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It all started thirteen years ago when Haruno Sakura wasn't anything like the girl she was today.

"Sakura get down here!" Hearing her name being called a little pinked haired, six year old appeared, frightened by his tone of voice. She had heard her father use that tone of voice on her mother, but not her.

Her mommy had said that daddy would never use that tone of voice with her. 'Why did mommy lie?'

She screamed in agony as he grabbed her hair in a tight hold. He jerked on it and taunted her about its ugly pink color.

Sakura like any little girl screamed and tried to get a way. But that seemed to enrage him further. He pulled his fist back and hit her hard across the head, causing her to loose consciousness.

Two days later Sakura woke up in a hospital bed with her mother crying on top of her. "Did he hurt you too mommy?" The question seemed to make her cry harder. Jerking up her mother pulled her close and hugged her, rocking her back and forth gently. "Never again Sakura, never again!"

Sakura never forgot those days where her father would come home after a mission and get drunk and yell and beat her mother. Then one day it turned on her. He had disappeared that night; no one knew where he went. No one knew if he was still in the village.

Even though it happened years ago she still had a few traumatic scars. Like when someone moved to touch her hair she flinched away, always laughing nervously and putting it off as a joke.

She sighed as she waited for her name to be called for her genin team. "Haruno Sakura, Uzamaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke are on genin team seven with jounin teacher Hatake Kakashi."

'Yay were on a team with Sasuke-kun.!' Like every girl her age she had a crush on Uchiha Sasuke. Though she could say that she was better than most girls her age. She didn't follow him around and scream in his ear every five seconds.

She could vaguely hear someone calling her name. "Haruno Sakura."

She was better right?

"HARUNO SAKURA!" "WHAT!?" She yelled as she smacked her hands against the table. Iruka sensei looked startled at her outburst. Her face grew red as she heard laughter amongst her fellow class mates.

Iruka sensei cleared his throat, "Go with your new teammates to meet your sensei." Sakura's mind blanked as she forgot who they were. She looked around nervously. "W-who are they?" She asked. The class burst into another round of laughter.

He pointed to the door where she saw Sasuke and Naruto. She jumped up and joined them.

"Wow Sakura-chan you were really zoned out back there, what were you thinking about?" Naruto asked. She sighed; of course she would end up with the most rambunctious and loudest person in Konoha.

"Things." She replied. "What kind of things?" Sasuke asked interested too at what had had her so lost in thought. "It's nothing! Geez."

"Sakura-chan do you like ramen?" Well that was random! But then again this was Naruto. "Yeah Naruto." He smiled approvingly at her. Well it seemed if you lke ramen you were okay in Naruto's book. "So what do you think our sensei is like?" Naruto asked. SO many questions!

Suddenly she realized how annoyed Sasuke must be when the girls swarm around him like bees. She stopped walking as she realized she had been one of them. Man did she ever feel guilty.

"Sakura-chan are you okay?" Ignoring him she turned to face Sasuke with a serious look. Well as serious as you can look with pink hair and big green eyes. "Sasuke-kun I'm so sorry! I really didn't realize that it was so annoying until now! So now I will help! If they annoy you too much just call for me and I'll get rid of them." She said feeling refreshed.

She watched as he was putting the pieces together. The he smirked and put out his hand. "Deal." He stated, and Sakura shook his hand but didn't let go of it. Turning she took Naruto's hand and began to walk again. "Let's go!"

They soon found out that their sensei was annoyingly late and perverted.

The first time she met him was when Sasuke's mother invited her and Naruto over for a celebration dinner for their first successful mission. She had heard of him from Sasuke. Of course the rumors about him from around the village helped too.

They were all sitting around the table. "Sakura-chan why'd you beat up that girl?" Naruto asked. Fugaku, Sasuke's father raised an eyebrow. "Well Naruto that was the deal remember? Besides that girl was annoying, a whore in the making." Fugaku bellowed out a loud manly laugh. "I like her Sasuke." He stated.

Mikoto's jaw dropped. Naruto laughed out loudly.

That was when she saw him. He walked straight into the dining area with blood covering his clothes. The room suddenly grew quiet. Sasuke and Sasuke parents froze and looked at the new comer. Naruto looked around confused. Sakura starred at him with concern.

Itachi looked around the room; his gaze stopping on Sakura's concerned face.

Sakura starred at him looking perfectly fine on the outside but on the inside she was freaking out. She was trying so hard to keep from blushing.

He still stared at her. To anyone who didn't know Itachi it would look like he was starring passively at her. But to Sasuke who only came second to knowing his brother to his cousin Shisui, could see the spark of interest Itachi got in his eyes when looking upon his female teammate before leaving the room to most likely go shower.

"My, my what pretty and shiny hair you have. But you know what? If you spent a little less time shampooing and little more time practicing your jutsu them you might not be in this position right now." The sound ninja taunted as she gripped Sakura's hair tightly in her hand. A rush of memories came back in a flash.

"It's pink! What an ugly color!" The memories came back faster and faster until it was too much. She let out a scream and grabbed a kunai out of her thigh pouch. "That's not going to work against me." "It's not for you." Sakura ground out. "What…" She brung the kunai up and cut the hair and end of where the sound ninja had a hold of it.

Sakura broke away panting. The memories flooding through her were too much.

"An ugly color! Where did you get it? Defiantly not from me. Maybe it was that whore of mother of yours!" "Stop" A six year old Sakura yelled.

She heard the voice of Ino before she fell unconscious.

"Sakura-chan? Sakura-chan are you okay?" She opened her eyes to see Naruto and Sasuke starring at her concerned. She looked around. They were in front of a small stream and it was light out. "Mmm" She moaned sitting up.

"Your okay Sakura-chan! See look I told you teme she's alright!" Sasuke scowled. "You were the one biting your nails like a little girl dobe." Sakura smiled. They both looked at her while she sat up. She was leaning against what seemed to be a rock. "Sakura what happened? We woke up and you were lying on the forest floor." Sasuke asked.

"And Sakura-chan your hair!" Naruto lifted his hand to grab a piece but Sakura whimpered and flinched a way. They both narrowed their eyes on her. "Sakura-chan I wasn't going to hurt you." Naruto sounded hurt. "I-it's –n-nothing Naruto." She said. "No its not! What happened to you? Whenever anyone tries to touch anywhere near your head you flinch a way."

Sakura gulped and shrunk a way from Sasuke's accusing glare. She took a deep breath and decided it was okay to tell just Sasuke and Naruto about it. Just them.

She took another deep breath and began to tell them about her father.

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