A Living Fear Pt. 2

Last Time:

The mansion shook. "There's no way that was thunder" Robin said. The front door shook. "He's here" Bruce said darkly and quietly. "Hurry" Bruce said hearing the splintering of wood. They hurried down the stone steps with Diana in the lead followed by Raven, Robin, and finally Bruce. Diana went straight to the super computer and started typing. "Diana" Bruce started saying. "I'm already on it" She told him. The cave started locking itself down. "How are we getting outta here, the wing won't hold all of us?" Robin asked. "Where's Alfred?" Raven worried the old butler was still upstairs. "He left earlier and as for leaving" Bruce said "The javelin" Diana said. Bruce nodded and led the way to the Justice League's ship. They all got on and took off.

Chapter 1:

They took the javelin to the Watch Tower. Hope had long since fallen asleep in Ravens arms. Diana took Robin and Raven to a spare room where they would be staying till Bruce thought it was safe to send them back to Titans Tower in Jump City. "Here we are, do you want anything before I go" Diana asked Robin and Raven. "No we'll be fine, and besides I remember where everything is" Robin said as Raven walked into the room. Dina nodded and went to find Bruce while Robin followed Raven into their room. "How often do you come up here" Raven asked looking out the earth through the window. "Not too often, I have only been here a few times" Robin said taking one of Raven's hands and leading her to the bed.

Diana met up with Bruce on one of the upper levels. He was just getting off the phone. "Who was that?" Bruce turned around and smiled at her "Just trying to get a hold of Superman." Bruce said closing the gap. He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her against him. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. When he broke the kiss he said "How about we try to get a few more hours of sleep" Diana nodded taking his hand as they went to his room. None of the League knew they were anything more than friends and the both thought it best to keep it that way.

Raven woke up in the morning to find Hope and herself alone in the spacious guest room they were staying in. She found a note on Robins long abandoned pillow. It said


I had to talk to Batman about something important. Feel free to look around the Watch Tower. The kitchen is down the hall on your right. I'll come find you as soon as I can.

Love Robin

Raven got dressed and picked up Hope who had been sitting up in the big bed looking around. Raven easily found the kitchen, and made them some breakfast. After they had both had something to eat Raven walked around the floating space tower. On one of the upper levels Raven was looking out the window with Hope crawling around at her feet when a raised voice drifted down the hall. Curious Raven picked up Hope and followed the sound of the voice.

"What do you mean" Green Lantern yelled. Robin sighed; he had been hoping Batman wouldn't invite the whole Justice League to this. "I mean just that, Slade came to Wayne Manner and attacked without reason" Batman said. He Wonder Woman and Robin had earlier agreed not to mention Hope at all or Raven if they could avoid it. They thought it was for the best. "You have got to be joking" Hawk Girl said. "This is no joke Shayera." Wonder Woman said glaring at the other woman in the room. The never had seen eye to eye but usually put aside their differences. "And besides Batman doesn't know how to tell a joke" Flash piped up. Everyone glared at him. "So do we have any idea why he was there to begin with?" questioned the Martian Manhunter. "Or what he was after?" added Superman. All eyes turned to the door as it slid open.

The door opened and Raven walked in with Hope on her hip. All eyes immediately landing on her. She stopped just inside the doorway thoroughly irritated, but kept it well hidden. Robin walked over to her. "Rae, what are you doing here?" "I could hear yelling from the other end of the hall and was curious" Raven answered looking round the room at the assembled hero's. Superman stood up. "Raven. It's nice to see you again, won't you please join us?" Green Lantern narrowed his eyes at her as she sat at the table in a chair next to Robin. Robin took Hope and bounced her in his lap as they continued to discuss the matter of Slade. He could tell she was mad, and wasn't looking forward to talking to her after the meeting.