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Last time~

"Please, you're my world! You are tattooed in my heart
and nothing can tear our souls apart!" Jakku said.

Carly know she heard that before, then it clicked. "J?" She asked staring at him.

"Hey Kitten," Jakku blushed.


Carly stared with wide eyes at the alien. "H-how?" She asked.

Jakku looked down. He wasn't really good at this so he takes a glop of air. "Well…. Carly… You see…" He started. Carly stared. Did he just call me Carly? She thought. He blushed deeper as he tried to talk. "I am… J because… I … wanted… to tell… you what… I feel….. You just… don't… listen…." He said.

Carly jumped into his arms. She starts to sob. "Oh Jakku," She sobbed for the alien boy; she didn't do it because she was a mew well he was an alien.

Jakku jumped a little but holds Carly close. The two stands together holding each other close. They didn't say anything because they liked just the sound of their hearts racing and Carly's light sobs. Still, Jakku didn't know what to say, how to tell her what was going on, that he loved her and she wasn't some toy. The teens stay like this till Carly's mother yelled, "LIGHTS OUT CARLY!"

"OK MOM! NIGHT!" Carly yelled, she looked at Jakku sadly. She got onto her tip-toes and kissed him. Carly willingly kissed Jakku and he kissed back sweetly. "Jakku, I'm sorry… I can't… not tonight…" Carly said as Jakku pulled back for them to breath.

Jakku looked hurt but remembered the dairy. "Ok, but remember I love you," He kissed her again. "Have sweet dreams and I'll see you tomorrow." He kissed her lips on last time before teleporting away.

Carly blushed. "Night" She climbed into her warm bed and dreamed about Jakku.


Carly woke up the next morning happy, last night was amazing and it made her have butterflies in her belly. She giggled quietly as she got up and walked to her dressers. Her PJ top puts on a bra and puts on her dress. She smiled into the mirror, after talking to Jakku, she looked more like herself! "Yay," She said taking off her PJ bottoms and added them to the top. "Now, I got to eat." She said. With her hair in a pony tail, the mew runs to her mom to find a note, not her parents.



Your father and I had to go for awhile for work, don't worry, you'll be fine, love you lots!



Carly groaned, what was she going to do now? The mew runs to school and found that everyone was watching her. She blushed and keeps walking. Some girl runs up to her. "Hey, are you Carly Suzuki?" She asked.

Carly looked at her funny. "Yeah why?" She asked.

The girl smiled at her. "You're Will's girlfriend right?"

"No, I'm not. I don't like Will, he's an ass hole." Carly said.

The girl stared at her with wide eyes. "How can you say that? Will is amazing!"

Carly growled. "Who are you?!" She snapped.

"Call me Mia, I'm looking for you and everyone's wondering the same thing, well I am," Mia said. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Carly stared at her. "Walk with me." Mia said as they walked. "We'll talk over some tea at Café Mew Mew." Mia said.

Carly nodded once. WHAT THE HELL?! She thought. "Ok," The girls walked into the café, they sit down. "Ok what's up?" She asked.

Mia sighed. "You know very well, you're an alien."

WHAT?! Carly thought. "WHAT?!" She yelled. "I'M NOT AN ALIEN!" She yelled.

Mia holds up her hands. "Whatever, I'm just asking. Well, I'm off, can't be late for class!" And Mia runs off.

Carly growled and runs super fast to class, she just makes it. Why did she ask if I was an alien? She wondered all day.


When Cary got to the café, she found that Ryou was waiting for her. "What?" She asked.

Ryou sighed. "I heard you, why did someone ask you if you were an alien." Ryou asked.

Carly sighed. "I don't know! She just did!" She growled. She hated Ryou SO much. Why was he asking her anyway? "Why?" The mew asked.

"Because Ryou found that there may be something real wrong, and we mew mews can't take it." Carly looked to find Scarlett and Mai standing there, must have been Scarlett who said it but Mai sighed. "Carly, are you ready to go and fight?" Mai asked. It was Mai who spoke.

Scarlett nodded. "Yeah, are you?" She asked.

Carly stared and blanked. "Yes why?" She asked. She would fight to her very last breathe if she had to. "What's going on?" Carly asked.

Ame and Fuyuka walked into the room looking sad. "Nothing Carly-san just…"

"The aliens are attacking and they're poisoning the air." Ryou said for Ame.

Carly was taken aback. "W-what?" She asked.

Ryou nodded. "You heard me right, Jakku, Emiko, Yumiko and Fai are ready to kill the human race; again." He said.

Carly's heart hurt. Jakku's going to try and kill me? WHY DIDN'T I SEE THIS COMING?! Why? Why…? She wondered as tears started to roll down her cheeks. "Get ready… Mew Candy," Ryou said.

Carly nodded. She yelled the words with her team and they become Sweet Candy Mew Mews. "For all of Earth's people, I'll be of service Nya~!" Mew Candy said. The mew mews start to run off to where the aliens where attacking…

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~With Jakku~

"We can't! Not yet!" Jakku cried as the group all go to a different tree.

Emiko growled. "Yes we do! Shadow Black said so, so we are!" Emiko snapped.

Jakku didn't like it, it was freaking him out. "Please,"

"NO! GET TO YOUR TREE!" Emiko snapped and Jakku teleported off to 'his' tree.

Jakku sighed lightly as he sits on the base of the tree. I'm sorry Kitten-chan, I love you. He thought. Right then Mew Candy comes running; alone. "Jakku!" she growled.

"Hey Kitten…." Jakku whispered.

Mew Candy couldn't even look at him, she was MAD. "Whatever." She growled. She looked to the dying tree and the maybe end of Tokyo then the world. "How could you?" Mew Candy asked quietly. Her heart longed for Jakku to say he wasn't trying to kill the human race but he was and it killed her on the inside.

Jakku heard her and he sighed. "I had too." He said.

Mew Candy faced him with tears running down her cheeks. "You idiot!" She yelled. "You didn't have to! Was all that you said a lie? I can't take it! I love you! THERE! I SAID IT! I LOVE YOU!" She yelled. She turned and faced the tree. "I love you…" Mew Candy whispered one last time before running to the tree.

"CARLY!" Jakku cried.

She was going to die. Mew Candy yelled the words of magic, and her body goes into a white light and her eyes close from the pain.

"CARLY PLEASE!" Jakku cried. Tears start to roll down his cheeks thinking about the cold body of Carly. "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!" He yelled.

Mew Candy wouldn't listen as the other mews help her and they save the world! She falls to the ground breathing heavy. Her hand on the tree, she thought about Jakku, why was he crying? Didn't he not like her? Wasn't it a lie? Her tail falls in between her legs. "Why did you try to kill the humans?" Mew Candy asked hurting badly.

Jakku stared at the mew. "Because I had to," He said.

Mew Candy faced him looking sad, mad, confused and hurt, very hurt. "Why do you think you have to?" She asked.

The alien didn't say anything at first but he looked like he was thinking, he was. "I had to because if I didn't I would be killed." Jakku hides his face.

Mew Candy looked at him before crying harder. "Oh Jakku, what are we going to do?" She asked. She walks up to him and makes him look her in the eye. "God, why do you make me feel like this? That I don't care what people think till I remember the war, why?" Mew Candy asked staring into his eyes.

Jakku's eyes widen. "I don't know, but why are you crying?" He asked as he wipes them away.

"Because, I love you and you doing this kills me." The mew said.

Jakku brings her into a tight hug. "You don't know how long I have waited to hear that, do you?" Jakku said kissing her like it was the end of the world. She kissed back. They kissed till they had no more air but still keep close. "I love you" Jakku said with little air in his lungs.

Mew Candy smiled. "I love you too," She said. Their lips meet again. Still, when they break apart, Mew Candy thought about the way her life was going and smiled at Jakku. "I don't know what my life may have been if I didn't become Mew Candy." She laughed.

Jakku smiled at her. "I would still have found you," He said.

"Good," Mew Candy said smirking a little. "You still didn't answer me." Mew Candy pouted a little.

Jakku kissed her nose lightly. "What may that be my princess?" He asked smirking.

She blushed heavily. "Why do you do this to me?" She asked.

Jakku chuckled. "Why? Do you not see what you do to me?" Jakku asked.

Mew Candy smirked. "Pay back," She said. He laughs. She smiled. "You have a sweet laugh Jakku-kun." She said.

The alien smirked. "I'm 'Jakku-kun' now?" He smirked. "I like it."

Mew Candy blushed. "Leave me alone!" She cried la ughing a little.

He kissed her cheek. "Can't, it's too fun." Jakku said.

The mew blushed deeper. "Shut up!" She growled. Mew Candy heard her friends coming and freaked out. "Jakku, you got to go!" She cried.

Jakku looked hurt and his ears dropped some. "Why?" He whined.

"Because, I'm a mew, you're an alien, we can't…. not yet." Mew Candy said.

He understands. "OK, love you bye" Jakku kissed her and teleports off.

Mew Candy looked longingly at where he had been. "Carly-san?" the mew looked to find her team there.

Mew BlackBerry walked up to her. "Are you ok?" She asked.

Mew Music came next to Mew BlackBerry looking worried. "Why did you scare me like this? You idiot!" She yelled at Mew Candy.

Mew Cupcake hugs Mew Candy. "Carly-chan shouldn't scare us Na no da. She should remember she has people who love her and care for her Na no Da!" Mew Cupcake said.

Mew Candy sighed. "Carly, remember, you're a mew for a reason, and don't just kill yourself." Mew Wildberry said.

"Guys! I'm ok, at least we're all still alive, and that's what counts." Mew Candy said. The mew mews nod. "Come on, I can almost smell that cake with our names on it!" Mew Candy giggled.

They run back to the café as themselves but someone's eyes watched them like hawks before leaving like the wind.

Carly ate the cake happily thinking about Jakku who had taken her heart. Why does he do it? One moment he says he loves me then he tries to kill the human race, WHY?! Carly thought. Still, she was happy to have him; he was her angel in alien form. "Hey AAA… Carly… can I talk to you?" Carly turned and….


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