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"Yes father?"

"Rin, have you seen Kagome?"

"No father. Why do you ask?"

Her father scowled and left the room, muttering as he went down the corridor. Rin frowned as she brushed her hair alone in the mirror. She blinked and put the brush down, following him as he went downstairs, still muttering and into his study.

Confused, Rin stood at the door and watched as he unlocked a small box on the desk and held out a small round blue stone with silver around it. Rin blinked. That's the thing Zuri took.

Her father took the stone and held it up to the sunlight. "Demons under my control… submit."

Rin frowned a little but then felt her gut clench painfully all of a sudden and the air was filled with two different male howls. Holding her stomach to ease the pain, Rin stepped forward. "Father… what are you doing?"

"The two young ones have run away. They are on the edge of town."

"Can…" she gasped and held her stomach tighter. "Can't you just let them go?"

"I'll ignore that Rin." He walked over to her and held out the stone. "Even your brother doesn't know about this." He looked at it as the blue leaked with red, like drops of blood. "This binds a demons power. A single drop of blood and we have control over them." He grinned and allowed her to touch it.

It was so cold and made her stomach hurt even more. She retracted her hands and her father smiled, walking back to his desk and locking the stone back up. "Come, I want you to see what it can do."

He held her shoulder and walked her slowly out to the front of the house. She gasped to see all four demons knelt before them, clearly in pain as they shook.

Osano looked at the young two at the edge. "Stand up."

The four did as asked and he walked over to them. "You two… you tried to escape, didn't you?"

Kagome shook and panted, out of breath from running and the pain but InuYasha held his nerve. "Yes sir."


"Be-be-because we…"

"It was my idea."

The lord suddenly looked to the next in line. "What did you say?"

"It was my idea." Sesshomaru repeated, looking the human in the eye. "I told InuYasha about a way he could escape. I gave him the idea and suggested he ran." He nodded once. "It was my idea."

Osano stared at him for a moment. "I will give you once chance to take that back demon. I know they acted alone."

Sesshomaru moved his eyes to the half-brother and the young girl. "No. It was my idea."

"Very well." He walked over to the demon, smiling coldly. "You will regret it. Move it."

His eyes moved from his father to his brother then to the human as she tried to hold herself together, a hand placed calmly over her stomach. He let out a small reassuring smile for her.


Rin continued to cry in her room, trying as hard as she could to stop but it was just too much. The screams echoed in her mind.

They had gone on for hours.

Horrid, blood turning screams.

Sesshomaru had tried to hide his pain but eventually it just was too much and he began to scream.

She could only imagine what he was going through.

Finally, after hours of torture, the screams stopped.

She had no idea what had happened.

Where was he?

How bad was he hurt?

Was he even alive?

With one last sob, she made her way to her feet, grabbed a blanket and walked out of her room, out into the silent dark corridor before heading downstairs as quietly as she could.

A hand on the wall to guild her, she made her way to the kitchen and out the back door. The moon was nothing but a sliver and hardly gave any light but she made her way across the dark garden to where she was told never to go.

Even Sesshomaru had told her never to go near it. But she did.

She went over to the crooked old house at the rear of the house, hidden by trees. She made her way carefully to the door and knocked on the rotten wood softly.

There was whispering from inside then the door was opened. From the light inside, Rin saw InuYasha staring amazed and confused up at her. She tried to smile. "I've come to see Sesshomaru."

Taisho hurried over to the door and looked at her. "My lady… you-you shouldn't be here."

"Please Taisho, I need to see him."

The demon blinked at the address then nodded, stepping to the side, holding InuYasha's shoulder, pulling him back to allow her easy access to their home. She walked in with a nod and looked over to the others in the house, Kagome and… she covered her mouth in gasp and ran over to him, collapsing to her knees.

His face was a mess of bruises and cuts and the rest of his body was neatly bandaged. Hardly any of his body was free of injury. She felt tears well in her eyes as she held his face. "Sesshomaru…"

Kagome gave a loud sob and covered her mouth with her wrist. "This is all my fault. I never should have tried to run away."

InuYasha ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Kagome, how many times, it wasn't your fault!"

Rin looked up at the eldest demon. "How long as he been like this?"

"Since he came back. His wounds had been tended when he was given back to us." Taisho's hand clenched into a fist. "How could do something so stupid? He… he…" his eyes closed as well as he tried to keep himself together. "He could have been killed! THE IDIOT!"

The human looked back at him then slid the blanket off her shoulders and slid it over his body, covering the bandages. She held his cheek and stroked his hair back for a moment. As the tears flowed off her face, she moved her hand to his and lifted it up, holding it to her heart so he could feel the beat.

"Please Sesshomaru, wake up." She shook her head, kissing his fingers. "If not for me…" she moved his hand to her stomach, placing it down flat on her clothes. "Then… for our child."

The other three stared at her, eyes wide.

Taisho shook his head. "You're… you're pregnant?"

Rin nodded, keeping her eyes on Sesshomaru. "I… I realised today. When my father… used that… stone on you… I felt sick… and my stomach hurt. I realised later that… I haven't bled in two months. The reason I was in pain… was because I'm carrying the child of a demon." She lowered her head suddenly. "Taisho… I swear… I will do what I can… and what I have to… so you and your family can be free." She looked up suddenly into the demon's eyes. "And if you will allow me… I wish to come with you, no matter where you're going."

Taisho's eyes softened on her and he nodded once. "I'd… I'd be happy for you to come with us… Rin."

She smiled at him then kissed Sesshomaru's hand again, her tears rolling down onto him. "I know where it is. The stone. The one that controls you." She nodded and looked at him. "I'll find it."

"Thank you Rin. But we can't move him yet. It will take a few days for him to recover."

Rin nodded, serious all of a sudden. "Then we wait." She took a deep breath, brushing his hair back. "When he is well again, when he's able to move… we'll leave. Just run away."

"It will be a hard life Rin."

"As long as I'm with him… I'll be happy."


The Lady Naimi Moegi hummed as she left her needlework and went over to the window. The sun was high in the sky and she looked down to the gardens. The flowers were so beautiful and the grass well looked after. She smiled at the view. So beautiful. She blinked as she saw her daughter hurrying along the path, picking up her skirts as she did.

She watched as she ran up to the stable. Four figures came out, three silver haired and one black haired.

The demons? What's she… the thin woman gasped loudly. Rin had run right into one of the demons, hugging him and holding herself close. The others gathered around her and they spoke for a while before they grabbed her and hugged her then ran into the stable together.

What is going on?

She frowned and hurried around the home to get outside and from there to the garden and back to the stable. She tried to be silent but she heard the demons talking.

"Someone's coming."

"Hurry Kagome!"

"Rin, with me."

Naimi ran the last part to the stable and saw all five of their horses were saddled and the demons ready to leave, her daughter in the lap of the oldest son, her arms around him. Naimi's jaw drop as she looked at them. "What are you doing?"

Rin stared at her then looked away. "I'm leaving mother."


"I'm leaving. With Sesshomaru and the others."

The Lady frowned. "You'll never make it past the edge of town."

She gave a small smile, holding out something. "I have the pendant… Sesshomaru and the others have to do as I say… and I say… they are free."

In her hand, the blue stone shone a bright white before cracking in the middle and falling apart in her grip. The demons smiled and gave a sigh of relief, looking at each other.

Rin's mother stared at her. "Why?"

"Because I don't want to spend another moment here, with you and father… or away from Sesshomaru." Rin narrowed her eyes. "I love him mother and I'm going to have his child, away from here."

"You… you can't!"

She frowned and turned away from her to the demons. "Let's go."

Taisho nodded and tapped the horse on, Kagome and InuYasha following him with the spare two horses. Rin sat with Sesshomaru as the horse tried to follow but was held back. Rin stared at her mother for a moment then turned away. "Come on."

With a soft nod, he wrapped an arm around her waist and trotted past the woman, out to the gardens and galloping to catch up with his family. "Rin…"


"I'm free."

She smiled and hugged him, holding on tight as they rode up to Taisho, Kagome and InuYasha, looking at each other before they head off.


The family of five and a half travelled as far from the Moegi family as they could, even leaving the country to escape them. They had to pretend Rin was their owner for the trip but it worked.

A few more months of travel and it became dangerous for Rin to travel so they found an abandoned house inside a forest, setting down to make it their home.

A month later, Rin gave birth to fraternal twins, a young boy who looked almost identical to his father and a girl who was a spitting image of Rin. They lived in secret, Rin only allowed to go near humans but they lived happily, making the woodcutters home their own, adapting it so all seven were able to live there.

They were free, with those they loved and able to do as they wish.

So they lived happily ever after.

The end

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