So a few things….

1. I WAS TOLD TO STOP THIS STORY…and I'm counting this as Anon hate so…FIRST ANON HATE!*dances*

2. I reread the series so I could be more accurate

3. How do I put this politely…learning the English language is the most torturous thing I've ever had to endure! That being said it's not my first language so…please forgive any mistakes….

4. I've {forced} gotten my friend to read this over for me now {who *is* a native to English so there!}

5. Enjoy! Oh and if you've got any criticism please send…I don't hate! I mean look at where it got us!

*Sub note: IDGF if it was hate or not I'm still counting it, dearest Anon!

His suit was stiff, itchy, and all around uncomfortable. His brow was coated in sweat and his legs closer to jelly then bone and muscle. He was pale and nervous…some part deep down in his gut told him to run...he stayed. He stayed because this, no matter how complicated or difficult, this was his choice and he was sticking to it. After all…you don't spend nearly four months receiving the biggest public bashing from papers just to run out of the chapel last minute! Those were the reasons Tobias looked up to his friend, because despite all his worries and fears about the future he didn't back down and he stood tall.

He's brave…but couldn't he have picked someone else to be he groomsman…. Tobias thought as the preacher continued to ramble on about vows, faithfulness, and blah blah blah….

"You may now kiss the bride!" announced the small balding excuse for a priest. Matt was slightly hesitant but did so none the less- this earned the large whooping applause from his old crew mates and silent-barely-there type claps from the De Vrises. As Tobias looked Kate's family over he thought to himself

It's no wonder…they way she is…just barking look at them! It was true even they'd managed to over dress for a wedding! Mr. Blanchard's eyes met Matt's and he winked before joining the mass hub of people now shuffling towards the reception hall, and all he would think was Food!