Carolina stared at the turbines. They hummed with power, radiating heat that she could feel through her armor. Not long ago, the Maine- the Meta- had stopped her to transfer energy to keep his multiple AIs running. Carolina couldn't figure out how the poor man stayed sane. She hadn't with two. Maybe it was because she was weak. She couldn't handle two. Maybe that was why she'd failed. She'd always failed.

It really was her fault Maine had turned out that way. If only she hadn't given up Sigma. Then she would be the one ruined, not him. Sigma was meant for her. The Director explained to her that Sigma was… controlling, outspoken. Only her own controlling and outspoken personality would be able to control him, she'd realized now. Maine had let the AI control him, when it should had been the other way around. Of course, maybe it was one of the Director's experiments. Maybe Maine was an experiment, like Carolina had been, to see what would happen if a freelancer didn't receive a compatible AI, maybe it was planned all along. He did enjoy his experiments.

She replayed her conversation with Wash in her head. She had mentioned the experiments to him, but he blew right through that topic, ruining her plan. If only he knew. She couldn't figure out a way to tell him; she could only think to let him figure it out himself.

She remembered the Director wondering aloud, not knowing she was listening, about what would happen if he gave the most unstable AI to the most stable freelancer.

Maybe Wash knew already, that he was too an experiment, that his trauma with Epsilon was neither his fault nor Epsilons, but the Director's. Maybe he knew, but put it out of his mind, unable to handle it. Or maybe he really hadn't figured it out yet.

He would eventually. He figured out the stupid Blue was the Alpha. Wash would figure it out. He always did.

Well. Had to get that out of my head.

Hope you enjoyed.