Nothing Like A Real Guitar

Set in the SwitchVerse.

The Doctor repeatedly pressed the buttons on his controller in frustration, looking away from the screen to the neck of the guitar. "Why isn't it…? It's not… I said blue!" He looked back up at the television, growling slightly as he vigorously moved the bar to strum the notes. "That's it! Who sabotaged this? I swear this thing, this guitar, controller, whatever you want to call it, is broken."

Rose laughed, concentrating on her own notes in the game. "You're just bitter because you're rubbish."

"I am not rubbish."

"Yeah you are, you're on easy on bass and you're still barely hitting them."

"Because this controller is broken or faulty or something."

Tony sat on the end of the sofa, flicking his gaze across at them during a gap in his own notes. He stifled a laugh, refocusing as he waited for the next beats for the drums. "Come on it's only three different notes and they're really slow."

"I told you, it's broken!" He began to press the buttons much harder than necessary.

"No it's not! You're just not doing it right."

"Excuse me!" He raised an eyebrow at the boy, resorting to pressing random colours and frantically flicking the bar to strum. "I think you'll find I was doing it perfectly, the controller was just not registering it."

"Sure." Rose chuckled. "How about you switch with Tony next song then, he'll show you it works fine."

"I'm just fine thank you. Look it's working now."

Rose watched out the corner of her eye as he did indeed get a streak of about twenty notes. "There see, told you it worked."

Tony giggled when he missed one. "He's still rubbish."

The song drew to a close and Jackie wandered in, dropping onto the sofa beside Pete. "Wait a sec, who's on bass? That's awful. Fifteen percent on easy?!"

"Leave me alone! The controller wasn't working properly!" The Doctor put the guitar on the ground and pushed it away from him.

Tony laughed again, laying the drumsticks on top of the instrument. "Told you you were rubbish, Doctor." For a moment he counted on his fingers. "I've got about five times your score! Even Mummy's better than you!"

"He's got a point." Jackie reached out to ruffle her son's hair. "And I'm only just properly getting the hang of technology; I don't really get computer games."

He rolled his eyes, pouting slightly. Rose pulled the strap of her own guitar off her shoulder, wrapping her arms around him to placate his frustration. "It's stupid anyway, it's nothing like a real guitar, doesn't teach you anything! At least I can play the real thing!"

The little boy peered up at him, nudging his shoulder. "Really? Will you teach me?"

"Yeah, sure."


The Doctor grinned. "Now who's cooler?"

"Still Rose."