The Singing Pinata

Leafos couldn't help but notice a short caw coming from Razzlesnake Swamp. She knew with all her heart that there were no pinatas here, but she still liked to imagine. 'Why did I even get sent to this land of nothingness anyways?' she'd ask herself. That was right, because her father had no other choice. No other choice but to buy another house, even a shack would have been nice, on Pinata Island.

The caw became louder and longer. 'No going anywhere without a tour guide,' her father's words repeated in her head. 'Oh, what the heck? I can go anywhere on Pinata Island, why should I be limited here?'

Leafos snuck her fingers between the cattails and took a peek around. Nothing but a few toads, nothing but some toads. She sighed.

A little while later, Leafos heard the unmistakable sound of her most favorite pinata, the singing razzlesnake. (Leafos happened to be the only one to discover the rare breed, which would be why it hasn't shown up on Pinata Island gardens. It rarely shows up even to Leafos herself!) She whistled the tune back, and the snake replied with a soft hiss-like tune.

After going back and forth with the snake, Leafos found it hiding inside a large den, which held four baby razzlepent (razzlesnake/syrupent) eggs. She carefully cradled them in her soft arms and took them to her garden, placing them under a large oak tree.

Leafos watched the eggs for twenty-four hours straight. She even sheltered the eggs with her coat during a thunderstorm, leaving her to soak. When the eggs finally hatched, she found something pretty interesting.

In egg one was a very small purple-blue snake whistling the Pinata Island theme. Egg two held a medium-sized green-yellow snake whistling the song Leafos had heard the snake whistling earlier. Egg three held a small blue-green Pinata Island snake. Egg four was yet to hatch.

As the snakes got used to their surroundings, Leafos began to heat the egg using her very own breath. She was beginning to get bored, knowing the egg was most likely a dud. She began to sing her father's favorite song, unaware of the second voice singing with her until she reached the chorus. "Who's there?" she asked.

"Who's there?" the snake repeated in the tune of the song.

"Wow, a singing pinata," Leafos commented.

"I don't just sing."