This is it. I won't talk long because I am excited to type this story. This is "Catch That Boy: Puffified!".

There once was a world called Dreamland where many strange people live. People don't know of this world, but one adventure will change everything.

A little puffball with red shoes and a big smile on his face is running somewhere in a hurry in Dreamland. He is holding something as he is running in a hurry.

Another puffball like Kirby who is brown is watering his flowers. His name is Waddle Dee. He sees Kirby rushing.

He asks Kirby. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

Kirby turns to him and stops for a moment. He says.


Waddle Dee understands now. "Oh I see. You are going to show your friends this lovely key you found. Very well then.

Kirby runs for a little bit until he sees his friends.

He sees an artist with a red hat, green shirt with a yellow button on it, blue socks, brown shoes, black hair, and holding a paint brush. He also sees his other friend. He is a penguin with a gold, red, and white hat, a red and white coat, a yellow and red striped shirt with a gold shirt underneath, yellow gloves, yellow shoes, dark blue eyes, and holding a hammer.

They are playing ball. Kirby hollers their names to get their attention.

"Adeline! Dedede!"

He waves the key so they see it and they come over and see the key. Adeline the painter looks at it and sees that it actually is a key.

They are looking at it when suddenly a keyhole appears on the ground. Kirby, Adeline, Dedede, and Waddle Dee rush over and Kirby puts the key in the keyhole. Kirby turns the key and the ground starts shaking. The floor opens and a hole appears. They all run over to the hole and look at it. It looks like some kind of portal.

Kirby starts slipping and he falls in. Kirby's friends try to save him, but they fall in as well. It looks like they are going somewhere they have never been before. They continue falling through the portal.

What's going to happen to them? Find out next time.

NOTE: Kirby belongs to its rightful owner.