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Onward to the Second Chapter

Chapter Two

Soft layers of cloth covered my small body when I woke up. The aroma of food entered the room, my mouth watering from just the scent. Looking around, I was greeted with beige walls with two windows next to the bed; a cobalt shaded carpet surrounded me like the midnight sky; and an oak desk piled high with books of different genres. A flat screen television lay in the corner of the room, a blank screen staring back at me. Its reflection showed I had on a black t-shirt and grey loose shorts on, my auburn hair imitating a rat's nest. The blanket that covered me was a soft gray and blue duvet that seemed to be made out of some kind of wool. I know I definitely didn't have this kind of treatment back in Cadmus, so where exactly am I?

I gripped the bed sheets when my sensitive ears picked up on one set of light footsteps and another set of heavier ones. The door that separated me from the outside was thick and not to mention it was closed. But at one point I almost tore the cloth after hearing the short conversation.

"…Might be easier…" A high pitched voice of a girl said.

"…I don't know…" A deeper voice interrupted.

"…Has to be soon." Then a door closed and the heavy footsteps walked a few steps closer to the door until he, at least I hope it's a guy; was so close to the door that I could faintly hear his breathing pattern.

Soon he went back down the way he had come, and I let out a breath that I was too occupied to even notice I was holding.

That's it. I have to get out of here ASAP if I want to extend my life span. Even though I feel like I'm indebted to whoever those people are for getting me out of that hellhole, I'm not about to get experimented on again like some lab rat.

Throwing the covers off my body, I quickly searched the room for anything that could help me escape. A pile of clothes lay nicely folded on the dresser and I quickly ran over, making sure not to make an ounce of noise. Once I was fully dressed, I gave myself a once over and walked over to the door.

Putting my right ear against the door, I could faintly hear two people arguing; the voice of the girl from before yelling that she clearly destroyed something of value; and a younger boy explaining some kind of game to an older teen that was frustrated through it all. Counting on my fingers, that would make five people that I heard. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I began to put all the facts together.

Last time I checked, there were six people who came to Cadmus the other day. The only voice I remembered from that day was the guy who even dared to come into contact with me.

The door in front of me opened slowly, like in some kind of horror film back in the 70s. This surprised me and I grabbed the item closest to me and chucked it at the figure as soon as I had a clear shot. The item, which was a heavy hard-covered edition of Great Expectations; made a direct hit at the persons head. Even before their head met floor, I bolted out the room, jumping over the person who was sent to remove me from my room.

"She's awake!" I faintly heard as the distance between me and the exit shortened very quickly. Suddenly, two figures blocked my path; a girl with sandy blonde hair and a perfectly tanned skin; along with a boy with dark black hair and tinted glasses. They looked like they had just come out of an intense training session but they didn't seem out of breath. The boy seemed to recognize who I was and I felt my hands tighten into fists.

"Wait, you're that girl from-" BAM!

I swiftly kicked him in the gut, giving myself a few more seconds to get the blonde girl out of my path, way before they call for backup. The girl decided to attack me head-on but I saw it coming. Her face was filled with determination as she tried to punch me in the face, but I dodged to the side. The girl tried to I raised my knee and kicked the back of her legs, making her stumble a bit before going back into a fighting stance once more.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked, her eyes seemed to dare me to say the wrong thing. "We won't hurt you. We just want some answers, right Artemis?" The girl, who I now know as Artemis; nodded but didn't move from her stance. My only response was a hatred filled look as I spit at the ground in front of the raven haired male. The boy, who had previously been on the floor gasping for air; was now on his feet with a slight frown on his face, produced a long baton in his left hand.

Crap to the 10th power. I should've taken the girl out while the kid with the glasses was still immobile. Now I'm trapped with no way out. Unless…

The kid with the baton rushed at me, trying to pin me down with the end of his stick; but I jumped up and used the momentum to spring off of the slim pole and easily land behind him. I broke his baton after kicking the boy into the wall; as he fell slightly unconsciously onto the floor. All I had to do now was turn the opposite way, run for my life, and hope for the best. But these two just won't give up.

Artemis suddenly had a full sized bow in her hand; already loaded with some kind of special arrow, aimed right at my head. "Stand down. Robin might play nice but I'm the total opposite." I found that particular "threat" pretty funny, considering I was built to survive. Meaning, if she won't hold back, then neither will I. And I will survive no matter what.

"I don't doubt your abilities Artemis." Sighing, I looked at my non-existent watch. "Well look at how fast the time passes." I said watching her intently. "I've got to go now." I said dryly as I started to turn the other way. But of course she shot her arrow at me. Instantly, I used my pyrokinetic powers to burn the arrow and created a ring of fire around her; rising the temperatures enough to make her faint, but not to kill. As soon as I heard the archer's body fall to the ground from the heat, I turned the opposite way.

"Sorry, I can't be your friend. You seemed like a worthy candidate."

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