Mitt was sitting at his desk, going through papers after papers. He hears a knock on the door and he looks at the clock- half past eleven. He was right on time. "Mitt... it's me." Mitt smiles and purrs, "Come in, tiger." The door opens, "Mitt, we need to talk." says Paul, almost at the point of tears. "First let me give you a taste of some conservative cock, back door Liberal style" says Mitt, walking seductively towards Paul. "MITT!" yells Paul, now crying over Mitt's nonchalance. "What? What?" a confused Romney asks, taken aback by the fact that his vice president was showing emotion. "I-I'm pregnant." say Paul, quietly. Confused, and looking for signs of him joking says, "There's no way you're pregnant, Paul! You're a man!" Paul Ryan steps towards the window, "Mitt I obviously have a vagina. You've been fucking me for months now. Did you never take health class?" Mitt, now panicking over the news he just recieved, turns to Paul and says, "I was homeschooled by Godfearing Christians. I never learned that stuff, or the ethical treatment of animals in cars." "So are we going to keep it or what. You've pretty much gotten rid of any options." says Paul, or Paulette as the thickened plot now reveals. "No." says Mitt, "I know now what I must do."Mitt walks towards his desk, and stops in front of the big red button that would cause the whole world to go into nuclear chaos. "MR. PRESIDENT! NO!" yells Paul, worried that the news may have sent him over the Mitt taps on the three times and the button disappears under the desk and a rainbow button replaces it. "We must-we must press the liberal button. This button will undo any decisions that I, or the great George double-yuh ever made in office. It will also legalize abortions, gay marriage and marijuana. Now go make me a sandwich you deceitful slut." Then, Mitt, alone with his thoughts, thinks about all the good things he did for the one percent. Then, with a push of a button, everything changed. No one died, except Mitt's unborn child with Paul Ryan, which was probably better anyways. THE END.