Billy was relieved to see Amanda and Lee enter the bullpen. Francine had called to let him know they had been found but he couldn't relax until he saw them with his own two eyes.

He watched as Lee spoke to Amanda and then saw Francine pick up a recorder and walked with Amanda towards the medical wing. He hoped Lee was just taking precautions but as Amanda turned he saw how black and blue her face was.

Billy closed his eyes and braced himself for the hurricane known as Scarecrow that was headed towards his office.

Lee walked into his bosses office without knocking looked at Billy but said nothing and then began to pace. Billy just watched he knew how much Amanda meant to Lee heck Amanda meant a lot to almost everyone in The Agency but Lee loved her. Billy knew Lee didn't understand he loved her but he hoped Lee figured it out soon.

"Lee could you sit down you're making me dizzy."

Lee flopped down on the couch and put his head down in his hands. A few minutes later he looked up at Billy.

"You know what she said. I'm OK it's just a bruise. Like a bruise that size is an every day occurrence."

"Lee she probably didn't want you to worry you. She's a strong woman one of the strongest women I know."

"You're right I just don't understand how she ended up at the compound."

"I was hoping she had told you what had happened."

"No all she said was that she knew something was wrong at the drop sight but she didn't elaborate."*

Billy was about to say something else when Dr. MacJohn poked his head into his office both Lee and Billy looked at him and asked together "How is she?"

Dr. MacJohn looked at both of them "She's a little dehydrated, I wrapped her wrists they were pretty raw, she has a pretty good size bump on the back of her head but no concussion. I was surprised she managed to stay upright after seeing the bruises on the rest of her body. Looks like she got into a fight with a tank."

Lee looked at the Dr. confused "What do you mean?"

"Scarecrow she was beaten didn't you know?" Dr. MacJohn looked at Lee surprised he wouldn't have known.

Lee stood up "No! No I didn't." He stormed out of the office slamming Billy's door.

Dr. MacJohn looked over to Billy "When is he going to realize he's in love with that woman?"

Billy shook his head "I don't know."

Francine had just heard Amanda's account of what went wrong at the drop which was a lot different than Hoff's account when Lee stormed into the room. She looked from Lee back to Amanda whose face had turned white whatever was about to happen wasn't going to be good.

Lee walked to Amanda "Let me see."


"Amanda! Either you show me or I'll look for myself."

"You wouldn't!"

"I would and I will. Now show me!"

Amanda closed her eyes and lifted her sweater enough for Lee to see the bruise that covered her stomach. "Satisfied?"

Show me your back."

"Why? They're just bruises Lee they'll go away."

Lee glared at her "Show me your back Amanda!"

Defeated Amanda turned around and raised her sweater again.

Lee's voice softened when she turned back to him. "Amanda why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to worry you more then you already were."

"You should have told me. I could have..."

"You could have what Lee?"

"I don't know Amanda. I should have gotten to you earlier maybe I could have prevented this."

"Oh Lee don't please don't blame yourself. Tony did this to me not you."

Francine recovering from the shock of seeing Amanda's beaten body stepped forward.

"Lee I'm sorry you need to leave. I haven't finished Amanda's debriefing yet."

Lee nodded "Yea, OK" He gave Amanda a gentle hug and left.

Francine watched Amanda sit back down she looked exhausted and the pain that she worked so hard to hide from everyone was now clearly evident.

"Amanda I'm sorry I'll try and finish this as quick as possible."

"It's alright Francine I understand. I just want to be done with this go home and take a long hot bath."

Francine knocked on Billy's door entering she nodded to Billy and Lee "Billy I have Amanda's debriefing report. I thought you would want to see it. We were right Hoff's account doesn't match what Amanda told me."

Lee looked at both Billy and Francine "What do you mean?"

Billy blew out a big breath and reached for his antacids "Hoff told us that Amanda screwed up procedure by refusing to abort the drop when he sensed trouble."

Francine taking over "But according to Amanda she realized something was wrong almost immediately but he shoved the files at her anyway and then ran."

"Are you telling me he deliberately abandoned her?" Lee asked incredulously

Lee stormed into the bullpen "Hoff you bastard! How could you just leave her? Do have any idea what was done to her?"

"Whoa there Scarecrow it was your housewife that screwe up I didn't have a choice she blew my cover. Don't blame me!"

"Really well according to Amanda you shoved the files at her and ran."

"Come on who are you going to believe some housewife pretending to be a spy or me?"

Lee drew back his arm to punch Hoff but felt Amanda lay her hand on his back.

No one had noticed her enter the bullpen everyone had been to focused on the two agents.

"Lee please."

Lowering his hand he looked into Amanda's eyes and then back to Hoff "Amanda has more integrity in her little finger than you do in your whole body."

Hoff looked over at Billy "Come on Billy you don't believe her do you?"

Billy looked into Hoff's eyes "Not only do I believe her account over yours but I'm charging you with reckless endangerment. Someone get him out of my sight."

Exhaustion finally taking over Amanda's body she leaned against Lee "Will you please take me home." Her voice barely above a whisper.

Lee lifted her up into his arms and headed towards the elevator. Amanda was to tired to care or even be embarrassed fell asleep in his arms.

Billy just smiled as he watched the two of them leave.

The End