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Sherlock recovered nicely over the next few days and no more than exactly 24 hours after his temperature had been normal, he had been out on the streets of London, annoying Lestrade and just about every other officer on duty. John was glad to see his friend recovered. It had been stressful watching him be so ill and knowing that as a doctor, there was nothing more he could be doing to ease Sherlock's bout with pneumonia.

With Sherlock gone to heaven-knows-where one chilly afternoon in early March, John made himself a nice cup of tea and settled down to update his blog. He clicked open the link and saw that he had a surprising number of new comments from what should have been a two-week outdated post. His eyebrows knitting together, John clicked on the icon that took him to the comments before he realized what had happened. Furiously, he scrolled to the top of the page and began to read.

The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson

6th March


Forgive me, bloggers, but it is Sherlock typing. I have hacked into John's blog to clarify a few small items, none of which include the fact that John needs to learn to select better passwords.

First, I feel it important to point out that pneumonia is not exclusively a winter illness. John's assumption was that I had caught flu. He was wrong. I was diagnosed and treated for pneumonia, of which I have almost successfully recovered.

Second, if John had been paying attention at all on February 26, he would have noted that I was not asleep. His anger over my leaving the flat was completely misdirected. Instead of being annoyed with me pursuing a case, or even with Detective Inspector Lestrade, he should be angry at himself for his lack of observational skills.

Third, I find it a bit hard to believe that a medical man with such expertise would have to rely on luck to nurse his patient (as much as I hate to admit that that is what I was) back to health and yet people kept saying it to him. I would like to clearly state that there is no such thing as luck. Merely people who know what they are doing and will succeed at it and people who have no idea what they are doing and will fail in any endeavours they may make.

All this being said, I feel it obligatory to public state my appreciation to the good doctor and Mrs. Hudson, without whom I would have suffered even more greatly, perhaps to the point of death.


PS – Mrs. Hudson, your sweater, while nicely made, does not fit under my suit jackets. SH

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Sherlock, are you sure you should be on John's laptop? He did say for you to rest. And is it possible for you to not wear a suit jacket? I don't want you to have a relapse.

Mrs Hudson 6 March 14:37

Glad you're feeling better, Sherlock. Text me when you're free, I may have a case for you.

Greg Lestrade 6 March 17:23

I'm glad you're better, Sherlock. You gave Mrs. Hudson quite a scare.

Marie Turner 6 March 19:46

Sherlock! So glad that you're okay now. Let me know if you need anything in the next few days to pass the time – I know how boring recovering can be. Molly xoxo

Molly Hooper 6 March 23:13

The sick freak is now a healthy freak. Goody.

sallydonovan 7 March 06:22

I told you he appreciates you, John! Call me and we can arrange for a chat.

Harry Watson 7 March 08:58

So glad you're better, Sherlock. It'd be awfully lonely without you to play the game.

Anonymous 7 March 10:18

Even while John shuddered at the last comment, he felt a sense of friendship fill him, warming him more than his tea was. It felt nice to be appreciated for what he did, even in so few words. He just hoped that Sherlock would take better care of himself in the future – nursing a sick consulting detective in a city so filled with crime was no small feat and John did not want to have to deal with again any time soon. Maybe he'd try to convince Sherlock to take a multi-vitamin.


Well, I am sad to say that this is the end … but, believe, my dear readers! I have more stories working around in my mind! Watch for the updates for new stories … it may take awhile now that I have no life outside of school but they will come, I promise! Thank you for all the reads/reviews/faves/follows! You guys are the best =)

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