Hello, again! Well, as I published in Tumblr, this is the complete prologue for this new story. I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think about it (your words are always encouraging!)… I just would like warn you about the future develop of angst and smut.

This is an OCC story, and perhaps a little unconventional… Please don´t be too hard on me… I plan to make this work and deliver some cute Wemma ending!

As usual, I´d like to thank Becca for proof-reading this for me and helping me with the tittle!


It was utterly strange hearing the phone ringing so early in the morning.

6.50. The clock on the night table announced in reddish twinkling lights as she growled and pick up the call.

She didn´t know whether to feel annoyed or curious. No one except her parents had her phone number from the little apartment she had rented in Paris. Ok, from the new apartment she had rented after breaking up with Antoine. Too bad it hadn´t work; Antoine was really a good guy (a couple of years older that her – not to break custom), but Emma couldn't let her heart be his. She tired, though, but after five months of living together, she simply had to leave. He was asking for something she could never give him, despite she was certain he deserved the Earth and moon.

The new flat was small next to the old one, but it was enough for her; a small kitchen-dining-living room, a comfy bedroom, bathroom and the smallest balcony ever. The lighting was the main (not to say the only) reason she had gotten it; although the price was exorbitant. But that was what a pad in Paris cost.

That was why hearing a male voice speaking English disconcerted her.

"Alo?", she asked once more after a breathed 'hello' and then silence.

"Emma?", it was definitely an English accent, reason why she replied in that language.

"Yes… it´s Emma… Who… Will?", the voice reminded her of him, but it couldn´t be him.


It had been two years since they have last spoken and now Emma remembered the reason; her heart was beating like crazy and the sweat on her palms made the vintage black phone to slip from her hands. Suddenly her bed didn´t feel like the right place to have a conversation with him and Emma got up, accidentally dropping the speaker.

"Are you there?", she heard his voice distant and struggled to recover the device.

"Ye-yes… I´m… how-how did you get my number?", And what do you want? It maddened her without logical reason; it wasn´t like he had done something to her. It maddened how little her reaction to him had changed over the years.

"Your parents gave it to me"

"Oh…", then silence again and a long puff of air escaped his mouth, "What do you want, Will?", she didn´t want to sound so resigned, but she did. She felt bitter just by having news of him.

"You have to come back"

"What?", she almost laughed at him. Is he crazy?, "I'm happy here", Ok, that wasn´t entirely true. But she was safe there. Safer than in Lima, near him.

"Then… you can go back, but right now, you need to come here", he sounded slightly winded, but struggling to compose himself. Actually his voice was uneven and hoarse, nearly choked and for the first time since she had pick up the phone, Emma feared.

"Will, what´s wrong?"

"Please, take the next flight to Lima"

"What happened?", her lips trembled; something had happened to one of her parents. Then why is he calling and not Claire?

"Please, Emma, come"

"Tell me what´s wrong!", she hissed bordering hysteria.

"It´s Claire, Em…."

Oh, no… Please no…., "Wh-what´s wrong with Claire?", she asked; suddenly her legs lost all their strength to keep her standing.

"She´s… there was… ", he gulped and spoke low, so low she could barely hear him, "Em, Claire was in a car accident"

"Is-is she ok?", she wasn´t. She just knew it. However she found herself begging. Please, say yes… please, say yes…

"No… she´s-she´s not ok…", he was quiet for a second that felt like a million years, "she passed away"

It was the most awful sensation; a pail of icy water and her body sweating and shaking maniacally, the room spinning and the disgusting taste of bile on her tongue. And tears… so many tears and so much pain. "No…"

"I´m so sorry, Emma…", she heard him cry too and anguish washed her and conquered every fiber of her body and soul.

"I…", breath, breath, "I´ll take the next flight. I… Oh god… My parents… wh-where are they?"

"On their way", he just said and she knew he was covering his mouth to avoid breaking in wild tears, "the service will be tomorrow. You think you´ll make i-"

"Yes", she would be there, no matter what. This was her elder and only sister. "The girls… are they with you?"

"No, at home. With a nanny".

She couldn't help the weeping and sobbed against the phone, hearing him breath unevenly, "I´m- I´m sorry…"

"It´s ok, Em… she was your sister…"

"Will, I…."

"Come, Emma… come back home…", he begged fighting the crying off, "we need you here"

"I´ll-I´ll book a ticket and call you back", she heard him sighed in relief.

"Thank you"