She's found herself spending more time up top, and oddly enough, in Kurt's presence. He's quiet and doesn't ask her questions she can't answer, but still somehow gives her companionship. Jahel never said a word to him in their days sitting side by side, she didn't have to. She only watched his eyes.

He's finding his equilibrium is slowly being restored. He finds cleaning his weapons to be a comfort, and oddly enough, Jahel's presence. The girl can't speak any language he knows, and even if she could, he has a feeling she'd only speak about things worth saying. The girl is basically the only presence on the crew he doesn't find intolerable, and finds they've formed a weird friendship. Or, at least a truce of some sort. Kurt always feels her eyes on him. He would glance at her, sharing a small smile, then continue his work until the task was finished.

This happened everyday until their escape.

They stood in the airport, eyes locked, arms wrapped around each other, in tears. He realized the time and whispered, "Goodbye, Jahel." Then, he left, only leaving her, and a shadow of sadness behind.