It's been a while since I made another chapter of this. That is because I have lost interest. However, one of my friends inspired me to keep going, so I am back! Enjoy the next chapters!

And so, Nano, Hakase, Kirby, Adeline, and Dedede raced for a few tracks and everyone was having fun. Nano was still worried about safety, but towards the third race, she relaxed and had fun as well. Bowser Jr came around and they avoided him at all costs. The final race was about to begin.

"Get to your karts, the final race will begin! The track will be: Rainbow Road!" The whole crowd goes wild.

"Wow, people really must love this track!" Adeline points out.

"It's the best track here!" Hakase cheers.

"How do you know?" Roll asks.

"I play Mario Kart Wii, with my Hakase Mii." Hakase explains.

"Okay, I like you and all Hakase, but we've gone through this entire FanFiction without Breaking the Forth wall and we're not about to do it now." King Dedede explains.

"Wait, isn't you saying that right now break the forth wall?" Nano asks.

King Dedede thinks for a moment and realizes he did. "Nooo!" Dedede cries out. Everyone else laughs.

"Get ready!" a toad calls out to the rest of the racers. They get in position with Junior beside them.

"You are going down, snowflakes!" Bowser Jr screams.





Everyone drives from the starting line and Hakase takes the lead. Bowser Jr uses a red shell to hit Hakase.

"Take this!" Bowser Jr yells.

"I got him!" Roll throws a red shell at Junior, but blocks it with a banana peel.

"No, not again!" Dedede is far behind, falling off of the course several times.

"Yeah!" Kirby uses a mushroom to boost ahead.

"Here I come, Kirby!" Adeline comes around Kirby using drift. "I have manual!"

Everyone works together to get ahead of Junior through the race.


"Curses! How can I beat them four to one?" Junior thinks for a moment. He slows down and lets the other racers pass.

"What is he doing?" Waddle Dee asks.

"Looks like he's backing off!" Dedede cheers.

"I don't think…" Nano says, until she is cut off by Junior riding a Bullet Bill

"Fly my pretty, fly!" Junior is all the way in first now. "There's the finish line!" Junior is about to make it, when Adeline gets a banana peel.

"I've got to time it right…" Adeline throws the banana peel with perfect trajectory and hits Junior right before the finish line. Adeline passes him and gets first.


"Woo!" Kirby cheers.

"Nice work!" King Dedede says.

"Way to go!" Roll applauds.

Adeline runs over to Kirby and kisses him.

"I always wanted to do that." Adeline says as Kirby blushes.

"That is it! I am through with your games!" Junior storms over to them.

"Run!" Nano and the rest of the kids run to the portal, which just opened.

"They got away again! Stupid!" Junior facepalms.

"Hmm…" Wolf has a device. "I was able to make this device in the four races, and I think it's working. I made a machine that could track down where they're going next. Let's see… she's taking the children to F-Zero!" Wolf says.

"What did you say?" Junior turns around to hear what he said.

"F-Zero is where they are going next." Wolf repeats himself.

"I have an idea, Wolf. Come with me." Junior opens his own portal and they both jump in.

What could Junior's plan be? Find out next time!