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Chapter 1

The moonlight shone through the trees as the waning moon and stars hung high in the sky, protecting all Middle Earth from darkness. Their pale lights cast a luminous glow over our forest, making the woods look as ancient as the land itself, but at the same time filled with youthful life. The grass is lush, much like moss that you would find in any other forest. It is pleasant for walking and soft to the touch. Our forest is different from any other, in the way of its seeming immortality as the towering trees reach for the sky, their arms spread, shading our land from evil eyes. We were one of the last refuges and safe havens for the elves.

A leaf slowly drifts onto the path, falling without making the slightest noise. This is unusual, for the leaves of Lothlorien are not shed from their branches like other trees. I pick it up and inspect it. It looks exactly like the brooch my people wear on our traveling cloaks. The leaf has three points, the middle point broader and longer than its companions on the each side. A pale green sliver runs from the stem through the middle of the dark forest green leaf ending at the tip of the middle's point. All and all, it is very beautiful and delicate. Even though I see leaves on the trees every day, their beauty never ceases to amaze me.

"Not idly do the leaves of Lothlorien fall," I mummer to myself. I turn my hand over and watch the leaf slowly make its way down to the ground again. I continue walking down the path to my destination. The moonlight shines upon path making it well-lit. All is quiet as I make my way down the stairs, the smooth stone cool against my bare feet. As I walk down, I wonder why she would call me. Galadriel is not one to summon elves thoughtlessly. I quickly come to another pair of stairs and look to my sides. Two statues, on the left and right of me, stand at the garden's entrance. My mother told me that they were the ones who guarded and protected it; their spirits gave life to all the vegetation. They were she-elves carved out of a special dark gray stone. They seem to fix their gazes on the garden while they hold bowl like dishes that host a small flame, a little light compared to the moon.

I walk down the stairs, hoping that I will not be considered late to her majesty. As I reach the bottom, I slowly scan the garden, trying to find her. Long trees with tangled limbs hang over an arch that leads to a different part of the garden. I know not to look there, for she will be in this part of the garden, as it is her special place. As I look around more, I notice flowering draped over a small bench, flowing unto the ground. While most flower petals close at night-time, ours stay open all the time. Even at night we can admire them in the moonlight. As I look towards her mirror, she becomes visible. She seems to have not noticed my presence, as her back is turned, facing the fountain. I slowly walk towards her sacred mirror, unsure of how to approach her. I try not to disturb the magic or water within. As she begins to turn around I quickly bow my head in respect.

"You asked for my presence my lady," I say still in a deep bow.

"I am afraid I will have to need more than your presence later on," she says, her voice soothing. I raise my head to look at her. She catches my puzzled look, and she gently smiles in understanding. Her long wavy blonde hair seems white in the moonlight, reaching to her hips. For as long as I can remember, it has always been that length. The long dress she is wearing seems whiter than the moonlight itself as it sways in the breeze. Deep blue eyes seem to penetrate my soul as she looks at me. It has been said that with her eyes, she can peer into your soul and mind, a very special gift given to her at birth. With her abilities she always judges everyone fairly. It is her eyes, over all, that make her so beautiful, rightfully giving her the title of the fairest of all elves. There was no elf whose beauty could be matched with Lady Galadriel's. Even the fair Evenstar could not be compared with Lady Galadriel, for she was a whole other kind of loveliness. It was if she was light itself.

"Something has happened," I say as I recall the earlier feeling of despair and terror that had hit me. "I know for even a darker shadow has fallen over Mirkwood," I say to her.

"The world is changing," she says quietly, as if to herself.

"How can you tell?" I ask her, still wondering about why she wanted to talk with me. She has never asked for me specifically, so I was quite confused when Haldir came to me and said that she requested my presence tonight. It was usually my father she requested if she wanted to speak with a member of my family. It is a very serious topic if she wants to talk with me, where no one could listen in. I began to feel just a bit frightened as her eyes bore into mine.

"I can feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I can smell it in the air," she says solemnly as she glides around the fountain, to closer to where I am standing. The grave look and concern never leaves her eyes as she is speaking to me. Her eyes stare into mind, seeming to look into my soul and thoughts. Her gaze was so powerful, and I eventually have to look away.

"How can that be?" I whisper.

"Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it," she says solemnly. Her eyes never leave mine as I start to reply.

"The one ring," I say, just loud enough for her elven ears to catch.

"The evil you speak of is true. These lands grow darker as the days go on. The ring has heard its master's call, and it is only a matter of time before it is in the hands of its true master."

"But where is the ring?" I ask, moving closer to her. I glance around to look for any eavesdroppers. "I thought it was with that creature, Gollum." I recall the stories my mother told me of the horrid thing. Rumors have it that Sméagol was a hobbit before he found the ring. After he found it he went to live in a cave for five hundred years, and during that time, it poisoned his mind. He barely let the wretched thing out of his sight, for he was addicted to it and couldn't live without it.

"It did, but it abandoned Gollum and found a new owner, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. Recently, he left the shire and gave the ring to Frodo Baggins, an innocent hobbit who knows nothing of its powers and darkness." Galadriel turns to the mirror and stares at her reflection, as if hoping the mirror will give her answers. She probably found most of her answers tonight. She turns grave as she speaks again. "The nine have left Mordor to track down the ring. Frodo Baggins rests in Rivendell." She pauses, "For now, he is safe."

She turns toward me again, this time with a determined look upon her face. Her eyes seem to grow brighter and stronger. This is the Galadriel we all know, the one who rules so justly by her husband's side. The wind blows again, tossing my hair into and around my face. Rivendell, while the ring rests there, is not safe. Sauron's eye is probably fixed upon it already, waiting for the next move. Surely Lord Elrond knew of this. "What can we do?"

She looks at me and smiles, "Lord Elrond is hosting a council to discuss the ring's fate. He summons elves, men, and dwarves from all of Middle Earth to attend this important meeting. Kahlen, I would like you to go and speak for Lothlorien." She says all of this with a smile on her face. I am not sure why, and it seems rather mysterious to me. I feel that she knows something that I don't. 'I must play my part in this' I think to myself. It is simple, the ring must be destroyed and if I can play a part in it, I will. I would do anything for my family, my friends, and my home. If Sauron's power is growing, then our forest and city will not be safe for long. The thought of Lothlorien destroyed made me feel horrible inside. My father served his country proudly, now it was time for me to do the same. 'Lady Galadriel has faith and hope in me, I will not let her down' I think.

"I will go."