If there was one thing Gilderoy Lockhart was good at, it was having the git of the gab. Able to talk himself up, tell those who had no idea what he was like, stories of his 'best moments' that only the greatest wizards and witches could do. To him, he was a guy who any girl would dream of. He was nothing more than a git, obviously but he did have charm when he wanted to. Of course it was all an act. This story takes place when, after yet, another fight between Gilderoy and his girlfriend, Florence. Lockhart decides to let his pig-headedness get to him. He caught up with Mary McDonald, someone who he claimed to have been friends with. Really, he was nothing more than a classmate. He'd heard she'd been teaching a few kids about 'math', some muggle subject. That wasn't the only idea he was keen on...

Gilderoy and Mary sat in a compartment on the train. Mary wondered deep in the back of her mind why she even bothered with him. He was hopeless. She rolled her eyes for about the fifteenth time as Gilderoy guessed the sum 1+4= 2. It was clear he wasn't trying. She wondered what the point was even trying to teach him Math, a muggle subject, learnt in muggle schools that her parents had recently showed her. She hoped to all hell that she wasn't giving him any ideas by showing him how to do the sums. He seemed like he wasn't keen on the Math at all, with how hard he was trying. She sighed as Gilderoy took yet, another guess at the sum.

"Are you sure you still want to do this, Lockhart?" she said, irritably.

Lockhart's eyes shifted from the parchment to her, "Of course! I wouldn't be here if I didn't!"

"Alright then..."

Mary wrote down another sum and explained in thorough detail how to solve it. She proceeded to write down a few more sums for him and handed him the quill.

Lockhart took the quill, "These are easy!" he protested.

Mary rolled her eyes and smirked as she watched him think hard on the first sum. (3+2) She almost laughed when he answered with 20 but she knew that if he wanted to learn, she would have to teach him properly. It wasn't much of her nature to tease someone for any reason really, no matter how much of an exception they were. Finally Lockhart answered a few sums right. Mary felt there was hope after all, for him. The minutes dragged on and Lockhart was finally able to do some addition. She moved him onto subtraction but it was as she wrote the sums, she noticed a bit of a change in Lockhart's movements. She inched back a bit as he seemed to have edged slightly closer. Perhaps it was just him though. She shrugged it off and wrote down a bigger addition for him after the list of minuses. (10+9). She had taught Lockhart how to count on his fingers. She knew this shouldn't be too hard for him. He flew through the minuses, again just by guessing. As he reached the addition sum, Lockhart tried to count to eighteen using his hands. He couldn't do it. Mary noticed this and held her hands out to him.

"Here. Count on mine as well." she said, hoping he wouldn't take it the wrong way.

"Thanks." Lockhart muttered smugly and counted on her fingers as well as his.