He had done it, Mary was yet again oblivious to what Lockhart had just said to her... he knew he had to keep his act up and keeping it up was something he was becoming very good at...

"We were talking about how you just said you loved me. I didn't think it was right for you to say that, with Luke and all, so I obliviated you," Lockhart replied, simply.

"I-I don't love you though... you didn't have to obliviate me. I could turn you in for it, you know?" Mary said as she stood to her feet.

"You said it, Mar. I couldn't help it. I had to," Lockhart said as he, too, stood to his feet.

"If you say so," Mary replied. She obviously didn't believe a word he said and found no point in arguing.

"It's true, Mar."

Mary stood in silence, thinking over the recent event I her mind and how to evade this annoying git who was now destroying her life.
Lockhart stood around, awkwardly, waiting for her to say something, keeping his eyes focused. He really did seem very convincing... if you didn't know him.
Mary made a face at him. She didn't believe him but since he obliviated her, she had no idea what to think.

After a long moment, Lockhart finally spoke, "Mary. Really, I mean it. You said it and I didn't want you to remember it, for Luke's sake. I really didn't know you had a boyfriend," he said, keeping his eyes focused. Just improvise, Lockhart.

"Then tell me why you told me that I said it if you didn't want me to remember saying it."

"Because you had to know the truth; I realize by obliviating you- I made a mistake," he said, pride bubbling up in him as he realized, now he was telling the complete truth. About the mistake part- yes well I've made a lot of mistakes and am proud of it. Of course I can't admit this.

"Never mind, Lockhart; forget it," Mary said knew he would just keep this going.

"How can I? I love you, Mary. I know you have feelings for me. You can't resist me," he said, keeping his voice calm, believing every word he's saying.

Mary opened her mouth, about to say something and quickly closed it. It's the ring, Mary.

"You know it's true, Mar," Lockhart said again.

Mary shook her head slowly and turned to leave- she'd had enough, she just wanted to be alone so she could think clearly of how to rid the ring- of how to get Luke back, of how to, most importantly, get rid of Lockhart.
Lockhart grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.
Mary fought and pulled back, trying to free her arm from him.

Of course, Lockhart didn't let go. "Please Mary, don't go..." he said.

"Look. Just... I need some time," she said, tears springing to her eyes, remembering those were the last words Luke said to her. She couldn't take this any longer. Her heart was breaking.

Lockhart draped an arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to him. "Take as much time as you need, Mar. Remember how beautiful you are."

Mary said nothing and pushed him away.

Lockhart took her back again, "please... don't give up, Mary."

"I need some time," Mary said, feeling her heart break more as she repeated the words.

"If it's time you need, then it's time you will get."

"And the time I take, I need away from you. Meaning we can't be seen together," she said.

"But we can still see eachother discreetly, right?"

Mary shook her head.

"So this is it?" Lockhart asked, feeling his heart sink.

"I just said I need some time to think... so until I am done thinking."

"Okay, Mar. Just don't over think it," he warned.

"I won't," Mary said with a sweet smile as the ring took over her again. She kissed his cheek.

Lockhart smiled back just as sweetly, pulled her close and kissed her forehead.
Mary lingered a little, unable to move, before regaining her thoughts and walks away after a passionate kiss from Lockhart.
He knew she would be back- the ring would make sure she did.

Mary made her way up to the Common Room. Just stay away from him, Mary. You can do this. Don't let the ring control you. Don't let Lockhart control you. You know the truth, even if no one else believes you. You know. Just stay preoccupied.

Lockhart walked away happily, thinking nothing more, other than the day she returns- or the day he finds her again, this thought made him smirk. He had yet another plan.