What up this is my first story so lay off a little all you flamers.

I only own the plot and OCs but I encourage others to do stories like this as well.

Summary: Remember how in The Last Olympian, Oceanus just disappeared, well what if a group of Egyptian demigods defeated him. It's a little complicated so I'm just going to give you the main characters.

Dustin Waypoint: Son of Sekhmet


- Weapons: bow and arrow & twin scimitars

- Bio siblings: Kaitlyn

- Powers: Fire

(Description in story)

Kaitlyn Waypoint: Daughter of Sekhmet


Weapons: daggers

Bio siblings: Dustin

Powers: can shape shift into a lioness

(Description in story)

Siara Coranado: Daughter of Serquet


Weapons: whip & dagger

Bio siblings: none

Powers: can summon scorpions

(Description in story)

Katrina Sova: Daughter of Posiedon

Age: 11

Weapons: trident

Bio siblings: none

Powers: same as percy

(Description in story)