Harry invited Hermoine in for a drink before she went home. Harry told Hermoine to sit down and make herself at home while he went into the kitchen where his mother was preparing dinner.

"Sweetheart did you ask if Hermione wanted to stay for dinner?"

Natalie asked Harry with a smile.

Harry shouted from the doorway leading on to the lounge where Hermione was sat,

"Do you want to stay for tea Hermoine?"

Hermoine got up and leant on the door framing and smiled, that was all Harry's mum needed for an answer.

"How does cheese and bacon burger and chips sound to you two?"

"That will be great thanks mum,"

Harry said with exchanged smiles between all of them.

Harry's mum was divorced but single Harry was glad about this because he didn't want to be in the same situation as Hermoine was. Harry invited Hermione to his room to play on the spare laptop. To Hermione Harry's house was just like a second home, she never felt awkward or limited about what she could do. Harry lead the way to his room and dug in his draws for a pair of headphones, he passed them to Hermoine and grabbed some for himself then sat down on the beanbag. He patted the one next to him Hermoine grabbed the spare laptop and sat down next to him then looked around, his room hadn't changed a single bit. He still had the same four posters of Queen the band on the wall opposite to the door they had jut came in. The bed also had the same Harry smell, not a horrible one but one of his after shave Hermoine really liked his aftershave. There was one thing that had changed there was no fish bowl on the bedside table.

"Harry, where has Jerry gone?"

"Oh … he died about a month ago."

Harry had a tear in his eye when he quietly said this. Hermoine knew that he loved Jerry the fish and she did too, she got up and gave him the biggest hug she could mange. He stood up and started to cry so did Hermoine, and then they both stood there in each other's arms crying over Jerry. They looked at each other and laughed because they were both getting a little too over upset about a fish.

"What did your mum say when you told her?"

Hermoine asked as they sat down and went on Facebook. Before they knew it Harry's mum was calling up the stairs their tea was done and it smelt really good as well.

As they just finished Hermoine excused her self for the bathroom that's when Harry took his opportunity and told his mum what was happening with Shaun, Hermoine and Jean. Natalie was shocked and said

"Well, what did I say? He was bad from the beginning."

"Yes mum you were right but what are we going to do?" Harry asked with worry in his voice.

"Don't worry leave it to me, I know what he looks like don't I? Pointed face, Blonde hair and a creaky voice?

"Yeah that's your guy, remember he will be at the train station at eleven."

Harry said almost in a whisper so that Hermoine couldn't hear what they were saying or planning. Hermoine came back in Harry looked at her face to see if she had heard anything but she didn't seem to have any incline. Natalie offered Hermoine some pudding but Hermoine said that she needed to get home, Harry walked her to the front door and made sure that she got home safely he watched her from the door way as soon as she got in to her garden he waited a few more seconds then went back in.

As Hermoine walked into her house and put up her hood so that her mother couldn't see her hair. Seven o'clock, she was lat but her mother was nowhere to been seen. She looked in the very clean kitchen then in the garden then upstairs but no luck. Then she heard a scream of pain coming from the bathroom. Hermoine ran to the bathroom and found her mother sat on the edge of the bath with her legs shoulder width apart, the floor covered in water.

"Mum! what's happening?"

"I'm in labour! Where is Shaun!"

Jean was panicking while trying not to push.

"Well what you need me to do?"

"Call an ambulance, and keep trying to get hold of Shaun I need him!"

Hermoine rang the ambulance they said that they were on their way and would be there as fast as they could. Hermoine told her mother his and she said

"Well I hope we can say the same for Shaun."

Hermoine didn't know what to do she tried to ring Shaun again and again and again but every time it went to answer phone. Then Hermoine suddenly remembered that she had locked the door behind her so she went down stairs to unlock the door and brought her mum some water. When Hermoine got up stairs her mum was on the bathroom floor with her legs open and bent.

"Honey could you get me some towels please, there is no way I'm going to make it to the hospital."

Hermoine gave her the water then went into the airing cupboard and got out her dying towel and an old one. She made sure that her mother was satisfied then went down stairs to see where the ambulance had got to then her phone rang, she quickly fiddled in her pocket for it.


"Hey, what's wrong, it's Shaun."

"You had better get home now! Mum has gone into labour and she says that she needs you."

"Quick put her on."

Hermoine ran as fast as she could up the stairs along the red corridor and passed the phone to Jean.

Hermoine heard a noise that sounded like a knock so she ran down stairs just as the door opened and the paramedics came through.

"She's upstairs in the bathroom, you'll hear her."

Hermoine told them as they tore upstairs. Hermoine went outside to see if Harry was still up but there was no light on but their car was gone. She thought this was very odd.



screamed from upstairs.

Jean's baby was finally born, it was five o'clock in the morning and no sign of Shaun. Hermoine's mum said that he would be on his way as soon as her could get away from work … what he was doing at work in the summer holidays when he is a teacher no one knew.

All Hermoine knew was that she was a big sister, and that her mother was no longer screaming the house down. Her headache was finally going and her and her mother would be driven to the hospital as soon as she had got all of her mother's

things in a bag. Hermoine was so tired but she had to go with her mother.

"Are you ready honey?"

Asked Jean as she hobbled down the red corridor.

Jean was all red faced and had teary eyes, she was restless wondering where Shaun was the paramedics had to make her have her baby without the father. Eventually they were all ready and on their way to the hospital. Jean was sat feeding her baby while Hermoine was texting Harry even though she knew that he would be asleep she wanted him to be the first to know.

Shaun called Hermoine and asked where they were she told him the ward name that Jean was staying in. It was called

'Vicky's ward'

Hermoine took off her jacket and sat in the chair next to her mother's bed while she went to see where Shaun was. The nurse came in with Jean Grangers chart and put it on the little rack on the end of the neatly made bed. Jean came back in and stared at Hermoine as if she didn't know who was sat in the chair.

"What have you done to your hair?!"

She asked with rage boiling up in her.

"I dyed it."

"What! Do you ever listen to me? I told you I don't want you dying your hair but you went on with it anyway."

"It's a wash in wash out I was only trying it."

Hermoine was about to lose her temper, the doctors told Jean to keep calm and let her body heal and getting upset and angry over hair dye was really nothing to get angry about.

"You disobey me and Shaun, you do what ever you like! I have had enough of this, why are you doing this to me?"

"Mum your not meant to get angry! And over hair dye it's not really worth endangering your health over is it?"

Hermoine stood up and went to the door.

"If that's what you really want me to do what you want I will just get out of your hair, you said that your kid wont get in the way of our relationship but it has mother, you just can't see it."

Hermoine left and was determined never to come back but then she remembered what day it was, it was Wednesday her birthday was tomorrow finally she turned fifteen but that's not the age you can get your own apartment. She was in such a rush she walked straight into someone, that someone had to be Shaun, she had finally realized the one last thing she needed to do. Shaun asked where Jean was so Hermoine took him to the room then her phone went off, who would be calling her at this time then she realized that it was Harry and answered it quickly as she could.

"Harry! What's new?"

"Well you have a sibling now don't you?"

"Yeah I do but I'm going to tell my mum everything! I can't keep this secret any longer! I have to tell her, she had a go at me for dyeing my hair. Only if she knew…"

"Look I will tell her with you, I went to the train station and saw everything and caught it on camera I can prove it."

"Ok I will wait for you but please be quick."

Tormented by the fact that her mother, her own mother would get so angry about hair dye. She waited for Harry to arrive so that she could tell her the big news. Every minute felt like an hour and she started to think that he wasn't coming then she heard it, running footsteps it was Harry he looked all sweaty and out of breath. He has this huge camera in his hands. He said just one word to Hermoine,


Hermoine was scared, Harry knew it he could see it in her eyes but he tried to be brave as he pushed the door open. The sight was unreal, Hermoine's mum was sat in the bed, in tear Harry instantly thought baby blues, but then she saw Shaun in the corner of the room crying too. Hermoine took one look at her mother then Shaun and said

"What's happened?"

It was then when the horrible truth came out, Shaun said

"Blackmail over."

Hermoine looked at him in shock, he had told her everything, or had he? She didn't know all she knew was that her mother and Step dad were sad or sorry for Shaun's sake. Harry looked at Hermoine also in shock, what had happened? No body seemed to be able to speak.

"What did you tell her?" Hermoine asked with an echo of many Hermoine's around the in the room.

"I told her that I am gay and that I have been seeing someone."

"Well that's all dainty but what about the rest?"

"What? There is more?" asked Jean her voice still crackling .

"Oh yes there is, you see I found out and he bullied me into promising that I wouldn't tell you. That's why I have Harry with me he was spying on Shaun and took pictures of him with some bloke. Would you like to see?"

"No I would not like to see."

Jean looked at Shaun in disgust.

"So you lie to me, cheat with another man and now I find out you have been hurting threatening my daughter? Well that's it, your gone I never want to see you again!"

Jean shouted so loud that her voice was still ringing in everyone's ears even after five minutes of her shouting it.

After two weeks in hospital Jean, Hermoine and Sam were settling back into their home. Shaun had already taken all of his stuff out of the house and moved out.