arm, his eyes meeting with hers as he explained this to her.

Jamie's eyes grew wider at that moment; clearly she knew who he was talking about. "Vince, those vampires are bad news. I've never met them, but I know other vampires that have."

"Great. How am I gonna tell the other cops that we've got a couple vampires on the loose?" her boyfriend let out a rough sigh. "You know that they're not going to believe me."

"There's no need in telling them, anyways. A vampire can't get caught for a murder; no fingerprints, a death certificate? You'll look like you're insane or covering up for somebody," the vampire cringed at the thought of those vampires. She had lied to Vince about not knowing them; she was sired by one of the five vamps and they tried to teach her all the wrong things. If they found out that her boyfriend knew too much… well, Jamie didn't want to find out what would happen then. They would already flip out with her being in love with a human. Especially since she had no intention of turning him…

"Well, what am I supposed to do? Lead the other cops to someone innocent?" Vince asked, not liking the fear that he saw in his girlfriend's eyes.

"I don't know, Vince. I'm not the cop here. All I know is that those vampires are not to be messed with. And if they think that we even suspect them, all hell will break loose," Jamie began worriedly. She let a smile cross her lips as her boyfriend slid his hand into hers, interlocking their fingers rather tightly. For a moment, she was actually able to calm down because of it.

What they were about to deal with wouldn't be easy in the very least. In fact, you might say that it would change them forever.

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