Luigi's Playboy Mansion: The (Unrelated) Side Story to Mario the Super Pimp

It all started when Luigi climbed out of Daisy's asshole and started shitting on her boobs. A.K.A. the day he was born. From that day on he pimped harder than a fat 30 year old black guy on crack. He ALWAYS remembered to beat his hoes until they stopped moving. Actually... it all started after he was polishing his prize collection of 1425 dildos and finished riding his sex slave Mario, who was secretly gay. He then heard a noise downstairs and went to check it out after chaining Mario to his dick so he could carry him down all 150 stairs. When he got downstairs he saw that Bowser smoked all of his weed and forgot to replace it like the dumb ass retarded dead beat he was then passed out. Luigi had to slap him back to life with his dick which still had Mario chained to it so when he started hitting him Bowser started bleeding from Mario's sharp pointy dildo, which he always had with him. Bowser then breathed fire on Luigi and Mario which made all of their arms and legs fall off and Mario died but more importantly their penises melted off. This made Luigi angry so he ripped off Bowser's dick and shoved it up Mario's dead butt hole.

Daisy then ran into the room and screamed "WHAT KIND OF BUTTFUCKERY IS GOING ON IN THIS WHORE HOUSE?!"


"I'm SO-RY!" said Daisy as she ripped off all her clothes and shoved Luigi's dick up her butt.

"Good. Let's ride." said Luigi as he got on his motorcycle and rode down main street with Daisy still on his dick. Several old people fainted and a few had heart-attacks as they drove to Peach's to get a new dick Luigi and a new gay sex slave now that Mario got himself killed like the selfish douche bag he was.