I have had this idea for awhile, ok so Tokyo mew mew have lost their powers. The aliens Kisshu, Pai and Taruto are letting 3 new aliens come to take over Earth! Ryou makes 5 mew mews to save the day; that is where I need your help. :D I need some OC to be Mew Mews! ^^ I have the leader her name will be Carly if you are going to ask. I also need 3 alien OC; it would be nice of the aliens' boys. Now here are some rules

1: you can only have 1 OC

2: it has to be a mew or an alien, no alien/mew please! If you want just a human, it will be only a human.

3: mews will only be girls

4: Try to make it… have fun making them up! OC can even be yourself if you want

5: If you are making a mew, the animal, they can't have two mews with the same. No two cats, no two wolfs; none of that

6: The mews will have to have a place. Like Ichigo is the leader, I have Ichigo so I need a Minto, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, Kisshu, Pai, Taruto and Masaya.

7: And last…. Have fun with it! ^^




What are they like:



Hair Color and look:

Eye Color:

Mew, Alien or human:

Animal (If you are a mew):

Mew Name:

Who are you in the anime:

Girl or boy:

Normal Outfit:

Mew Outfit:

Mew Mark:


Weapon attack:



Name: Carly

Age: 13

What are they like: she is bubbly, sweet, kind, loving and caring. In a fight she is mean and scary! Carly can be lazy, sleeps a lot and hates work! She loves helping people, making friends and just having fun.

Likes: candy, cupcakes, friends, helping others, laughing and being a mew

Hates: work, school, people hurting others, being mad and her boss Ryou.

Hair Color and look: a deep brown which looks black. It goes down her back but sometimes she'll put it up in a ponytail.

Eye Color: a deep chocolate hazel

Mew, Alien or human: Mew

Animal (If you are a mew): Sand Cat

Mew Name: Mew Candy

Who are you in the anime: Ichigo

Girl or boy: Girl

Normal Outfit: ripped jean shorts with a pink shirt.

Mew Outfit: a short white dress which rounds her neck to make it hold her pendant. Her boots go up to her knees, the color is a light pink and her garter is a light blue. Her right shoulder shows a small mark; her mew mark

Mew Mark: a small heart in the color pink under her neck.

Weapon: a pair of draggers that can call lighting to kill her enemy.

Weapon attack: Ribbon Lighting Draggers

I hope some people review to give me some mews/aliens/humans for this! XD It would help SO much! I don't own TMM… Or any OC I get because they'll belong to that person; not me. I'll do a small chapter now so review at the end! :) See you soon


It was 4 years after the fight with Deep Blue. Ryou sighed. "We need to," He said to Keiichiro. "I know," He said back. The two friends looked at the computer. "Maybe the girls still have their powers." Keiichiro said smiling a little. "Ok, call them in," Ryou said staring at the data. Keiichiro walks up and calls the mew mews into the lab.

"What is it Ryou?" Ichigo snapped. Minto glared wanting her tea more and more. Lettuce was watching Ryou well Pudding jumped a little. Zakuro was just standing there. "Girls, can you become mew mews still?" Ryou asked facing them. The girls stared. "I don't know," Zakuro said. They yell out the words that made them Mew Mews so many times before to find that they stayed the way they were. Ichigo looked happy. "Now I can be normal and date Aoyama-kun," She smiled. "No, you can't because… aliens are attacking again." Ryou sighed. "WHAT?!" the mews yell. "Kisshu, Pai and Tart are sending a new alien to come here to take over earth. We need you to be mew mews again," Ryou looked worried. "I'm sorry but we can't." Ichigo said sadly. "I wish we could," She added. The other mews nod. "Hey Ryou," He meets Zakuro's eyes. "Could you-…?" She asked. He thought. "I think I may have to." He said sadly. "What?" Ichigo asked. "I think I have to make new mew mews." The girls gasp all but Zakuro.

"Why? Why would you hurt more girls?" Ichigo growled. She wanted no one to have the same fate she had…. Ryou sighed. "I must, for the earth and everyone on it." He turns to the computer and types. Ichigo growled. Minto rolled her eyes. Lettuce had a look of hurt. Pudding smiled. Zakuro was being Zakuro. "New Mew Mews," Pudding smiled happily. Ryou presses the button and the red light goes looking for the 5 girls who would become the new Tokyo Mew Mew! Everyone but Pudding sighed sadly for them.

I can't really call that a chapter…. But hey, you know! I'll update when I get at least my mew Minto. :D I need her the most people. So review and I'll write more. Also I'm going to camp tomorrow, I'll be back Friday so I guess this is good bye…. :(