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"Happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me…happy birthday, dear Hermione…happy birthday to me," she sang softly to herself, sitting on the back porch and looking at the plastic disk in her hands. She was looking between the disk and the leaves fluttering down from the trees a little bit away in the woods, sighing as her brown curls once again attempted to get in her face. She shot a glance back towards the window, where a man and a woman were chatting and watching television as their daughter talked on the telephone.

Hermione never knew who her real parents were. She'd never met them, and probably never would. All she had was their last name – "Granger" – and genetics, but all of her previous searches since she was ten to then were unsuccessful. So she gave up. They had given her away, she'd been unwanted, just like she was now.

The Hendersons had probably been nicer to Hermione when she was younger, as in before she could remember, but she highly doubted it. Their daughter, who was the same age as Hermione – or had previously been since Hermione had turned seventeen first – was relatively popular in their school, especially among boys. Hermione just wanted to lay low and slip through school unnoticed, but when you lived in the same house as Sofia Henderson and weren't as talented or pretty as her, you were easily subjected to verbal abuse. But she didn't care. She didn't care about most things, actually, not since she was a kid, somewhere around eleven.

Hermione looked over the woods again, blinking and straightening when she saw a rather large black dog looking back at her. It tilted it's head at her, stepping out through the denser trees and looking at her curiously as she stood and looked at it in the same fashion. It caught sight of the disk and stepped out eagerly towards her, crouching down and wagging its tail.

"You wanna play?" Hermione asked, feeling herself smile a little as it gave a bark. She threw it, watching as the dog bolted and jumped up to catch it. The dog brought it back and stood just out of arm's reach, still wagging its tail. She gave a chuckle and reached forward to grab the disk when it jumped out of the way, crouching again as she blinked at it.

"Hey, c'mon, give it," she laughed as it jumped away from her once more, repeating the process until she leapt forward and grabbed the disk, trying to wiggle it out of the dog's mouth as it held on persistently.

The dog suddenly let go and sent her onto her back, making her blink up at it before it began to slobber all over her face. She laughed and pushed it off, wiping the spit off on the sleeve of her sweater.

"'Ey! Get out of here! Go on, get!" a gruff voice called from the house, making the dog perk it's ears up and blink at the man on the porch. The dog looked back at Hermione before bolting, making her sigh and stand to walk back to the porch.

"He wasn't hurting me," she frowned at the man.

Paul Henderson only frowned at her, "I wasn't worried about you, I was worried about Susan's petunias."

"Ahh, yes, petunias do tend to bleed when rabid dogs tear at their flesh," she muttered as she went inside to go to her room, "No, wait, that's me."

"What was that?" Paul roared.

"Nothing, talking to myself, I'm insane, remember?" she quipped, rolling her eyes before she went in her room and shut the door. She sighed and slid down it, pouting at the near darkness of the room before standing again and pulling off the sweater.

She thought back to the dog. It was rather tame, hadn't jumped at her throat at least, and knew how to play fetch – or at least how to play fetch and then torment the human. But the strangest thing was that when the dog looked back at her after Paul told it to leave was that it looked like it had grinned and winked at her before running off. But that was impossible. Dogs didn't have the ability to grin or wink, at least not like it was promising to see her again later. It just…wasn't normal.

But, then again, many people believe that Hermione herself wasn't normal.

And in a way they were right.

She just didn't know it.

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