Title: Word of the Day v. FFIV
Author: Garnet Eyes
Archived: fanfiction .net, livejournal .com
Last Updated: 28 Apr 2011
Summary: 01 June 2000 edition.
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Rosa, Cecil x Rosa/Kain x Cecil
Author Notes: disconcert, transitive verb;
1. To disturb the composure of.
2. To throw into disorder or confusion.
Disclaimers: Final Fantasy IV is owned by Square-Enix and I in no way, shape, or form profit off of my writing. This is simply for my own pleasure, and may at any time be removed and/or modified as I see fit.


It had perturbed Rosa, just a bit, the first time she had heard the sounds of her husband moaning but couldn't find him anywhere. She had worried that he was hurt, that he needed her aid, but she'd lost the sound while following it and the next time she had seen him, Cecil had been perfectly normal. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened after, so she had left it alone and wondered if she had only been hearing things. The second time inspired confusion, because she surely was not hearing things and that was indeed her husband's voice. But, again, she lost the sound before she could find his location. And, again, the next time she saw him, Cecil was perfectly normal. Perhaps others would grow paranoid at this point, but Rosa knew her husband was faithful to her and would never lie with another woman. It wasn't until the third time that it happened that Rosa was struck by the fact that she hadn't seen their primary guard in a while, either. She found neither of them until some time later, but something held her back from asking.

In this case, apparently, the fourth time was the charm, and she found her best childhood friend in the midst of passionately thrusting into her no longer errant husband with a nearly brutal intensity. She left before either noticed her, but the image was seared into her mind's eye and she could not forget the ecstasy written across her husband's teary-eyed, moaning features. For a few days, she avoided them both while she thought long and hard about her life, and she knew that it would trouble them but she really didn't care right then. At first, Rosa was devastated, for the love of her life had betrayed her with her best friend and guardian. But then she really began to consider the totality of it, and realized certain things. Cecil wasn't looking at other women – he never had and she doubted that he ever would. There was no threat of illegitimate heirs from what he was doing. Further, he was never cruel to her, and he was just as amorous as ever, so he obviously still loved her. And Rosa loved her husband, too. Kain... Kain was doing something that Rosa couldn't do, and it was clearly something that Cecil felt had been missing from intimacy. It now became a choice for the white mage: was this worth destroying her marriage over, or could she learn to adapt?