Fuck. ''Christian why did you agree to do this stupid interview? '' I mumbled under my breath. Running my fingers through my smooth dark hair i fumbled through fileing cabanets to find the infomation i needed. ''Is everything alright Mr. Grey?'' Taylor questioned. ''Fine.'' i snapped, a little suprised at the tone of my own alot of looking I finally pulled out a sheet of paper titled ''Katherine Kavanagh's Interveiw'' .Resisting the temptation to yell in anger, I switched into calm, imtimidating Christian mode. I ran my fingers through my hair once more and pushed up the knot of my silver grey tie. There was a feeble knock on my office door and i sighed ''come in'' whilst casting my hand into the air. The door opened and unexpectadly, a attractive , brown haired- Women ,whom i didn't recognise, tripped into the room and fell flat on her face. Shit, i ran over to her in a record time, and held out my hand to help her up, trying my best to hide the amusment on my face. Pushing of my expensive carpeted floor, she struggled up to my side. Staring into her shineing blue eyes, i gestured to a seat by my desk, ignoring her flushed, embarrased expression. I seated myself infront of her, and grabbing the paper of the desk i asked ''So your Katherine Kavanagh?'' ''No , I'm afraid Katherine couldn't make it today , she's ill so I'm here to do this for her. My names Anastasia Steele'' She smiled grimly. I could tell by the tone of her voice she was already intimidated by me.

After that she started blabering on about a tape recorder, and questions , but to tell you the truth i wasn't realy listening. I was captivated by her appearence. Her long brown hair fell perfectly onto her breasts, her blue eyes shone and her lips.. wow those lips.. '' So would you like to begin now ?'' She nervously asked. Holy fuck she's biting her lip. I would love to bite that lip. Showing no expression i nodded affirmatively. Listening carefully , I hear her say ''Do you feel you have immense power?'' Thinking for a few seconds, i reply with '' I employ over forty thousand people Miss Steele That gives me a certain sense of responsibility power, if you will. If I were to decide I was no longer interested in the telecommunications business and sell up, twenty thousand people would struggle to make their mortgage payments after a month or so. Her mouth drops and she quickly bites her lip again.. god damn it that lip.. ''y..yes of course'' she stuttered. '' Don t you have a board to answer to? she asks, confused.
I own my company. I don t have to answer to a board. I reply, Raising an eyebrow at her. Again she flush's and i blink at her and nod for her to carry on. You invest in manufacturing. Why, specifically? I breath in and boldly say I like to build things. I like to know how things work: what makes things tick, how to construct and deconstruct. And I have a love of ships. What can I say? That sounds like your heart talking rather than logic and facts. She's a witty girl, seems like she's not the shy little flower after all. Possibly. Though there are people who d say I don t have a heart. Why would they say that? Because they know me well. I coldly say.

After a few more personal questions i sip my water and continue to listen, almost intreeged. '' Mr Grey, are you gay?'' Anastasia whispers. I inhale sharply. What the fuck. still showing no emotion , I reply ''no miss Steele. Im not.''Her face crumples up into a disgusted ball. These aren t your own questions? Err no. Kate Miss Kavanagh she compiled the questions. Are you colleagues on the student paper? No. She s my roommate. I stroked the stubble on my chin, keen to know more about this strange woman. Did you volunteer to do this interview? I ask, hoping she had. I was drafted. She s not well. Her voice is weak and apologetic. That explains a great deal.''There s a knock at the door and Andrea enters the room. ''Mr. Grey, forgive me for interrupting, but your next meeting is in two minutes. I demand her to cancel it and she leaves the room imediatly.

Where were we, Miss Steele? I smile, locking my eyes onto hers. Blue to Grey. Why is it that I am so curious about this woman? I relax my elbows on the arms of the chair and steeple my fingers in front of my mouth. Curious, I ask about her plans to graduate, and without thinking, i tell her about the jobs here at Grey Enterprise Holdings. Her shock amuses me, and i wonder to myself if i've just offered her a job. Figiting in her seat, she grabs her bag, stops the recorder and blurts out '' Thank you for the interview, Mr. Grey. ''The pleasure s been all mine, I reply, Politely. As she rises i stand to hold her hand, I hope she dosn't see i've had much practise doing these things. Until we meet again, Miss Steele. I nod. To catch a few more seconds with this Misterious girl, I lead her to the door, and i hold her coat out for her. It was smooth and black, the material wasn't too bad. She threads her arms into the coat and i smooth it onto her shoulders. She's so dainty, and slender, I do hope to see her again - soon.