Fred grinned. This was going to be fun.

Hermione went to take the pill from Fred's hands but he stopped her and pushed her back gently down onto the bed. "Let me" He said. She opened her mouth and he out the pill on her tongue. "Are you ready 'mione?" Fred asked. She nodded with an excited glint in her eye. Fred was just as excited. He couldn't wait to see the effects. He hoped everything happened like it was supposed to. Before he told her to start chewing, he got off her. She looked disapointed but she soon realized why. Fred pulled the hangings on the bed shut and then cast muffliato so no one would hear them. He stepped back through the curtains around Hermione's bed. Instead of resuming his place on her hips, he sat at the end of the bed. With his wand at the ready in his right hand. "Okay Hermione, enjoy." He said cheekily. He watched with baited breath as she chewed. He watched her swallow and straight away he knew that the product had worked.

As soon as she had swallowed she moaned and the breathed 'Fred'. Fred couldn't contain himself. He waved his want and 4 silk scarves shot out of the tip and secured one of Hermione's arms and legs to each of the four bedposts so her arms and legs were spread wide. Fred knew what Hermione would be experiencing because of the pill. Her most sensitive areas would be giving her more pleasure than she could ever imagine. She was moaning and bucking her hips wildly trying to find some friction against her pussy. Fred sat there rock hard, watching her attempt fail every time. He moved so he was kneeling in between her spread legs. "Please" she panted. He smiled. He slowly glided his hands up her soft legs to her thighs then caressed her inner thighs. This drove Hermione wild. She was moving her hips more now, desperate for friction but unable to move her arms or legs she had to wait until Fred gave her some.

Fred pushed her nighty up and over her breasts. Her breasts were bigger than Fred had imagined and her pussy was wet. Her tore her nighty off and threw it on the floor. She was now completely naked and tied to the bed, begging Fred to thrust his hard cock into her. Because her legs were spread so wide, it opened her up quite a lot. Fred pushed a finger up her soaking pussy. She moaned and half screamed his name and was thrusting hard against his finger. Fred was so turned on, he felt drops of pre cum leaking out of his solid shaft. He removed his finger from Hermione, much to her disappointment but made sure she watched him as he sucked it clean. He unbuckled his pants and threw them on the floor next to her nighty. Now completely naked, He lay on top of Hermione, pushing his leaking cock against her opening, he moaned slightly as he felt her grinding against it. He sucked on each of her breasts in turn, Hermione panting hard as he did so. "Please Fred" she begged. Fred couldn't wait much longer either. He planted kisses from her neck,down her stomach then all the way down, finally placing the last one on her throbbing pussy.

Fred easily thrust his cock into a quivering Hermione. Without wasting anytime she began thrusting against Fred as hard as she could. Fred didn't mind. Several minutes went by filled with panting,screaming and moaning. Most of which came from Hermione. Soon Hermione said "I can't...gonna cum" and Fred felt her tense up then release with more panting. Fred was still going and sped up the thrusts. Hermione started panting again, this pill must be really good. She was going to cum for a second time!

Fred couldn't hold it any more. He screamed Hermione's name and shot his cum into Hermione, straight after Fred felt Hermione tense up for a second time, and she came again just as Fred was pulling out." wow" she breathed, breathless. Fred didn't know what to say. He lay next to Hermione and held her in his arms as the drug wore off. Fred smiled. This was definitely a product that worked. He made a mental note to tell George just how effective it was.

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