Disclaimer: I don't own Sherlock and I have no affiliations to John's blog. The title of the blog entry, The Heartbroken Bachelors, is a spoof of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor.

Hello! I've been working on an idea for a multi-chapter Sherlock story since I finished my one-shot Underneath the Brilliance and I'm quite excited to get writing. I hope you enjoy it!

The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson

18th February

The Heartbroken Bachelors

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. There were the usual antics of questioning lovers, all of whom Sherlock assured have been cheated upon, are being cheated upon, or will be cheated upon in the near future.

Seeing as Valentine's Day was celebrated four days ago, we have since been to three different crime scenes, all of the homicide variety, in which the victims were more or less subjected to rage. Sherlock, able to see the answers in moments, only had one word: dull. If you want my opinion, the only reason he even went was because he is bored out of his tree. You should see what our wall looks like now – I'm thinking of numbering the bullet holes in white chalk so I can tell when new ones are added.

The weather has been absolutely miserable for our investigations. The frigid temperatures make our hands and cheeks hurt and our feet are frozen after five minutes on the banks of the Thames. Mrs. Hudson keeps telling Sherlock to put a warmer coat on but he, as usual, ignores her although he seems to have broken his pattern by accepting the warm cups of tea she brings up for us while he's staring into space, thinking.

All in all, a few very cold and somewhat un-eventful couple of days.


I accepted tea twice. Two times is not enough to prove that I have changed my pattern. And if you remember correctly, John, I was not merely thinking both times. One time I was playing the violin.

Sherlock Holmes 18 February 17:42

What's the difference? You said yourself that playing the violin helps you think.

John Watson 18 February 17:58

The difference is one is sitting on a chair and one is standing while holding a musical instrument. And I do not 'stare into space'. It's my thought process, which is quite complex.

Sherlock Holmes 18 February 18:04

Would you boys please stop bickering? And Sherlock, next time you go out, please put on something warmer. I could knit you a nice, warm sweater if you'd like.

Mrs. Hudson 18 February 18:38

This is what one might call a teaser. It doesn't necessarily have a lot to do with story per-se but it just gives some background into what Sherlock and John have been up to. Reviews are always appreciated!