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If You Only Knew- Chapter Eight: Kiss Of Death

Vince looked over at his girlfriend, who had an intense expression on her face as she drove as fast as she could on the freeway. They had already gotten out of Palm City; neither of them knew where they were going, or how long it would take them to get there, but at least they were safe.

After Jamie had to turn her boyfriend, she took that as the final blow. There was just no fighting this anymore. She had been there for a few years anyway, people would start to notice that she never aged. That would be hard to explain, especially if both of them never aged another day in their lives.

The blonde newborn stared out at the full moon with a perplexed frown in place. Is this what they would be doing for the rest of their lives? Constantly looking over their shoulder? Somehow Vince didn't like this plan very much. There had to be a safe place for them, at least for now. He understood that they would be moving a lot now; the younger vampire rested his head against the glass and sighed. There were just so many things that he needed to understand about being a vampire.

"You look a little lost over there, honey," Jamie began, finally breaking the silence, "want to talk about it?"

"I dunno," Vince let out a deep sigh, looking over at his girlfriend. "I just hate the idea of running from a fight. "My dad always taught me better."

The brunette vampire gave him a look. "Vince, look where his words got you. If I hadn't been your sire, I never would have known you were in trouble. You may have went into the belly of the beast, but you died fighting," she reached out for his hand, their fingers entwining gently, "what's the point in being in a fight that you know you can't win?"

Her boyfriend sighed. "I guess you're right, babe," he gently squeezed her hand and pressed a kiss to the backside of it.

"I wish I weren't, believe me," Jamie sighed. "I don't really want to leave California, but I feel like it's our only chance at living in peace."

"Where are we gonna go?" Vince asked, his blue eyes calmly meeting with her careful brown ones.

"Honestly? I have no idea. We'll keep driving, but by sunrise, we have to take cover," the brunette looked back at the road, her eyes hard on the road before her, "Vince, if we have to, we'll go all the way to Chicago."

"I honestly don't mind," Vince kissed her hand again and leaned forward to peck at her lips as they came to a full stop at a red light.

"You don't?" Jamie asked, a tiny smile crawling at her lips.

"Absolutely not. I'm with you. What else could possibly matter?" the undead cop smiled back at her and squeezed her hand reassuringly.


Jamie came out of their hotel room's bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around her, and a second towel drying her long brown hair. Vince sat up from the bed and grinned appreciatively. "And here I thought I was missing out by not getting in the shower with you."

The older vampire rolled her eyes. "Please. You wouldn't have gotten anything done, anyway. That is one small bathroom." She sashayed over to the undead cop, who was starting to lose his ability to think.

Vince spread his legs out so that his girlfriend could clamber on top of him with no problem. "Well, I'm not crying over spilt milk here," he added rather distractedly. His hands went directly to her waist, holding her in place as he kissed her soundly.

Jamie tossed the separate towel to the side and pressed herself thin against his torso, her lips never leaving his.

"Had I ever thanked you for saving my life?" the blonde vampire flipped his girlfriend underneath him, unraveling the towel she was in with his fangs.

The brunette shivered slightly, swiping a tongue across her own fangs as she watched him. "No, I don't believe you have."

Vince grinned as he finally got the towel out of the way, picking his head up to admire her beautiful frame. "Well thank you," he whispered, ducking down to claim her lips again. "You have no idea what having forever with you means to me."

"I think I might have an idea," Jamie smiled, her unnecessary breathing becoming erratic as she began helping her vampire lover out of his pants. Her hands were swift and skillful, and before they knew it, he got to find out just how skilled her mouth could be.

Vince grabbed a fistful of the sheets as he tried to hold on for as long as he could. But damn. Why didn't they do this kind of stuff more often?

She resurfaced just in time for him to finish. That left them both panty and very, very needy.

The younger vamp yanked his shirt off of his head, revealing the wounds that were already starting to heal.

Jamie traced a finger across one of the lacerations on his abdomen. "You're healing pretty good. Are you up for this?"

"I'm not a measly little human, babe," Vince pulled her down again for round two, "I think I'm up to anything dealing with you. Especially in bed," he waggled his eyebrows rather boyishly.

"Vince, just shut up and do your worst," the brunette vampire leaned back against the pillow, throwing her head back slightly as he rammed inside of her. His hands went to work, kneading into her skin as their hips rocked back and forth.


By nightfall that next night, the vampire couple was on the road again. They were pretty sure that the people who had been next door to them knew all about what they had been up to for all of that time. The beet red faces and hushed whispers behind their backs as they walked by said it all. Jamie didn't like that everyone knew her business, but damn did she have a good time that morning.

It was Vince's turn to drive; the brunette vampire had decided that she needed to catch up on her sleep. (But he couldn't really blame her, though; that little woman had some stamina on her… Normally, they were a once, maybe twice a night kinda couple, but that rule was thrown out the window back at the hotel.)

The undead cop looked over at his girlfriend and smiled. He loved her in so many different ways, Vince wasn't even sure of how to count them all. She was beautiful inside and out, and damn was he lucky to have a girl like Jamie Fleming.

They were heading to Chicago, as far as he knew. Jamie loved the snow; if they were lucky, they might just get there in time to see the snow. Vince grinned to himself at the thought. What a present that would be for his girlfriend.

"Vince?" Jamie murmured, her eyes still closed.

"Yeah, Jamie?" Vince called back to her, his hand gently caressing her knee.

"I love you," the brunette replied, a tiny smile growing on her face. "Just felt like I needed to say that."

"No," her boyfriend whispered, "you don't have to say that. I already know it just by staring into those pretty little eyes of yours."

"But they're closed," Jamie pouted, cracking one eye open to look at the undead cop.

"But I know what they look like. I've spent many a night looking into them, haven't I?" Vince asked, grinning like it was some private joke. "And I love you too, Jamie. More than you'll ever know."

"I love you more, so I probably already know," the brunette teased, her hand resting on top of her boyfriend's.

The blonde vampire chuckled to himself. "Are we always going to argue about who loves the other more?"

"We don't need to argue," Jamie yawned, quietly adding, "'cause I know that I love you more."

"Oh I'd love to hear the reasoning to your logic," Vince looked over at her, an affectionate smile reaching his eyes. "Get some sleep; I'll wake you up in a little while."

"Promise?" the brunette vampire pouted again. If that wasn't adorable…

"I promise," her boyfriend told her. "Cross my heart and… Hope that I burn?" Vince made a face. "Okay, so I'll have to work on that."

Jamie cracked an eye open at her lover again, chuckling a bit. "You're such a goofball sometimes, Vince."

"Ssh," the blonde whispered, so desperately wanting to cuddle her until she fell asleep. "Rest, okay? More talk later."

Running away wasn't something Vince was proud of. But his girlfriend was right; if they would have stayed, God knew what would have happened to them. Now, though, they were able to get a second chance. He knew that they were nowhere near the homestretch, but at least they were going somewhere.

For now, it was something.

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