If only Mary knew how worse things were about to become... if only she knew that she should avoid Lockhart...

Lockhart smiled brightly as Mary took the balloon. "Blow this one up," he said and pointed to a balloon next to her.

Mary sat from their lying position, took the balloon and blew it up. She held the other balloon Lockhart had given her, in her hand as she did so. Lockhart watched on as she blew it up, rather contented with himself.
"Now what?" Mary asked once blew it up and tied the balloon off.

Lockhart grinned. "Now blow the other one up."

Mary handed him the blown up balloon and took hold of the other one she kept in her hand, as she blew it up, a ring fell from it, into her hand. She stopped blowing the balloon up and stared at it, her expression unreadable. Lockhart fumbled with the blown up balloon and watched her with excitement and interest as the ring fell out. He was pleased with her reaction, knowing she would love it.
Not knowing what to say, Mary tied the second balloon off before looking at Lockhart then back to the ring.

She's speechless! Brilliant! Lockhart thought to himself. He was pleased.

Mary's mind wondered to Luke and Sirius, this is not good at all... she thought.

Without another word, Lockhart took the ring and slid it onto her finger and smiled warmly.

Mary looked at Lockhart shocked, horror settled within her heart and stomach. She felt sick.
"I... uh... gotta go..." she told him.
She quickly fully dressed herself and slid down the umbrella flower stem, taking the balloons with her, leaving Lockhart on top of the flower.

Lockhart watched after her. "Mary! Wait!" he called.
He realized he was too late and she was already gone. Quickly he dressed properly and slid down the stem after her. He was relieved when he saw Mary come to a stop just outside the greenhouses due to students walking back to the castle because the classes had just ended.
Breathless and panting, Lockhart caught up with her. He doubled over, his hands on his knees, panting hard as he tried to catch his breath.
"Mary... Are you okay?" he asked.

Mary silently nodded, hugging her stomach- still trying to process what had just happened.
"Yeah... I am fine... I... I just have to go meet Charlotte soon. She was going to help me with my Potions essay today."

"Are you sure...? Look. About back there, you were amazing." Lockhart said with a hearty grin. "Oh... okay, cool, might see you around again sometime."

Mary nodded. "See you around..." she said and ran towards the castle- away from him.

Lockhart watched on after her, "see you later, Mary!" he grinned.
Now reputation gained. I got in with Mary!