X-Men Institute #3: Ice Skating Mutants (An X-Men Fan Fiction)

Chapter 1: Money Trouble at the Institute!

It was a beautiful day at the Xavier Institute (as long as you don't have your usual mutant-hating crowds hanging out by the doors of the Institute trying to break in) and all was well with the students and the teachers at the Institute. Inside the Institute, two X-Men members (or teachers depending on what they are doing at this moment) are walking down the hallway discussing about how their day in teaching classes went.

"Alright, it's officially day two of teaching law class and the students hadn't even asked me about whether or not I was worthy of taking on the "law master" mantel," said Bobby Drake.

"I'm glad that the students are taking you seriously. Me and the others on the other hand, we're not so sure, but we're starting to believe it," said Scott Summers smiling.

"Very funny," Bobby muttered.

"Anyway, the students are starting to see that I'm not so stiff and boring as they originally thought," said Scott.

"Don't know about that," said Bobby to himself.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," said Scott.

Suddenly, a voice rang out through the com system. "Attention, please! Will all staff members report immediately to Professor Xavier's office? This is an urgent matter that must be discussed as soon as possible!"

All of the teachers immediately ran towards Professor Xavier's office and when they arrived there, they started asking Professor Xavier all kinds of questions.

"Are Sentinels attacking the school?" asked Scott.

"Is Magneto up to his evil plans again?" asked Kurt.

"Is the world coming to an end as we know it?" asked Bobby dramatically.

"What?" Everyone asked looking at Bobby strangely.

"Well, no the Sentinels are not attacking the Institute and Magneto is not up to anything evil at the moment. And the world is most definitely not coming to an end. Actually, I have summoned you all here because we seem to be experiencing…financial difficulties for the Institute," said Professor Xavier.

Everyone looked at each other in a confusing way and then Jean Grey asked, "Financial difficulties?"

"Yes, it appears that during a field trip where I took the students to the Museum of Natural History, one of the students seem to have accidentally destroyed the dinosaur exhibit due to the fact that she had a fear of large reptiles (despite the fact that I was trying to explain to her that the dinosaurs in the exhibit were skeletons and they have been dead for over a million years now). So after that, I was forced to pay for the damages done to the exhibit, which had cost a vast amount of money," explained Professor Xavier.

"So why don't ya get back the funds for the Institute? I mean, you must be a millionaire or something to get this Institute started up, right?" asked Logan.

"In a way, yes Logan, but even a "millionaire" like I have limits in funding this Institute," said Professor Xavier.

"So you want us to find a way to provide funding for the Institute?" asked Ororo.

"Why yes Ororo! That is exactly why I have called you all here. To help this Institute received the funding it needs; you all must find a way to provide more funding for this Institute. I will try to provide as much funds as I can. However, the funds I provide might not be enough to sustain the Institute, so it would be more helpful if you all find some way to provide more funds for this Institute. I wish you all good luck!" said Professor Xavier.

As the X-Men left the office, Kitty said, "Umm… is it just me guys or is the Professor just using us to get more money for the school?"

"Well, there have been stranger cases, Katya. The question however is how we can manage to obtain more money for the Institute?" wondered Piotr.

"Well, my family is rich, so I could help out too," said Warren. Suddenly, Warren's cell phone rang and Warren answered it.

"Hello? Oh, hi father! How is everything with you? Uh huh…WHAT! What do you mean that the family funds are cut off? The bank accounts somehow froze up and you have to investigate? Oh no…well, let me know if things go well with the bank account. Goodbye father."

Warren put his cell phone away and said, "Well, this is bad news. My family's bank account has somehow frozen up. So now I officially can't help you guys out with the money."

"And your family's bank account somehow froze up at the same time we needed funds for the Institute. What a strange coincidence," commented Kurt.

"Indeed. Why do these things happen constantly? It's like we have an easy way out of a difficult situation and then somehow that simple way gets shattered at the last second. It's even worse in the superhero business," commented Hank.

"Well, I guess as superheroes we should be used to this by now. Anyway, we've been in tougher situations before but we always came out on top. So, let's try to get that money and help out the Institute!" said Scott valiantly.

"Great pep speech, Fearless Leader," said Logan sarcastically.

"Hey, don't push it Logan," said Scott.