Turning on my heels to head back to my office, I closed my eyes and thought of my to-do list in my head. at six o' clock I have a meeting with Dr Flynn. Rubbing the grey, ugly bags under my eyes, I sigh mournfully. At 11 o clock I have an appointment with my bed. Opening my blazing grey eyes, I lifted my head high ,pushed my shoulders back and I assertively walked down the corridor. My corridor. Reaching my office, I swung open then door again and seated myself at my desk behind my computer. Glancing down at my 24 karat gold watch, the long fingers read '' 5:55'' and almost as if it was timed, there's a knock at the door and Dr Flynn staggers into my office.

What is it today? Is there some invisible wire or something at my door that everyone feels the need to trip into my office? Sitting down on my leather couch, he quickly adjusts to his familiar surroundings and dives his hand into his suit-case, pulls out a pen , paper, and a clip board and he exhales deeply, relaxing in his seat. I swing my chair round to face him and he greets me with ''Afternoon.''

''Afternoon'' I respond, in a buisness like manner.

Quickly Scratching his dark hair, he stares at the paper and says ''So I wanted to talk about how you're getting on without women , after all it's been around 3 months now, surely you wish to find somebody els?''

Swallowing hard I reply ''yes, I admit I do miss my life style. But i don't want to find just anyone Flynn, I want to find someone who fits the missing peice of me.''

''Well, you said it yourself, women come and go easily enough, you'l soon find someone who can fuffill your needs.''

''There is someone who i met... Today, who could fit the place...Her name's Anastasia, she's attractive, dark haired and witty.''

''And do you know anything about her? Do you know where she works?''

Gritting my teeth I shake my head. Shrugging, I give flynn the 'forget-it-i'll-probably-never-see-her-again'' look. He reads me like a book and laughs ''You and I both know you can easily find out.'' I smirk at him and his facts. He's right, I'm Christian Grey, multi-millionaire who's capable of anything. But then I stop and think.. ''What if she dosn't want what I want?...''
''Then you find out what she wants.. It's a give & take service ''

I nod at him and stand to see him off to the door. Good ol' flynn, what would I do without him? Collecting his stuff together, he says a few last words.''Be careful christian.'' I nod, assuring him I will, and then i close the door, lost in my thoughts. Still leaning against the expensive door, I pull out my blackberry from my costly , black trousers and I ring my favourite assistant. ''Mr grey?'' he says on the other end of the line. ''Taylor, it's getting late, pull up the audi outside my building and I'll be down shortly, I can hear my bed calling me.'' ''Ok then I'll see you shortly.'' he mumbles, before ending the call.

When I reached the car park of my building, I spot my red audi and I climb in the passenger seat next to Taylor. Without saying a word , he drives off the car park, onto the main road. The sun was setting, making the sky a glorious pinky-orange colour. I leaned my head on the window and stared at the passing views. Seattle has always been such a beautiful town to be in, from it's tall , modern sky scrapers to it's facinating little quirky shops, it was never a boring drive home. It has all different roads leading to all kind of weird places, all types of food resteraunts , all different attractions. Seattle is quite mind-blowing. When we reached one of my few homes, Taylor opened the car door for me and I walked into my home and clicked the gleaming button on the elevator. I stepped inside and thought about today. Anastasia steele.. That's not a name i'll be forgetting any time soon.