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Chapter 2: The Ultimatum After effects

Batman looked at the girl with the claws for a few seconds wondering who the hell she was, "Thanks." He said after a few seconds.

She sheathed her claws, "No problem." She said but she looked at him in suspicion the same way that he was looking at her before the girl tugged on Batman's leg again.

"I-I want to go home." She said with tears in her eyes.

Batman sighed, "I'll get you to a survivor camp." Then he looked at the other girl, "Who are you though?"

"Laura." Batman raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"No codename?"

"I don't need one." She said crossing her arms.

"Whatever." Batman picked the girl up before activating his rocket boots, "I'm sure we'll meet again." With that he took off flying.

Batman felt like he was being watched as he put the girl down near the survivor camp to her surprise, "Aren't you coming?" She asked wanting her parents to meet him so they could thank him.

Batman looked away, "I wouldn't be welcomed let's just say that." With that he disappeared into the shadows before coming up to a rooftop.

(Scene Shift)

Wally was running as a few people were chasing him, "Jeez what's a guy got to do to get away?" He muttered before he ran up a building to escape the angry mob of civilians shouting off with the Mutant's head, "I'M NOT A MUTANT!" He shouted before he took off running again happy that the hat and sunglasses he was wearing were keeping his identity a secret.

As he was running he got stopped by someone in front of him wearing a trench coat and an eye patch, "Hello Mr. West."

He stopped, "Who are you?" Asked Wally eyeing the man in suspicion.

"My name is Nick Fury Ex-Director of SHIELD." The man said as he walked up, "And I have a proposition for you."

(Scene Shift)

Spider-Woman decided that since nothing was happening she should visit Peter who was resting at home by knocking on his window, "Hey Pete you in there?" Surprisingly Gwen answered, "Oh hey Gwen."

Gwen smiled knowing who Spider-Woman was from what Peter told her, "How are you doing?" She asked.

"Oh just got tired of swinging around, I don't know how Peter does this with a secret identity and I'm him for crying out loud." They both laughed, "So where is he?"

Gwen shrugged, "Aunt May said something about taking him out of New York for a bit."

Spider-Woman blinked in surprise as she crawled in, "Wait then why are you here?" She asked knowing that May adopted Gwen after her father died.

"I didn't want to leave and I told them that I would watch the house while they're gone." Gwen answered, "So how is it going being a girl?"

Spider-Woman shook her head, "It's weird being a girl with a teenage boys mind, and it's also very awkward." Gwen chuckled a bit, "Oh sure laugh at the confused spider."

"Sorry but if it was happening to someone else you would laugh as well." Spider-Woman gave Gwen that.

"Yeah but I can't believe what has happened this past week." Spider-Woman remembered all the details of Ultimatum vividly especially the death of Wolverine who she thought could never be killed.

Gwen nodded her eyes showing that she remembered seeing the waves as well, "A lot of people lost their lives." They knew that the total worldwide was 12,000,000 people that died.

Spider-Woman shook her head, "I think I'm going to web swing for a while longer."

"Okay I'll tell Peter you visited." Gwen said as Spider-Woman snuck out the window her Spider sense wasn't going off so she knew that no one was watching as she jumped from rooftop to rooftop in Queens until she got to the bridge towards the city.

(Scene Shift)

Static was on the trashcan lid going over the city seeing people cleaning up the city with the help of the Ultimate's so he decided to stay out of their way as he flew off before seeing what looked like a giant flying bat, "Only in New York." He deadpanned as he continued to fly over the city when he heard a cry for help and he saw a thug with what looked like brass knuckles but they shot sonic vibrations out.

He had a bag of money, "You cops can't catch me!" He shouted as he blew up a cop car and it was sent flying towards a group of civilians so Static interfered by shooting static electricity at it and using his powers to set it down gently, "Oh man not another damn hero." The man took aim as Static moved out of his range on the trashcan lid.

"Man I need to find a better mode of transportation." Muttered Static as he was nearly knocked off from the sudden moves he was pulling, "So who are you anyway?"

"I'm the Shocker!" Static hear of this guy all right.

"Aren't you the guy who keeps getting caught by Spider-Man?" He asked unintentionally pissing him off.

"SHUT-UP!" He went to shoot again but Static shot electricity at him absorbing the power from the gauntlets, "The hell did you do?!"

"I shorted you out!" With that he flew in and punched him, "What do you think of my Taser Punch?" He asked as he lay there, "Anyone call the cops?" He asked the group of people who he saved.

One of them nodded and for once he wasn't frightening anyone which he thought was a plus.

With that he took off happy that he was actually making a difference for once in his life and just last week he was the last person that would be hero material.

(Scene Shift)

Wally was following Nick Fury, "What is this proposition anyway?" He asked curiously.

"You have the powers to help people but you don't have any resources do you?" Asked Fury.

Wally chuckled nervously, "Not really."

"Hold up." He walked into one of his safe houses and came out with a red suit that had a mask attached to it, "This was supposed to go to Quicksilver but he disappeared before I could give it to him."

Wally looked at the costume, "Okay but why are you helping me?"

"Your parents and I was close Mr. West they were agents of SHIELD that retired to Central City." As Wally digested that information Fury continued, "This suit is an experimental Nano-tech that doesn't easily tear and it's coated in Kevlar as well."

Wally used his super speed to put it on and he was looking in the mirror with the mask on too, "Wow it's comfortable." He said surprised, "What's the catch?"

"Just want to make sure you don't die Mr. West." Fury said calmly.

Wally smirked, "Call me the Flash!"

To Be Continued…

Okay I know that you want to read about them becoming a team but I'm going slow with this and I finally decided on the battle that brings them together but as of right now the next few chapters will be them getting used to New York and their powers and they will meet separately.

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